Want your Pisces Ex Back?

by Dani
(Denver, CO, USA)

I am a Pisces women and I have noticed that all of my ex's keep trying to get me back. My three major relationships were with a Sagittarius man, a Gemini man, and a Pisces man. All three ended because they cheated. I view infidelity like a Scorpio. It's unforgivable.

My problem is that all of my exes, not just the three mentioned above, say I was the best thing to ever happen to them and how much they miss me and want me back. I don't think there is anything so special about me that would cause this reaction in all of them. Is this just a Pisces trait? Do other Pisces have this kind of effect on people. This undefinable allure?

My brother also has the same thing happen with all of his ex's as well. He is on the cusp of Pisces and Aries. I just want to know if it's possibly a Pisces thing or if it is something else that I don't know about. I kind of wish I could turn it off. For me, once it's over, it's over. There is no second chance with me.

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Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more
by: Rhiannon

I completely know how you feel. I am also a Pisces female, and all of the men I have ever been with have always wanted me back once it was over. They tell you that you're the best thing that ever happen to them, that they love you and you're the only one for them and then something goes wrong... you end up splitting and you get over it, thinking that they are doing the same. Then, a few months later they come back, begging.

Likewise, I don't see anything so great and special about myself, but they seem to see something.

I agree as well, once its over, its over. Leave me alone. Yeah, maybe we can be friends but the emotions romantically have died, and I need time before I'm ready to be friends.

I also wish I could turn this off, its rather annoying since, as mentioned above, once its over, its over. But of course, its hard to say no, and as a Pisces I often feel like they're just bringing more unneeded stress into my life, but at the same time I really don't want to hurt them.

I don't know if this is just part of the Pisces allure, or some other reason, but I know that I'm in the same boat. You're not alone!

Its a Pisces thing
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces lady as well, and have found the same frustrating situation with each of my ex-relationships. I have also been fortunate enough to remain platonic friends with most of these guys after the initial drama. I have asked a couple of them about this "phenomenon" and what I could do to avoid it (it gets complicated when ya got a guy screamin I'M SORRY- TAKE ME BACK, PLEASE!!! While someone I really like is chillin on my couch). The most common answer I've had is... nothing. There is nothing, other than just completely avoiding all contact with anyone, that can prevent this. Pisces have that intuition that zones in on what someone may need. A hug, a talk, a good dinner, a great romp in the sack, silence. We are a very few that will love another with our whole heart and feel what they feel and just want to help- not be judgmental or in control of their life. Sadly, those we choose to date are not on the same wavelength or just don't understand it... And I am 100% with ya- when it's done, it's done and I'm out. All the love and luck in the world to ya!

You just don't know what you got till its gone!

Same here :)
by: Britain

I am a Pisces woman as well, and while not all relationships ended because of cheating, about 95% of the men I have dated have asked for me back. I never have gone back, because like the rest of you ladies, I will never trust them with my heart again. It is rare for me to allow a man in, and when that trust is shattered, there is no going back. Either they were "confused," "bad-timing," or other excuses, but I felt betrayed regardless. Especially because I always wanted to know why we broke up and NONE of them could give me an answer. It was frustrating because I am always up for self-improvement and they had no feedback!

I just started dating an Aries man. I am always attracted to the signs I am not supposed to be, but what can I say? :) We'll see how this one goes!

i also have the same issue
by: Anonymous

Im a pisces lady as well and i find that guys ive dated keep wanting me back. it reach the point where ive been physically forced in a long term relationship with someone i broke up with.
Ive allways had trouble getting stalked.
this guy i had to call the cops two times. Now he blames me for spending time in prison.And this other guy is stalking and harassing me cause i broke up withhim. He tried to pay me to stay withhim by offering to pay my rent. I said NO dont worry about it.Then he asked to be friends withme. I didnt want to after all his lies and the hurtfull things he did. but i just dont wanna hurt anyone but i really fired up. My friends also cant understand why i would just ignore them at times and for this they think i dont care about them anymore but i sincerely do If i find people to be loud and chatty or mean then i ignore them.
My gift of love and understanding can sometimes be a curse.
cause people are like shes so sweet and so and so but we fear that people might use it against us.
One advise i have for pisceans is> I know people tell us their deepest secrets cause they trust us.And we do keep them. Dont keep too mush sectes share them with a friend. Its easy for people to trust and rely on us but we have big problem trusting others.

