Scorpio trying for a Pisces woman

by Kevin

Okay so I'm a Scorpio man keeping an eye on a certain Pisces woman. Although I don't know if she believes in zodiac signs after reading all these articles about Scorpio men and Pisces women I just want to show her how passionate I can be.

We've known each other for a good 10 weeks. Even though we haven't talked much at all I know a LOT more about her than she knows about me. Seems weird though... I don't want to scare her off but I get so nervous around her. Every little thing she does or a specific detail about her (especially her eyes) I find so adorable.

What can I do to show her I can love her like no other Scorpio (yeah that's right I said it) can?

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Mina (pisces girl)
by: Anonymous

Go for it!! Just be the scorpio you are and I'm sure she'll fall for you. Don't be too overbearing though, you might scare her off. The key is to keep increasing the sexual tension, even by the little things (ex: staring smoulderingly at her, being mysterious, and letting her know how dominant and aggressive you can be but at the same time not showing off, etc.). And by aggressive we don't mean being a bully to others; we just don't want a weak spineless man who doesn't know what he wants for himself, can never make decisions, always letting the lady lead b/c he's afraid of losing her (which is one surefire way to lose a pisces--we love a challenge and want to be kept on our toes, so we want someone who can be contrary at times b/c then we can see the real personality inside).

Just be who you are and I'm sure you'll get the great love you're looking for!

But there's another thing
by: Kevin

I feel as if she's so uninterested in me that she wants to avoid conversation. Yet sometimes she strikes up a conversation and is nice about it. She's the more mysterious one at this point.

be careful
by: Anonymous

she avoiding you is a dangerous sign, kevin. i've also tried approaching a Piscean girl, but be too intense and she will be scared of you. She will avoid you and it will hurt. a lot. But i found another pisces who can understand me and we got along very very well so i suggest looking for another that fits you? there's lots of fish in the sea dude:)

From a pisces girl perspective...
by: P

Is her 'avoiding' you the right word? I am considered very outgoing by my peers but when I see a guy I am attracted to I turn terribly shy. So the fact that she has tried to start a conversation with you shows that she has noticed you and wants to talk to you. Her not readily talking to you at every opportunity might mean you make her nervous(in a good way). Gosh, I wish I could meet a scorpio guy, but then again when I did meet one I couldnt even look in his general direction because I got so damn shy. The key is: next time you talk to her watch her eyes, if they flicker up at your eyes intentionally and you see them 'twinkle' then she really likes you. And if you dont know what I mean by 'twinkle' then you obviously have never seen a girls eyes twinkle before... let us know what happens!!

You're right
by: Kevin

Yeah going to her isn't much of a good idea. I just have to hope I find my Pisces and soon. Thanks.

from pisces point of view
by: Anonymous

From a pisces woman point of view, perhaps don't try to talk to her so much but take her on a picnic near the water (we all love water) and maybe spoil her a bit. We also communicate non verbally but with body language. Do you have animals, show her that you like them too. Are there some little jobs around her home she needs help with that she would appreciate you doing for her. We don't go much on material things, so small gifts of flowers, wine or even just a nice card can mean a lot. Valentines day is comming up, do something special.

Wait just a sec
by: Kevin

Define twinkle. I have never seen a girls eyes twinkle nor have I even had my first kiss because I wanted to share it with someone special. I might get mixed messages so yea define twinkle please.

by: ~Pisces Girl~

Its kinda hard to explain.... its like when you look into a diamond i guess. If you see that sparkle in her eyes, even if its for a split second( because she'll probably looked down or turn because of your intense eyes) she's interested. I for one act cold and uninterested even though i'm interested. She's probably really shy and afraid that you might discover her feelings. One thing a Pisces girl is scared of is rejection. Make the first move. Be bold and romantic =) <---- if it doesn't work out, you can honestly said you did your best.

by: ~Pisces Girl~

Its kinda hard to explain.... kinda like when you look in to a diamond. Even you see the twinkle for a split second( she'll probably look down or turn away from the intensity in your eyes) she's interested. I for one act cold and uninterested when i'm interested. She's might be really shy and afraid you might discover her feelings. one thing that every Pisces girl fears is rejection. My advice is to confess. BE BOLD and ROMANTIC =).<---- if that doesn't work, you can honestly said you did your best. Don't worry there are plenty of fish in the sea if it doesn't work out. lol. Get it?

by: Kevin

Ok thanks. Yes I get it I've heard it before. It is clever though.

Pisces girl
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces girl and become incredibly shy when I like a guy. The more I'm attracted the more I turn away. So counter productive, I know. Part of it is being coy and part is fear of rejection. I feel like if they look into my eyes they can read my feelings and that scares me. I will never approach a man I am attracted to, but I love when they take the lead and approach me. If I'm interested you bet I will say yes! If I'm not interested I will kindly give that impression.

