Pisces women like to be dominated

by Kimberly

Not all us Pisces are into the mushy gushy romance. We think about sex pretty much 24/7. So it sometimes can be fairly easy. But for the most part we are difficult to talk into a relationship. We can handle all the seductions a man puts on. We want sex ALL the time; but we can go without for a very long time if we need to.

I want it every day. Yet I will not have sex with a lot of men because I pride myself on the fact that I am very talented in bed and I have morals that keep me from having sex with anyone. Therefore I can resist most advances.

The trick... once someone pushes that button...oh it's on. Then the hormones are out of control. I can be totally fine. But all it takes is for a man that I am very attracted to, to kiss my neck or tell me what to do (dominating me) and I am totally ready and willing.

The main thing is to not try to control a Pisces woman, but to dominate her and be a very manly man. Oh my gosh we LOVE that! We love to be dominated and told what to do. Do that, and you can't really go wrong

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wow. That's hot!
by: Steve

I was wondering whether to date a Pisces girl I know... but after reading this i'm totally sold and I'm calling her now lol.

Any Pisces woman trying to catch a man should direct him to this article!

by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces and I agree with everything you said, except I am bossy, and I do like to tell people what they need to do, for the most part. Only on rare occasions (phases), I will want someone to make decisions for me.

Soooo true!!
by: dragonwolf

wow that is so true, i'm a piscies female and i think it is sexy when a man is dominant. its a total turn on for me! But i also like a romantic prelude before the dominace though.

by: Anonymous

omg!!!!!!!!!!! if u real pisces this is so so so true we are whores mentally and porn star with the man we luv but pride ourseleve on not sleeping around with many.

This is tottaly true.
by: Alexia

I really am a fan of romance and distance and mystique and fantasy but like you said, once the sensitive soul im dating kisses my neck and tells me what he wants to do... i promptly and wholeheartedly go about making that happen.

The funny thing is almost 99% of my friends dont even believe i am interested in sex, thinking im refined and distant all the time. Haha i guess those willing to put the time into seducing a Pisces woman in the romantic way to which she is accustomed really get rewarded. ;)

Another pisces fem agrees
by: Damiana

Very true. We are highly selective with ridiculous sexual prowess...and we love to play the sex kitten role.

100 percent truth
by: Lynne

As I was reading it, I thought I must've already written that, but forgot! haha. I am completely in tune with my body, and my lover's body, too. I am so very sexual, but not promiscuous. I have an amazing lover and love it when he dominates me in the bedroom. A complete turn-on! I love to be his "dirty little whore"! But, I demand respect during the day time. I am a very loving, caring, and compassionate person. You treat me right, and you can guarrantee you will be 100% completely satisfied in bed!

by: MsSexciiPisces..!:)

WOW Kimberly, you are SOOO right! I've never been able to explain it as thoroughly as you!! And all of the other comments, I can TOTALLY relate to!

OMG!!! To the T-- this is me!!!!
by: Anonymous

You said it perfectly....I will not be controlled...but dominate me...My knees go weak!!!! Prove to me your a manly man...strong man....and it's on baby....whatever you want I can rock your world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too true...
by: Anonymous

I am also a pisces woman, though bisexual, either way I like it when my partner dominates me. But there has to be some romance and even friendship prior to making it to a bedroom situation. I dated a Leo woman and she liked to take care of me and spoil me a lot at first; in the bedroom it was always interesting and I liked to do what she told me. I was interested in all possibilities of things we could do during foreplay and sex. Our relationship failed due to her smothering, jealous-streak and infidelity. But not due to a lack of sex! :)

I loves being a pisces:)
by: 3-17-81-BROOKZ

L.M.A.O...WOW..I wish more peeps would read this..for some reason pisces both men and woman have a BAD REP for being whores and that is so far from being tru..But when in love or in STRONG LIKE with someone i'm pretty much down for WHATEVER:)..and take pride in everything i do and SEX is know diffrent:)I loooove a DOMINATE MACHO MANLY MAN..YUMMY:)and i will render to his every need and want with no questions asked SATISFACTION..ALWAYS:..NOTE..please know what they say about the PISCES-SCORPIO MATCHUP to be sooo TRUE..O.M.G.this man matches my f=FREAK like know other:)I was with my x-husband for 7yrs and did not do some of the things i've done or will do with this SEXY ASS SCORPIO..and it's because he dominates me and I LOVE IT..YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND:)...fyi..pisces are not whores we are very sexual with whom we feel deserve us and it takes more than a smile good looks and laugh to get my A+ SKILLS:)..Gotta make him wait...MY MAMA RAISED NO HO..TAUGHT ME A man want a woman that knowone else can get or have be that girl that the boys say she's hard don't even waist your time...But IF IN STRONG LIKE OR I LOVE YOU..IT'S A WRAP:)

Yes pleese!
by: Anonymous

I am pisces and adore sex, think about it loads and know i am pretty damn hot in bed. But, do not give it to anybody! Need a connection and a man with a wild sex drive! Four times a day or night pleeeese!