OMG! I thought I was the only one.
by: Anonymous

I am a pisces too, most of the guys I have been with end up calling or contacting me sooner or later to tell me how much they miss being with me, and that I was the best thing to ever happen to them, I also have this thing where guys fall for me so easy(gets annoying sometimes) coz I hate hurtting ppl. I even had my friends notice that, and I have no idea why that is.

i thought it was a girl thing
by: Anonymous

OMG!! This happens to me all the time. I thought it was just a girl thing. My friends all look at me crazy like I am lying when I tell them about all of my boomerang boyfriends. They have ALL at some point came back saying I was the best thing ever begging to rekindle.
The latest is someone I broke up with 5 years ago. Wow!

by: Anonymous

I unfortunately don't always get over my ex's as quickly but they ALWAYS come back. Its to the point now where when I'm with a man and he acts up I think to myself "here we go again... he'll be back" Even though I will still care for my ex usually after they hurt me its never the same and it can never be repaired. I may try to be like it was because i'm sentimental and I remember how good the love was but i just won't have the will.

I think the reason why men leave me is because i'm SOOO Sweet and caring and loving etc etc. I had one ex leave me to be with a cheating stripper, got her pregnant and then settled down with her meanwhile he was always truly in love with me... He told me that sleeping with her and cheating on her or not being the best boyfriend he could be with her was easier at the time and being with me was too much pressure because he was always afraid he would loose me or hurt the best thing that ever happened to him.

I wish i could learn how to keep a lasting relationship rather then have all these men feeling like i'm the one who got away.

here too!
by: xMarch16

Not even with just men....if I have friends that I decided to end it with because of whatever reason, they'll still talk to me later on down the line.

I swear I could be the meanest person and people in my life still want to be around me. I never understood that. I think we get away with murder haha

very true
by: Anonymous

i am a pisces woman as well and this alllways happens to me , no matter the situatuion they always come back sooner or later. its to the point where i dont even get upset when they decide to leave because i KNOW they will be back. Its like a revolving door.

^ chain drew
by: Anonymous

true.very true.

leo man pisces woman
by: Anonymous

Hope you can help. my pisces just left me after 4 months. im a leo man. it wasnt because of cheating or trust issues. im a very loyal and devoted leo lover. she was in an emotionaly abusive love a bit over a yr ago. she told me she was ending it bc she was afraid it would end up like the guys she tried to date after. she was feeling resentful. due to me doing nice things for her. and she want putting the energy she wanted to into us outta fear. gifts such as a poetry book for her writing. i fear its because i stopped telling her i love her because it seemed to spook her. and stopped being overly close. against my intuition. i didnt want to seem pressuring. ive written 2 long i mean long love letters. i asked if we could talk some more. she said yes. but she stands me up everytime she tells me she has time to and we make plans to. is there anything i can do to win her back or will chasing push her away? or will it just take time? or will ignoring her get her to come after me. need some help please. thanks

pisces thing
by: Anonymous

im a pisces, kudos. i just got back with my ex. but that must be a picses problem. i hate revolving doors but this is serious. i thought it was just me.