Advice 4 u
by: Anonymous

Just be DIRECT.

im a pisces with a scorpio man. here's the tip:

scorpio/pisces are literally sex addicts. just literally screw her in certain intervals to make sure you care about her and so that she knows about you. also, its for her not to doubt herself for trusting you.

just tell her she's beautiful. laugh at her jokes. let her drone on and on about her arts and her dreams, etc. altho my bf sometimes makes me cry cus he's too possessive, i think it's hot at the same time. just think, "knight in shining armor"

by: Pisces02

I may be too late posting this, but I'll still give my point of view ..

Pisces are generally introverted. At the same time, they talk to people pretty often, either friends or strangers, but it's only small talk, never a deep conversation unless they have a particular interest in a person. Even then, even after a deep, interesting conversation, they may retreat for a while, back into their lonely corner where they can dream while doing the solitary activities they adore ( reading, anything art related, etc ).
Because of this, Pisces can be considered cold and insensitive, when they aren't as they seem to be. I know Pisces who are outgoing and friendly, and others who are loners, but both feel the need to withdraw from society every now and then, even from their friends or the people they care about.
Pisces are just difficult like that ... Or at least this is how most people would describe them. :)

I don't think the Pisces girl you like is avoiding you .. She may either feel the need to withdraw, or maybe she is just shy.
Scorpios are very strong in comparison to Pisces ( at least they appear to be, they have a more solid 'shell' ), so a Pisces could be easily intimidated by a Scorpio, especially if they never had a Scorpio around them before. Scorpios are intense, Pisces are receptive, so it's easy for a Pisces to notice the intensity and strength of a Scorpio, better than any other sign could. This could be intimidating at one point, even if this, I'm sure, is not your intention ..
I think she maybe is just too shy to talk to you, but if you pursue her and take things slowly, she will definitely open up and become more attached to you. At least as friends to begin with ... some Pisces take a lot of time to fall in love, but when they do, they fall hard and their love with last long and be strong.

by: Pisces02

I had a Scorpio friend ... well, I hope he still considers me a friend. He was always the one starting a conversation, we enjoyed each other's company, we always ended up laughing ( mostly at each other :) ), but every time we would part he would invite me to visit him or if I wanted to go somewhere, or watch a movie, just ask him.
But, to be honest, I never had the courage to do so, even if I wanted to, I was always too shy to knock at his door, but I was happy to have him around when he decided to approach me instead.
It came a time when he stopped visiting, probably because he was busy, and so was I, so the more we spent time apart, the harder it was for me to approach him and even though I silently cursed myself for being a coward, I could never do more than just greet him when I saw him around and we'd only have short, quick conversations, before I'd run off somewhere.
I'm not sure if he took that too kindly .. and I'm sure it must've hurt him, my behaviour I mean, and I wish I could apologize to him, though I don't have the chance anymore. I'd just want to let him know I didn't purposely avoid him ... I'm not even sure why I did it, but to be quite honest, I did feel intimidated by his gaze alone every now and then. He wasn't scary or anything, he was never rude, or aggressive, on the contrary .. he was really nice, funny, considerate .. I'm not sure if to other people as well, but I'm sure he was to me. :)

My point is - if your Pisces girl is acting distant, it may be because she's too shy to approach you, so you shouldn't give up on her because of that .. Just give her a little more time, don't act too pushy, but make sure you won't give up on her. And after a little while, it'll be best to just say it to her face. Some Pisces suffer from an inferiority complex, so she may not even think about you liking her, because she might not feel good enough or worthy of your attention. But if she is, tell her, because she won't be able to just guess it on her own.
Even if you give her signs, she may not notice them.

- From a Pisces who didn't notice that an Aries boy liked her ( only after 2 years, yes, years, when her friends told her ) :))

I hope this helped and I wish you good luck!

Coming from a Pisces girl lol
by: Esma

You mentioned she seems uninterested in having a conversation with u but it could be the complete opposite. Pisces females can be quite shy especially around a guy they like. They're really hard to read and know what exactly they're thinking and youd probably think she's feeling one way when in fact it's the complete opposite. My advise is if you don't want to scare her off try making casual conversation and try making her laugh. Pisces women usually like attention and are attracted more to guys who r funny over actual hot guys lol after taking to her a few times then u could ask her out. Hope this helps (it doesn't show the date of when u posted this blog on my phone do hopefully I'm not replying to a 4 year old blog lol)

Stop being so emotional
by: Fellow Pisces

I have been with my Scorpio for over 2 years and I've noticed no matter how much we fight he always comes back. After our last argument I stopped communicating with him no calling or texting or sex. I refuse to cry over someone who is not doing the same over me. Of course, he starts calling and texting again and wanting to hang out. I don't know how long you've been involved, but you sitting there thinking about the situation is not going to solve anything. Find something else to occupy your time. Tell him what you want stand your ground and if he doesn't comply move on. As hard as it is there are other fish in the sea.

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