Pisces woman seduction

I'm a Pisces woman and I can relay that I am rather tough to seduce. I like to move slow with someone I know has a genuine interest in eternity. If your going to buy me jewelry I expect something that has my personality in it and I can look and tell if the gift had thought other than "oooh look jewelry, all girls like sparkly things that cost a lot". Id rather have a some silly sentimental bobble that was bought simply because it brought back a memory. I am selfish in the way that I want to feel like I'm the only girl in the world to my lover. I like unison in bed, but I don't like to take the lead in things. I want my lover to take his time and move slowly feeling every inch of my body before any other foreplay is initiated. I'd rather have all of that take longer than the actual sexual act itself. More than anything else, I want a sense of protection throughout the entire process.

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i agree
by: Anonymous

I agree!
our bad side is
we are bad at making decisions
we can be very controlling.
we easily slip way and nobody understands

pisces lovers
by: suzy

so true! pisces women are so dreamy, but with so much depth. i think we are seductive because we are like walking love songs or poetry. we bring nostalgia to moments. its an interesting energy.we are both free spirited and romantic. I dont know any pisces men. I would love to see how i would get along with a pisces male

by: Anonymous

pisces and pisces DO NOT connect very well! It starts off great then BOOM...& they stalk too...lol.

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