to the leo man.....
by: Anonymous

Coming from a pisces woman point of view you need to give your lady space. If she has recently got out of an emotional abusive relationship she needs time to heal and the reason she is pushing you away is probably due to the fact that her previous lover started out the same way( love letters etc). Unfortunately the more you push her the faster she is going to run away (pisces women tend to swim away when they feel pushed)As hard as it may be you should try and leave her alone for a while and eventually you will cross her mind and she will get in contact with you only when she is ready.Tell her how much u care for her one last time and let her know that you wont be contacting her anymore......thats just my sugestion but good luck to you!!! :)

to the leo man.....
by: Anonymous

Coming from a pisces woman point of view you need to give your lady space. If she has recently got out of an emotional abusive relationship she needs time to heal and the reason she is pushing you away is probably due to the fact that her previous lover started out the same way( love letters etc). Unfortunately the more you push her the faster she is going to run away (pisces women tend to swim away when they feel pushed)As hard as it may be you should try and leave her alone for a while and eventually you will cross her mind and she will get in contact with you only when she is ready.Tell her how much u care for her one last time and let her know that you wont be contacting her anymore......thats just my sugestion but good luck to you!!! :)

lesbians too
by: Anonymous

i am a pisces lesbian and this happens to me too, relationships break down one way or another, usually because i pick someone because i think they are one thing but turn into something else with time, but always after a while they want me back, i have had problems with exs trying to break up current relationships and all sorts, i thought it was just me too, there is nothing special about me either and i have always found it strange even years later they can still be telling me i was the only one etc, it has always seemed so strange they did not want me until i was gone, thankfully now i have a wonderful cancerian so lie is on the up, as long as my last ex does not carry on trying to break us up lol

I understand my Pisces sisters!! I am in the same situation!
by: Anonymous

Wow this is amazing! I a Pisces lady and like my Pisces sisters here I am in the same situation. All of my ex boyfriends in my mind there ex boyfriends but they act as though I never called it off. Sometimes it can be scary! I have gotten to the point were as I never give out my address anymore when I'm dating because if I have to swim away I don't want to be found! I was considering going to church and allowing the preacher to pray that this goes away. I always here the words "I'm never letting u go" from every man I have dated! I am getting phone calls all the time and it's getting hard to concentrate. I wish I could move and start over!!!

by: Anonymous

This is just too freaky I have the same problem. These guys just seem to be infactuated with us pisces gals. My answer lap it up, its quite hilarious when you think about it. However we have to be more ruthless. I say that but I have been trying to break up with my boyfriend for about 2 months he won't let go and I dont have the heart to tell him where to go. O what a tangled web we weave...

Leo dude/ all of my Pisces chix
by: March10thBayB

Leo dude.. She needs a moment! It's just that simple.. We hate to feel like someone is invading too much of our space and I know I loooooove to chase! When I feel someone is pushing me, I dart for the nearest exit. We r accustomed to being hurt, so some of us tend to put up a wall that is easily torn down. Give her time.. She's naturally intuitive and if u r as great as u proclaim to b, she's going to wonder y u haven't called her and may go looking for u.. She's the best catch, so she's worth the effort! (o;

Pisces chix.. If I had $5 for every girl or guy that tried to get back with me, I could take us all for drinks! I have an ex from 10 yrs ago who I dated in high school that said if she and her girlfriend of 3 years now don't work out then she wants another shot.. Uh.... NO! I understand we r the most amazing sign, but I'm tired of changing my #.. no go backs!! )o:<

We are something special, Pisceans!
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces woman and have the exact same problem with exes! My friends joke and say, "There's something about Mary" (the Cameron Diaz movie) with men and myself. You think there's nothing special about you because we are martyrs and give more than we receive. But if we really look at our sign, we are the ultimate feminine lovers, nurturers, psychics, friends, dreamy fantasizer's - though we are not vain or self absorbed about it. Most of us don't realize what we do to our love interests! Men, in general, don't understand or know how to express emotions/feelings and probably have never felt that with anyone else. Everyone wants to be recognized and understood deep down, no matter what their sign is, and we as Pisces are put on this earth to give and express the appreciation of peoples uniquenesses and love with all our hearts and souls, no matter what that may be, so that is why our exes are drawn back to us! No other sign can truly offer this AND gladly "go with the flow" and find happiness in diving into another's life, while blending effortlessly our own creative selves.
"With great power comes great responsibility"! Revel in the fact that we are able to change someone's life enough that they desire to have it again and again, but be strong, Pisceans! Release the ones who've taken too much from us, and hopefully they will show the same love and enhance another's life as we have theirs.

