Pisces women and communication

by lauren
(san jose ca)

Pisces love to be loved. I am a Pisces woman and I love to be around people. Communication is very important in a relationship. Pisces are very emotional and sometimes controlling. To be able to deal with a Pisces woman you have to be very strong. But believe me you want be disappointed a Pisces woman is very loyal.

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Pisces and communication
by: Anonymous

Pisces like attention at times. I'm a pisces girl, and i like when people have attention to me. It makes me feel wanted. This is so because thats what pisces are looking for, to be wanted and loved.Pisces sometimes may ignore you at times. But if they feel your worthy enough for their attention they will likely give it to you. If your attracted to them, don't be so nervous or shy. Be your self and show confidence. pisces are very intuitve people

pisces communication
by: Anonymous

Yes! I would have to agree Pisces want to be the centre of attention at times.We tend to escape people for a while but we do care about them and will appologise and sometimes explain why.
Yes we love to communicate but not with rude or mean [people. We will silently slip away and ignore you if your mean and chatty and disloyal to your friends.
We cant stand people who talk bad about their friends. and people who do over the top mean things

who we are
by: Anonymous

pisces here and we love attention we love to be wanted and we hate conflicts. Its really hard to tell what were thinking cause we are always changing or looking for something one day dress up all fancy and the next day I change it up. we are very hard to read yet very simple

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