Can Pisces women fight?

by tailor

Can we fight good? I've never fought because I'm afraid to get beat. what does this mean? should i go for it, or just not fight.

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Yes and no..
by: David(admin)

Pisces women certainly can fight. There are feisty ones and more passive ones, based on more complex placements than just your sun sign.

However, it's unusual to find a Pisces woman who actually enjoys it. Most find conflict draining. Compare this to a fire sign (Aries and Leo more so than Sagittarius) who often feel revitalized and refreshed from conflict.

The effect of this is that it all depends who you are fighting with. A Pisces arguing with an Aries or Leo is almost guaranteed to lose, as they get invigorated while you get worn out. Even if you win the first argument they're be back for more until you start losing.

On the other hand, if you're fighting with say a Cancer, it's a much more level playing field, and a resolution is more likely to be found.

It's a similar situation with introverts and extroverts. Most introverts can socialize quite happily with large groups of people, but they need personal space to recharge afterward. Meanwhile an extrovert is recharged by the group of people.

This is one of many (many!) factors involved in your compatibility, but most Pisces women don't do well with overly aggressive partners. They're too much work in the long term.


Pisces kitten to tiger
by: Anonymous

I can be the sweetest girl in the world, nieve and innocent... but if you really piss me off, watch out...Windows will break! blood will spill....I have no qualms of getting my point across.

Can i as a pisces fight
by: Anonymous

"Hell YEAH" i can b a Pussycat or a WIILDCAT its they choice i dont start it but will end it my way "RAW"

by: Anonymous

we pisces can see the future , and this is why we win. but also we know how to do it, sometimes you don't realized that you already get what we want ...
is boring to fell and read people minds lol

The answer is yes...
by: geniousgen

Pisces can definitly fight. They're highly intelligent beyond their years and the only problem is they only care not to fight because they know they'll win in the end in which it's very true. Don't let that hold you back somehow because most of the zodiacs signs are aggresssive, they will do whatever it takes to make you feel bad or use you. They will want to see you suffer to make themselves feel superior. Regardless of what situation, pisces should always remember to keep their guard against them. It's extremely important. I, myself, am an envolved Pisces with a rising sun Aquarius. I take Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi. It's good for all my pisces out there for a good mental and physical life.

Fighting Subtley
by: Anonymous

Yes we pisces get angry & fight. The way it seems to happen with me is that I don't like to get aggressive as it drains me too much, but I will stand my ground and no matter what, Karma ""always"" seems to come around. I am very subtle and quiet and do not like being taken advantage of because I am "quiet". Doesn't mean I am a doormouse.

Can we pisces women fight?
by: Anonymous

Can we fight?
Yes we sure can and to tell you the truth we are pretty damn good at it too, if we really let loose.
I spendt most of my childhood fighting both with words and with my hands... now the reason I began fighting was because I was bullied in school, but damn did the other kids learn their lesson when I finally got enough of them!
If you ask me Pisces women are people you seriously do not want to get in a fight with... why? Because we fight for what we believe in!

pisces can fight
by: Anonymous

pisces can fight let any one get in there way they will knock the hell out you and if they get tired of you talking shit then we will beat the hell out of you people think they take advantage but guess what we rule them

yes we can
by: Anonymous

yes pisces girls can fight. i have faught with two boys and a girl and let me tell you i did not hold back.and yes i won. but at the end of it i felt weak and tingly and wonder why.

can pisces fight
by: Anonymous

Can pisces fight hell yes and when we have a lot of anger built up inside and you cross the line thats it you will never forget the asswhoopin the little supposely weak little fish gave you some people say pisces dont have fist but they will need to find that out.

Can Pisces Women Fight
by: Anonymous

Can we Fight?

Yes. We sure can, We don't like fighting with people that much because we are sure we will win ... Some of us usually get mad and feel like KILLING you but we either walk out or lock our self in a room etc..
If We are in a fight with a aries or leo .. WE DONT BACK DOWN! We will Curse you out .. We can beat you if you touch us or get in our face at the wrong time .. So, Yes we can VERY much fight .. Just cause our sign is a fish don't mean we are so called "Weak" We can wope ass anytime!!

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