by: Anonymous

I am a bisexual Pisces woman and yes, I've had experiences where exes have wanted me back. I was in a terrible relationship two years ago where my girlfriend (a cancer) cheated on me 3 times. Eventually, I realised that she really didn't care about me all that much and that I needed to start caring about myself--so I left her. Two years later, I've finally met someone who I think might be good for me. She's a Capricorn and really sweet, secure and stable. She's more dominant, which I like, but she's not too possessive (that I know of). She's also very stable.

Anyway, yes, exes have asked me back and my Cancerian ex always told me that I was the best thing to happen to her. If I'm the best thing to happen to her, why'd she push me away? I would never get back together with her and we still haven't really spoken since the break up... but I guess that doubt of not knowing what I did wrong to make her cheat will always haunt me.

i am in hell :(
by: Anonymous

my Pisces boyfriend broke up with me just two months ago when my final exams were running.i am a Libra.most people say that Libra and Pisces don't mix but about our relationship,at least for me it was the happiest time of my life.but i did do wrong with him.the cruelest truth is i couldn't love him in the way he wanted/needed.i just couldn't understand his needs but my intention never ever was to hurt him.i tried to support him as i much as possible.i was suggested by doctor not to journey at all but i could not sit still at home without seeing his face at least twice in a week because he always wanted to be by my side..to fulfill any of my needs.he in a sense insisted to be there for me cause he always used to say that when he sees me smiling he feels extremely happy too.he would always company me while returning to my home.but suddenly he started distancing himself and i truly panicked.just one morning he text-ed me not to contact him anymore.i wanted to know the reason again n again (which i know now was not a good idea).all he said,i don't feel good anymore and don't think that i m with any other girl..after that he didn't reply my texts or received my calls further,blocked me on face book.he even told his friends not to respond to my calls or emails..well,this break gave me some time too to realize n analyze what mistakes i did n after realizing my faults, i started to regret more about my behavior.i know i love him so much n he only has seen my rough n tough face.i cared/care for him honestly but just felt shy to show much affection to him.after reading so many articles about Pisces traits,i decided to give him some space but last day i came to know that he had been hospitalized for some kidney trouble for nearly 20 days.i ran to hospital to see him n he didn't even look at me,didn't talk to me but when his mother asked me about my studies,he replied to her(which seemed to me that he still cares for me)
when heart says that u can't live anymore then there is truly no hope.i have stopped contacting him but i truly have no wish to live anymore.i have been honest with him (never even lied to him) n i know by my heart that NO other boy can ever love me like he did..i just wish there were any way to win him back...without him death is lot easier than my life.
maybe people r gonna say that time heals everything but when a person doesn't want to forget,how can time make them forget about that thing!?
Pisces guys and ladies,with respect,i want to know if there is way to have him back.i believe n know that he loves me so much n i am solely committed to him.is there any hope?is there any way?...please!

pissces woman and scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

i had dated a piscean woman, who I would say at one time thought we were the lovs of each other's lives. Knowing her as well as I do and going to therapy, and metaphysical psychics together, I know that she is reacting from past lives and afraid to trust.........She cut me off without ANY expanation, we were practically living together, had one apt together........She would just email me and say, I do not want any contact, any friendship, please respect my wishes.............nothing...................I think Pisces woman are not very strong.

