Pisces woman lesbian advice

I am in a lesbian relationship. I am a Pisces woman and she is a Gemini. We definitely have different sexual libidos. Making love for me is a deep experience, and for her it seems to just be sex.

We have only been together for seven months and we don't have sex frequently. I have expressed to her that sex is really important to me and that this is my way of expressing my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I feel like it has gone unheard. It is very infrequent! What can I do to increase our sexual encounters? or should I move on?

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Some ideas
by: David-admin

If you just want a generic answer, your situation is relatively normal for this sign combination. Geminis typically view sex as a much lighter and more fun activity than Pisces women do. She values excitement and variety, while you're looking for an emotional connection every time. What you see as emotionally intense, she may view as boring. Sex ends up in a half way house that doesn't meet either of your needs.

Typically the solution is to mix it up a little, and get more extreme - pick a direction each time, either more romantic or more fun and focus on it. Obviously that requires compromise, and that typically comes down to how strong the relationship is in other areas. Sometimes both partners feel it's worth it, and sometimes one or both don't. Lesbian relationships can of course have added complications, such as family pressure.

If you want a real reading for this and a conclusive answer you can read about what's involved on the compatibility reports page.

you must be the girl
by: Anonymous

same sex lesbos don't always share the same sex styles or need. and it doesn't sound like you believe you're gay, as you describe that you're in a lesbian relationship. they are completley different - which might not instill trust in your parnter. most boyz are more likely to be ego based in bed and therefore in their head and not connected to emotions. girl lesbos tend to be very emotional and the need for a more spiritual or emotional sex connection is stronger. just my 2 cents. goodluck.

Go Now
by: Anonymous

I am a pisces female i was in the same exact position as u were...my advice is to leave now...didnt workout for me...Geminis like to play games and you are just another one to her....

Try Something New!
by: Anonymous

I am also a pisces woman but dated a gemini man, and it was the worst!!! I am bi-curious and the sex with him was just awful. I always knew what was coming,what position,and how long it would take.Being that i am more of a home body,and he loved to stay on the go,our relationship was a disaster.Only one good thing came from those five yrs of misery and that is my daughter.Don't waste your time on that,if you aren't happy..move on!Try a cancer or scorpio lover....you definately won't be disappointed!

by: Anonymous

im a gemini and i listen to my partner and what she wants i read these comments and from them i learn that i need to be more emotionally intact with her, by this when we have sex i make the night romantic and she loves it. I adore my girlfriend who is a pisces we have our problems but i will always be there for her

by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman and I totally understand what you're feeling. I don't know what it is but for some reason or another I have always had this strange way " out of left field" connection with women who happen to be born under the sign of picses. My advice to you is trust your feelings...you want a deep satisfying connection with your partner listen to what your heart tells you and you'll find her or you never know she may just find you...but don't settle you are worth so much more than that;)

Pisces lebian here
by: Anonymous

I was with a bi-Libra, and man, I felt like I was with a robot. No emotional connection whatsoever. Granted Libra is more romantic than a Gemini. I tend to explain Air signs like butterflies flitting from experience to experience, not really planting themselves deeply.

Pisces are very instinctive, if it doesn't feel right, my advice is to move on. You know in your heart... About 6 months I let go of a short-term fling with a Capricorn. From the surface of things, I thought she was the one, however as time went on, I realized her 'guru' connection was more important, causing a bonding issue on her part.

Because you are analyzing this as a Pisces, tells me, move on.

Seventh house Pisces here...

by: Anonymous

move on. Being a pisces you know if your partner was asking what you're asking for, you'd do it for them.but that's because we try to make our partner happy as long as it doesn't affect us in a negatove way.gemini are sweet & kind & everything you want in the beginning.or really just when They want to be that way.but in the end they are selfish & just not the right match for a pisces.they need someone with a rough heart which pisces do not have.I'm sure you will read this & still stay with the gemini,but that's because geminis have way with words.but I guess in the end everyone needs to learn on their own.good luck! :)

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