Couldn't have written it better..
by: March10thBayB

That was beautiful Kim!!

Lol.. Really.. It was.. This is me! romance is good but I like to get to it & several times a day. I also like flirting, but can't just sleep with anyone!! No one believes I ever think of sex, until they get me in the bedroom (or where ever we happen to b at the time lol) & they see just how great & how much I enjoy being told what I should do.. In normal settings, I hate control but if I'm with my partner, I desire it! I think Pisces women r great lovers because we listen and pay attention during sex & we have a natural desire to want to please. At the end of the day, I love being told how I'm the best lover ever! (o:<

My Pisces Girl....
by: Anonymous

Yes its true...PISCES women are little SLUTS in the bedroom. they love rough SEX and like a man to dominate them. I tell my Pisces girl she better have on something sexy when i come home from work always...and she always deliver. she gets on her knees and welcome daddy home from a hard days work.....Scorpio love his PISCES sex slave....

very true
by: Anonymous

i am a pisces girl and i love my bf dominating me and control. its very sexy to me. XD

by: Chula

This is so the truth...i enjoy spankings and rough slaps on the ass...my ass is probably the most sensitive of all my goodies...i have high morals though and went 2yrs once without sex...and cud do it again if needed... im only attracted to very masculine men and i can be very obedient in the bedroom...oral actaully turns me on...either way , and i can build the fantasy of him forcing me to open for him even in that position...he he...our imaginations are making him say the words we want to hear... "little sluts!"..i love being a pisces.... men find me very sexy and feminine and say i make a sexy face that lets them know im in the mood... and the more he ask the happier i am!!!

Pisces Girls are the hottest in bed!
by: Anonymous

My pisces girl is a good lil whore...she does whateva daddy request in the bedroom...from oral to anal...and the more lil slaps in the face(just in the bedroom) i give her the hotter she gets...she loves any kind of domination and degrading...as long as it stays in the bedroom...outside she's like lil miss priss...when i met her i never guessed i was getting such a prize..i cud tell by her tightness she hadnt been wit alot of men but she transformed into a true freak when i made her my girl...now i recieve oral everynight and twice on Sundays and she neva complains... afterwards she just wants to sit in my lap and be held and told she's a good lil girl...she's the best i ever had to behonest and i have slept wit every sign none could top her!!!! i'll neva date another sign! All my girls will b pisces from now on!...fellas ya'll better catch on! you dont know what your missin!

I love my pisces girl!!!
by: Anonymous

my girl is a little slut for me...she does what eva i say in the bedroom and sometimes begs to be treated roughly or will "resist" until i get "mean" with her...im turneed on by just the thought of coming home to such a willing love slave...outside the bed she's miss goodie two shoes...and prim and proper...

That darling is a two way street
by: F.R.E.A.K.Y


You could not have hit more on the head ! as well as some of the other readers.

Im a pisces woman. I am by no means meek I have a high powered job and pretty big teeth at work.

At work ( Im a lawyer) I am quite capable of tearing people apart and enjoy it keeps my teeth sharp !;)

I am you could say a shark with pretty big teeth in public.

In the bedroom .... hah well lets just say my scorpio hubby got quite a suprise the first we were ahem together and he got told to whip my ass in a school girls costume then punish me in any way he wished ;)

I love that raw passionate animal sex ( spanking and anal in particular).

Thats me I literally am up for about anything. Most fish girls are freaks behind close doors but thats only for the guy that treats us with the utmost respect during the day... then at night take me Im yours...

tell me im your dirty lil whore!
by: Anonymous

Im 100% Pisces...feminine..emotional and a little dreamy...I am only turned on by a dominant man....he absolutelty has to dominate me in the bedroom or i cant orgasm! rape scenario's are a big turn on too! (yea yea yea i know it sounds extreme but hey to each her own!) I love to give him oral and will do it for as long as he requires...its just the whole idea of being his lil love slave that keeps me suckn away...he he! I will definitely marry a dominant sign like Leo,Sag, Aries or my fav Scorpio! I neva had a Scorpio only Aries..Virgo and Cancer...(havent had many sex partners..which is typical of Pisces girl...but i have had some experience with them...i know i can please cuz im willing to give it anyway they want to take it!...better get a pisces if you want Kinky ...we excel at being the nasty lil girl...u dream about...noises and all...wink*

by: Anonymous

Wow! I thought I was the only one pisces that thought about this :) I am still a virgin because I pride myself on my strong morals but I love reading erotic stories about a dominating male. I am a pretty independent person but I am obsessed with the idea of a dominating, protective lover. My hopes are I will find someone who respects me and can be romantic but is also a manly man (as you so put it). Is this too much to ask for?

its nice seeing im not the olny1
by: tattooed_fishy

well i am currentyly in deeply in love with my libra man, and he is really good at meeting all my needs. and i reward him with all he wants. i really love being choked a little... well maybe a lil more than a little... lol.. but i like rough but intimate sex, and i know im damn good at what i do so my man is completly satisfied! all true on this post!