They Always come back!
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces woman and can relate with you all. And because they always come back, I let them know in the beginning of the relationship that I do not believe in being friends with my exes. When its over, its over! My reason is because it stops me from allowing new love to come into my life & stops me from growing as a person. With an ex lingering around & me nurturing him, I would miss out on someone who is interested in me. With me, it takes time to get over a lover who has left, but there is no way in hell, that I'll take a cheater back. I'll rather lick my wounds & remind myself of all the fish in the sea. My love,devotion & affection is worthy of much more than being treated that way.

And as far as pisces women not being strong, that is so wrong. Never underestimate us just because we retreat. Yes, I hate fighting but everyone runs out of patience. Especially when a Leo, Aries, aqaurius & scorpio start being condencending, bossy, bullies, pushy or just making innuendous.
Never make the mistake that we are total sissys because we're feminine and we cry because our sensitivity is shown through comspassion.
As for myself, I'll turn the other cheek for so long until, I have had enough. I'm equipped to defend myself with a quick mean tongue; a few sentences can cut Leo's pride & Scorpio's soul deeply, that they retreat & can no longer give eye contact.
Now I'm the bitch, after I've extended myself & tried to reason with them.. go figure!

They Would Come Back...
by: Ms. Pisces

Wow. I thought it was just me. I watch my single friends struggling and getting dumped, but I have never been broken up with. I guarantee I could get any of my exes back, including my ex-husband. I do have a hard time ended a bad relationship because of the empathy I feel for them though. This is why I usually cut off communication and don't keep them as 'friends'. Either you are 'in' or you're 'out'. I don't just warm up to anyone so if they screw it up...too late.

by: Anonymous

You can't help but be "the one who got away"...
You are a pisces girl, the proverbial fish and true to our piscean nature- it usually stands that just when a man thinks he has a firm grip on us (and he knows we are the best thing to ever happen to him) something always happens and our intuitive nature kicks in and let's us know it's time to get ghost and so we squirm and slip right outta his grasp. "Who really can hold the fish? Except the one she willingly submits to-"
Honey if you truly know you're worth as a fish girl, you know it's gonna take an extraordinary man to so easily command that submission-
You just have'nt found the one who is on your level yet and worthy of all that you give- I do hope by Now in life, you recognize your worth as the fish is one who lives in mystical realms, the depths of which no man could know., elusively popping in and out of these mystical crevices at a given glance- Her secret is that she would gladly let you swim alongside her, taking you to these depths which any man would consider himself fortunate to have traversed- unlocking the secrets of these mystical places-
When she finally finds the one who is deserving!
Many men would be lucky to have you, as we offer more than any other sign out there- You're problem and all pisces alike is finding our equal who we would consider equally lucky to have- We are a hard match to countersuit up! Think about it- It's no wonder you have'nt met someone who is at least equaal to your worth- you will always be dissatisfied and squirm away until you do- Thus the heartbreaking story of the lonely, lonely pisces girl, the one who needs to be loved and a soulmate more than she needs to breathe- Yet who seems to be proverbially alone and always staring over again in love- Poor Alice in Wonderland always falling down that spiraling whole- It's a confusing and dizzying journey isn't it my fellow Alicean? I have found that the more I know about myself and self worth, the better of I am! and yes, I have the wanna be repeat offender comeback syndrome of ex's who realize I was the best when it's far too late and too far gone.... Sincerely, Alice in the Rabbit hole xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Yeah, it s happening to me too
by: Anonymous

Jesus Christ, I had my ex of 20 years ago asking me to get married! I ignored him! At this moment my other ex since 24 years ago is hunting me and it is becoming scary. I think I will have to report him. He is making pressure on my family, friends, his family, his friends to help him get me back.
I thought it was happening only to me but now I see it s a Piscean thing. There is one more ex to come back...By the way, I have this forecasted in my natal chart as well.

they always want us back
by: Thee-anne

I'm a Pisces woman too..

One thing I notice why they all want us back is because of the level of understanding we give them. When we're gone, they can't find any match to the attention, love and commitment that we share in the relationship.

