Head over heals for my first Pisces

by james
(boulder co)

Im a Leo and just fell head over heals for my first Pisces. She previous to me had been in an emotionally abusive relationship. and after had tried to date some other guys and it just didnt work out with them. we date for 4 months then she broke it off. it wasnt because i cheated or had done anything unfaithful. im not that type of leo. im a very loyal and devoted lover. problem is when i opened up and told her i love her she seemed kinda spooked by it. so we talked about a week later about and turned out she was spooked a little and just wasnt quite there yet. so i stopped telling her and telling her how she makes me feel and how i feel about her. stopped being close. out of fear i would come off as pressuring and smothering and end up pushing her away. my intuition was telling me to tell her but i ignored it. i know big mistake. when she broke things off she she told me she feared it would be the same old story with the guys she was with after the abusive one. wrote her 2 love letters. need help to win her back

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Fight for the one you love
by: Love is patient dear Leo

Dear Leo , I red your story and you reminded me , how it felt being there ... I'm a fish just like your girl, and I also had some verbal-abussive relationships before I met my Leo .. You see the thing is ,we have some kind of sense or whatever they call , that stops us from being happy.it might sound weird but ,that's how I feel.when I was dating my Leo it was so magical,emotional bond I just couldn't resist him ,,and I knew once I let him ino my life it would be the end of me...-scary wright? I know ,Pisces are scared of being hurt and when they meet a strong individual -such as Leo ,they fear to be used,and left with this awful feeling .my Leo was nice to me ,sometimes too straigh forward..when we were seeing each other i would try to turn him down somehow so he would give up and leave me before,i fall for him .. But he was so stubborn,he wouldnt give up ... I told him i dont want to be with him and he us waisting his time ,but he wouldnt listen ..he said he can be a friend as Long as he was able to see me.. So i ok him ..anyway i just felt so bad by making him feel bad ..and i realize that he must to be in love.he would put so much effort just to see me driving everyday back and fourth 40miles..i had to take a chance ,and we started dating ..he is wonderful person ,we've been married 2 years and 5 years total Of knowing each other ..we've been thru A lot good an bad but we love each other ,he opened my heart ,he is loving and loyal and he gets it double back... Dear Leo if u love her and if u serious about her u can't give up,it will be hard for u sience she has trust issue ,be patient bc she is probably worth it ..

by: Anonymous

Dear Leo,
I too am a pisces who has been in both Physical/emotionally abusive relationships... agreed with the 1st commentor... We pisces need to know that you are willing to fight to keep us and if you love her show her! She may have pushed you away but you have to be in order to prove to her you are different! we are just as devoted to our lovers if not more! We are willing to give everything and more for jsut a little approval. Tell her how much she means to you! Whatever you do don't loose hope! It may take a lil time but it will truly work out in the end! We want a knight & Shining armor to rescue us from our hells!

by: Anonymous

Hey Leo,
I really don't know anything about how to make someone who was so hurt in the past trust that you love them, but i know a lot about pisces women since I am one. I'm sure you think this is going to be irrelevant but pisces are actually impossible to fully understand so I want to try to explain some things about us to you. We're literally crazy. We love it, and we know we're like this because we're on a higher level than everyone else, but we're insane. We completely operate on emotions, we have to "feel out" everything, and we live in our own realities. You are never going to convince her that you're trustworthy. I hate to say it.. but the decision to trust you has to come from deep inside of her. The most you can do is raise her self esteem and help her feel happy around you. We're suckers for flattery, if we feel that its genuine. We love love love to feel wanted and special so compliment her on those traits. Tell her she's very understanding and she makes you feel comfortable being yourself. If someone said those things to me and I knew that they meant them I would have a very easy time opening up to them.

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