Love between a Scorpio and Pisces

by Krystle : )
(Elmwood Park)

I'm a pisces and he's a scorpio. I've been dating my boyfriend for a 13 months now, and we were friends for two years before that. We even became best friends at one point in time. When I read things about a pisces and a scorpio I see it says that we have a deep understanding and our mating should last. And I feel that, I'm so in-tune with him it's weird.

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scorpio and pisces
by: Anonymous

I agree to this. my ex is a scorpio and now that we broken up i still misses him and read horoscope about him.

scarpio and pisces?? OK!
by: Anonymous

Scorpios are great match with Pisces we understand each other and a Scorpio knows exactly what a Pisces need.
My friend is Scorpio and is awesome but she is very jealous. because Pisces appreciate sincerity you will be able to forgive him for crazy jealous behavior. And he will apologize after calming down.
A Scorpio is very kind and loving and caring person. Just don't break their trust and shun them out and ignore them. If you have issues then you should discuss them so a Scorpio will understand when they are not getting your attention.

I love my baby! (Scorpio male)
by: xMarch16

I've been with a Scorpio for over a year and we really are like one person. I hate saying that cheesy stuff but I get what it means.

It's not even just a love thing...he really is like the other half of me. And you just KNOW intuitively that you'll be together. Now it's the rest of the world you have to worry about! haha

by: Anonymous

i also to say that is true.i am a pisces and dated scropio since high skol until 2months ago"almost 7 years" and i stil have to read his horoscope like every day.

I'm pisces woman
by: Anonymous

I was with a scorpio for five years. I couldn't get enough of him but he had cheating issues, I took him back over & over but eventually I couldn't take it anymore. We'll always be friend though...that's what a scorpio is meant to be to a pisces.

Just meeting a Scorpian Male
by: Anonymous

So we met in class a couple of weeks ago...both working adults going back to school. I think we caught each others eye the very first day of class. I made a comment and started from there. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met in my life. Our intitial conversation was just stating our names and then I had to wait two weeks before seeing him again and then I made my move by having casual conversation with him about class. From there we have communicated on some level almost every day. I really don't believe in the whole zodiac sign connection, but most of the things I have read so far have been pretty true as it relates to us. I like him alot and I have a feeling that he likes me just as much.

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