But why do they leave us? They leave us because they know that we are loyal persons that if they give us time to cool down ater the break up, we will bend and take them back again. I've been to a relationship with a single Scorpion man, and recently it just ended, for the third time. I'm really fed up on our set up, the to and fro of moving on and forgetting him is taking its toll on me that's why I really decided not to take him back. I removed all forms and ways that he may contact me again. I suggest you all do this so that they won't bother us anymore. Admit that one of our weak point is our forgiving heart. This is not a bad thing but obviously we are abused. So let's gather ourself up and seal our hearts. We don't deserve guys who leave us and tries to take us back to leave us again. We deserve so much better than that.

One word. . . . WOW!!!
by: Anonymous

WOW..... this is incredible!! again just like the rest of my piscean sisters, i thought it was just me who had this overwelming desire, alluring power over past lovers, boyfriends or wotever u wish to call them.

but it's true. we have a gift, a certain power.I find it hilarious that no matter wot i do, they always cum back.... sooner or later, they COME BACK!!
Im in a very happy relationship with my cancearian boyfriend which after reading this page discovered is my ideal match... Woooo!! ;-)
but ive had guys cheat or treat me badly so ive ended the relationship only for them to get back in touch months/years later??
This one guy accused me of giving him a disease wud u believe then has the cheek to get back in touch?
I still have the gym guy contacting me every so often, im guessing to see if im ok?! we loose contact but yet he sumhow manages to find me... I swim like my life depends on it but he still finds me... and after a year (i think) he still checks in every now and again!! STILL GOT ITT!! ;-P
Also one more thing before i go... why is it that all my familys birthdays revolve around feb?? Its insain. . . .my sis recently had a baby and bizzarely he happened to arrive 18th feb?? as if mums bday 24th feb, mine and my dads 25th feb and sisters 2weeks later, wasnt expensive enough?? ;-P LOL. x

it's a pisces thing
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces lady, and I too have had most of my exes try to get back with me. The times I tried it it was a disaster so now I know not to go back. But there is one Libra, we broke up over the last year, he hasn't come back. And even though I don't want to be with him, I guess I want the satisfaction of that "I want you back" call. Am I wrong? Anyway, it was so good to see just how many of us are going thru similar experiences!

Something about Pisces
by: Anonymous

I too am a Pisces woman who's exes can't let go. My Gemini - yes-Gemini ex husband still tries to entangle himself with me and he divorced me! All of my exes have tried to win me back. They say I was the best thing that ever happened to them. It must be something about Pisces.

Truly Amazing
by: ~** Pisces Queen **~

My Pisces sisters! Wow. I stumbled across this post & it has truly mad my night lol. It almost unbelievable! EVERY ex - The Libra/Scorpio cusp who dated my BEST friend behind my back, the Capricorn who was my siamese twin, then went to jail & after I had his back for 8 mths said & I quote " I dont wanna hold you back, move on." *drama, trust me*, the Leo *aka the stalker* who put me thru hell off & on for the past 9 yrs *& Im only 25!* who is texting me @ this very moment askiong me about my current relationship lol, & who can forget the "emotionally detached" Aquarius who literally cried buckets on my shoulder *more than once*, told me he loved me, did ALL the things couples do & turned around & said we were ONLY friends, & he wasnt ready to be in a relationship YET he was back with his ex *a virgo* a mth later. They all *plus a few not worth mentioning lol* want me back. I try, try, try to rid myself of them but its almost useless. No matter what I do, they ALWAYS find me. Smh Lmao. I just throw my hands up @ times. & now Im with ANOTHER pisces! I dont even get along with Pisces men! Its too much like looking in a mirror. *Or so I thought* Its beautiful & draining @ the same time lol. The ONLY reason it works is because I put my relationship before myself *So Typical Pisces lol* Hope it works out for the long run. Especially since Ive already been proposed to 3 times already lol.

