pisces woman in need of a taurus

by nicky

i'm a Pisces woman and its all true! however i choose to think of myself as emotionally in tune rather than over emotional. passion, love and sex are all the same thing to me and the more the better...

i have had two real boyfriends ...one a Capricorn (great passion in bed but very selfish out of it) the other a Virgo (a tad picky but a great kisser) they didn't work out but were lots of fun.

so after reading others comments, next i think i will try and find myself a nice romantic taurus to cuddle up too and settle down with. right i'm off to read the 'how to seduce page'! lol

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You cannot seduce a Taurus, at least mine :)
by: Jess

I'm a Pisces girl and I love my Taurus guy :)
They cannot be seduced. Taureans are picky about choosing a partner. A Pisces woman is wonderful for a Taurus man, but you cannot just want them for a fling or a one night stand. They will only be interested in a serious relationship. You have to be serious as well or they will not want you. They enjoy love letters as well as a card or just knowing that you are interested and that you want a serious relationship :)
They are good lovers as well as caring, passionate, and in tune with your feelings.
To the point...you can't just want them for sex!
It is a turn off, a quick one!
Good luck Nicky :)
P.S.- I've been with mine for a year and two days :)

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