Question about my Pisces Girl

Okay, we have been friends for eleven years and now been dating for three months. I am a Sag by the way. Anyway, our time together is immeasurable, the quality and content of it can compare to no other. She has told me that there are so many traits she see's in me like in her father and she loves it. Anyway, she moved off to NC for school and now doing the distance thing. I sent her flowers, so they were there when she got there, got her a three month pass at a local massage place, for as many time as she wants, but now she seems so distant from me. Why would this be happening, I thought these types of women like to be loyal, committed, etc. to there guy?

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by: xMarch16

Did youuu ask her?

Pisces Woman
by: Anonymous

A pisces woman needs the constant attention of her mate, the thought of a long distance relationship is nice however that's when out of sight out of mind kicks in. You'll always be in the thoughts of a piscean woman because of our sensitive and loving nature. You're loyality will never be doubted but as a piscean woman if your not near than we emotionally adapt to our surroundings of which you may be forgotten. I dated a sag. man 13 years ago and to this date he will be always be my loyal best friend who is generous, but too blunt with his words. Because of my mutable sign I am able to understand his outgoing, opptimestic nature to be around people all the time, on the go. Wherea's myself I value my time alone and together as friends we can take eachother in doses but a sag man can become restless with my laid back personality.

About your Pisces Girl
by: Anonymous

Pisces women are very committed to their goals. Since she has moved away to attend college, her first loyalty is to her education. It doesn't mean that she doesn't feel the same about you, however, you must understand when a Pisces woman puts her mind to something, she normally follows through. Her education is very important to her future goals. And if you want to be part of her future, you will have to be patient and understanding of a Pisces woman. On the other hand, if a relationsip is not in the cards right now for you and your girl, it might be better to still be her friend, since you were friends for more years then you were dating. If you care about her, talk to her and find out how she feels about the long distance relationship. We love an understanding, caring individual with great communication. And, if you were meant to be together, when the education is complete, then you will be.

just don't do it over
by: Anonymous

i think she just need space to think and concentrate on her study. Me, as a pisces sure love attention from man, but if you overly doing it, it'll turn off me. Maybe she feels the same way like i did too. Sure pisces girls are loyal if we find someone who's we love. My advice just keep a distant a bit then back and surprise her, like come to the city she lives now. I bet she'll be surprised and won't detached anymore. Just do it in good proportion, not overly give her attention, that'll work. :)

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