All these posts are so true ! ....
by: Pisces Gal

I am a pisces female and agree with pretty much everything on this page its just amazing to read. It makes me feel not so alone especially re what the THE SLIPPERY FISH wrote about being lonely. Do other people feel like that too not just me? Because we are usually so very very cautious when it comes to choosing partners (and even friends) i often feel i have had far less relationships than anyone else, even if the duration is much longer. Is this the case for other pisceans ?

Me too!
by: Pisces Woman

I have the same thing. Every time I break off a relationship the guy always comes back begging for me back and telling me I am the best thing they ever had. It does not matter how many years go by they will still want you back. Every single one of them. Usually what does it for me is when they begin to think they have you completely and start taking advantage of you just because you treat and love them so much. What they don't realize is we are aware of when we are being taken advantage of even though we don't usually say anything. Eventually we just get fed up with it and hypnotize ourselves out of the relationship and love for them. Pisces are capable of hypnotizing their sub concious if they want to. It is kind of like a defense mechanism for protecting themselves. Once we have completely broke the love connection with them then we move on and usually don't look back. We will put up with alot but when the breaking point is finally met we just swim away. So goes the story of the Pisces women day in and day out until we find the man that is truly deserving of us.

omg this site rocks lolz
by: xRebulera_PRx

thank u all for telling every1 my entire life's story of breaking men down simply by being myself lolz oh, oh.!! best calld "Boomerang Boyfriends" lmaooooo go Pisces go Pisces :D i think tha best 1 i've ever been told was from an Aquarius Male who after months finally revealed his Crush on me.. "it feels like you've cast a Spell upon me...i feel DRUNK around u.!!!!" (n he was completely sober) baaahaha cnt stop thinkin about me, can ya.? waaaahaha Pisces RULE

What is my Pisces thinking
by: Neputnian Virgo man

I have read all your posts and I cant find something that resembles my situation.

I am not an ordinary man. I am one of the few true romantic, passionate man with a much deeper heart than most. I feel agony and ecstasy in the realm that most men cannot imagine. My experience with a Pisces girl was the ultimate experience of passion and desire.
I did not cheat nor abuse nor do anything less than amazing for my Pisces girl. We were not together long, only a few months.

In that time, the intimacy was unbelievable. on Several occasions we both cried tears of amazement. She let me through her armour and feel the soft and gentle and powerful love inside her heart. She is an unbelievably erotic and intimate lover, more powerful than anything I have known.

She loved the way I handled her, I took the lead, I held her, my touch sent shivers right through her body. She crumbles whenever she sees me. There is nothing I can compare it to. She said she sees me in her future, that I blow her away and leave her breathless.

Suddenly she was gone, it happened in less than a week. She became rapidly distant and I have not heard from her in 2 weeks. I dont want to push her away by chasing her but I wait for her and think of her constantly.

A few years ago, her ex was murdered in front of her. I dont know the extent of the damage it has done to her and whether she has fully come to terms with it. She went back to the ex before him and eventually it did not work out again for them.

She says she is not ready, that she is scared, she says she felt like she lived in her ex's shadow. I think she might feel I will do that to her. I dont know how to ease her and let her trust me. I am not those men, I dont want our fate to be determined by her past. How do I get her to take my hand and put her trust in me.

Virgo man ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.

by: Anonymous

Well, it really does have a lot to do with bring a pisces because my exes alllllways want me bk. But that us a pisces trait ! Read more about, yhu may b a bit surprised.

by: Anonymous

I dont have any exs at this point, but I do have people who were crushing on me before I had a bf AND CONTINUE TO DO SO. They still flirt with me and some even get bitter and jealous and try to make moves on me anyway. I dont know how to keep the men away from me! I don't try to solicit this kind of attention, but its constantly happening. Help?

