Pisces Lesbians

by shan
(bc, canada)

Does anyone know how two girl Pisces get along in relationships?

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from my little experience
by: Leo girl/Pisces girl

I was 18 and she was 4 or 5 years older than me. (Now i am 24.)

I remember that when i first saw that Pisces girl, i was impressed by her feminine beauty. She was so,so beautiful, she stared me with her sad puppy eyes that had me melting. I made the first step and flirted her, with lots of compliments, basically about her amazing appearance (young Leos care very much about looks, but the criteria change as we grow up, luckily). She was an only child, who worked as a chef(how intriguing,really! a nurturing job) and took care of her parents. Such a sensitive creature, i adored how she was dedicated to all the people who needed her.

The best part of our relationship was, our long conversations, her confessions about her life. She would tell me with every detail how she spent each minute of her day, when we couldn't meet. I loved her sincereness. I still remember her lovely voice when she talked, and talked.... I think that, in some level, she just tried to make me feel sorry about her with all her stories she told me, so that i would like to protect her from the ugly world and her suffering. Sadly enough, i was young and i didn't care much, i took our whole relationship as an entertaining game. Yes, we Leo women care ONLY about ourselves sometimes, we want all the attention. She was dissapointed and so, she left me. It took me years to realise that she left me because she was hurt... she was deeply emotionaly and i was just so shallow. Leos can be very immature, especially if you spoil them! And a Pisces woman can magnify someones' ego with all this affection...

About the sex... Well, at the beginning she was shy, gentle and romantic. She was older than me, but somehow she was the passive, submissive one in bed. Leo lesbian girls can be quite dynamic in bed, we need to have the control, to be on the top! But we are romantic as well as Pisces girls, we never get aggresive or butch or rough. No, we are always chivalrous with our partners, especially the feminine types like Pisces, Cancers or Virgos. I must also note her strong imagination... she could turn me on without even touching me. It was her choice of words that she used for seduction, so cerebral to resist. She would confess to me with details her previous sexual encounters with other girls and guys. Did she try to make me jealous with that? Who knows.

What else to say... oh, yes, she also had a thing for Art. She made silly drawings with pencil and romantic videos -and once she even wrote a poem for me. The last one moved me to the point of crying. Of course when we broke up i threw that poem on the trash, (Leo pride that is) but i still remember it as a special gift to me...

One last thing. Lesbian Leo/Pisces combination can be a perfect match, IF both of them are mature enough. It can change both of them, forever.

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