I thought I was the only one woooow
by: Anonymous

Me too I thought I was the only one thats facing this! Every time I breakup with someone or he ends things he comes back trying to be around me and keep in contact with me all of them asked me back and I gave them a second chance but let me tell u it was worthless we ended up splitting again I had 2 Gemini boyfriends and a sagittarius. The recent one was a Leo and we broke up if has been couple of days because of me talking to him about my past relationships very honestly he freaked out hurt me so much and told me that he can't handle my past! I was so chocked yet m still shocked and hurt! He told me he loves me so much but my past is too much for him to handle! I didn't contact him since then and m not thinking of contacting him but I don't understand if he really loved me that much is it possible that he will let go bcoz of talking about my past relationship?!? M so confused?!?!?!

Omg! What is up with that???
by: Ace Van Skyler

I agree,I'm Pisces too. Its definitely a thing with us girls! I have exes who have come back wanting another chance, or saying they don't want to let me go, but once they hurt me, or ended the relationship, or I did, I NEVER went back and they never believe me, so they keep trying to win me back. I have reached the point where I feel maybe I'm meant to be alone because these men aren't worthy of me. I really liked the boomerang boyfriends paragraph haha made my day! I've read each and every story that was posted, and I really thought it was just me but I really need more pisces friends! Just remember we're unforgettable women and eventually, they ALL will or already have regret losing us! We're the best of the best and you can't top that! Good luck in life lovelies!


I have had the same thing happen to me. These men dont know when they have a great woman. Even an ex i cheated on wants me back!!!!! Pisces women are the best thing since sliced bread and thats what these men cant get enough of

Pisces girl, dumped by sagittarius guy.
by: Anonymous

All of these comments definitely gave me hope. Although I am friends with most of my exes, there are definitely some who have wanted me back but I wasn't interested...however, I AM interested in getting back with my latest ex, I know he still loves and cares for me, its just a matter of time until things can work themselves out. In the meantime, it is very hard to fend off guys who I am NOT interested in dating. No wonder the longest I've been single is 6 months!

Taurus guy Dumped by Pisces woman
by: great Dad

I met a beautiful pisces a year ago. We met at a reunion. As soon as I walked thru the door our eyes met. She later walked up to me and introduced herself. She was recently divorced for the second time and explained to me she never really lived on her own and just wanted to date. So we did. I let her be the first one to say I love you. Then 2 months later she asked if we could be exclusive. I agreed. She still lived with her ex husband the whole time. He was moving and she couldnt afford living on her own so she moved in with me after 6 months of dating with her 3 sons. I'm a single dad of 2 boys who I have full time. Itwas crowded but I loved every minute of it. We never fought or argued. I helped her get a new better paying job. Got her a new car. She had a nice place to live. And then 2 months ago I knew something was wrong. She said she was moving out on her own. She needed to know what it was like. I had a hard time with it but I sucked it up because I love her. But then I kept thinking it might be another man and called her on it twice. The arguing wasnt real bad. When I told her that if she walked out I would be her friend but there would be no chance for us in the future she cried. I feel if she really loved me she wouldnt be going anywhere. But in the end she left with 2 of her sons. The 19 yr old is still living with me. I seen her 1 time a week after she moved out because she owed me money. We had a nice quick conversation. She kissed me on the lips then hugged me real tight for about 30 seconds. Havent talked to her since. I totally love this woman with all my heart. Do you think there is a chance that she will come back to me?

by: Anonymous

Hey im an aquarius and my pisces girlfriend dumped me because i was being to mean after she moved out the house because of another man...

I am 20 years old and for 3 years i gave this girl everything , i treated her like a queen & now that she's gone im heart broken and dont know what to do to win her back...

It only been a week and she calls me, telling me that she still loves me but she just needs time..

Im trying to prove to her that our love is worth fighting for and that i trully love her but she wont even see me...

But its hard for me to give her space when i know that she is with anohter man...


what about tauruses
by: Anonymous

SAME HERE!!! :D Go pisces!!!

But has a Taurus ex ever come back to a pisces after dumping them???

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