Gots 2 know
by: Anonymous

I'm a aquarius and my girl is a pisces and she's the best things was going so well I askd her 2 marry me n she said yes. The sex was great she doesn't like 2many positions but the ones she do like r style top nonch.. Lately she doesn't won't to have sex n being I want it all the time is tuff but I c she's not the only one so understand. But I also luv to eat pu33y n I make her orgasim so that not the prob so what can it be. She rather masterbate infront of me watching pornos how do u deal wit that I luv her but I can't live in her head if doesn't let me in... Please give me some feed back Pisces female....

Gots 2 know
by: Anonymous

I'm a aquarius and my girl is a pisces and she's the best things was going so well I askd her 2 marry me n she said yes. The sex was great she doesn't like 2many positions but the ones she do like r style top nonch.. Lately she doesn't won't to have sex n being I want it all the time is tuff but I c she's not the only one so understand. But I also luv to eat pu33y n I make her orgasim so that not the prob so what can it be. She rather masterbate infront of me watching pornos how do u deal wit that I luv her but I can't live in her head if doesn't let me in... Please give me some feed back Pisces female....

Pisces women & The Devil
by: Mermaid

I'm a Pisces female and yup, I'm pretty much horny ALL the time. I've had many scorpio, Aries, Taurus ,Virgo & Capricorn lovers and let me tell you the scorpio sex isn't really up to match. The various websites & forums always over-exaggerate this connection but I find that most of my Pisces Gfs & myself are not really impressed with scorpio guys' so-called sexual prowess. Yeah, they can shag but they're selfish. I'd rate Aries & Capricorn men above them, followed by Taureans. The BEST sex I've had CONSISTENTLY have been with Capricorn men. Don't be fooled by their poker-faced "gentlemen" facade. In bed, they are The Devil. Man, can these guys dominate Pisces women sexually like no other. I love it when a Capricorn man takes me from behind & yanks my hair back (not too hard but sorta 'reigning' me in). Capricorn men have a complete sexual hold over this Pisces woman & I just love being their little slave in the bedroom!

The best part? No one outside of the bedroom will ever know that the introverted, lone wolf Capricorn male & the quiet, demure Pisces female are such freaks in bed. It's a little secret that only Pisces women & Capricorn men share. I love it!

by: Anonymous

This is so true !

from Greenland ;)
by: Ala

I am Pisces and when I read your article I was just thinking "OMG, this is so true, yesterday my love told me that I think about sex ALL the time" so he was beginning to think that I was with him just because of it..But no, I love him and I am so lucky that he loves me BIG time back :).
I am amazed by astrology and how excact astrologists can describe our personalities out from which sign we were born in and hit almost precisly most of the time, just wanna thank astrologist, keep up the good work, love you guys ;)

by: Anonymous

You have described me brilliantly! It has been said that I slept around and when I denied it, they just saidI think thou protest too much!! I love sex,and have gone a long period of time without it because nobody has excited me. A man just recently came back in my life and he told me he couldn't believe I had gone so long without because i was so good at it..I lost him because of what some people were saying,but now that we've grown up I think he realizes that finally.My favorite thing is for a man to take control and just tell me what he wants,when he wants and how he wants..

by: Anonymous

I'm in a long distance relationship with a scorpio but I know he's the one I want to marry.

Sex with both of us is extremely needy. I can make him cum at least everyday.

For me, sex justifies our love with each other. Simple as that. Even though my thoughts wander to some other guy sometimes, only he can make me explode, haha.

piceas is whore
by: Anonymous

i agree with this my ex girlfriend was a crackwhore basically. so easily swayed by the wind.

Pisces allday erryday BABY!
by: Anonymous

So damn true!when he kiss me on the neck I be like awww shit we going home ASAP!:)

Another Pisces woman on board with this
by: Jenna

After my Pisces soulmate read some of this he sent the link to his hot little Pisces kitten (moi lol) because this is SO TRUE for me too. I am not promiscuous at all but when my sweetheart does his little warm-ups on me...first his warm but intense blue-green Pisces eyes capturing me and piercing my soul, followed soon by his hands and the softest and most tender kisses on my neck, his low baritone voice whispering my name, seducing me, telling me how much he loves me and how much he WANTS me....daaaaaamn!!!.....I am SO gone. I am totally his, I just want-want-want him all over me and all you-know-what (lol) until he totally exhausts me mentally and physically. My Pisces man is not even overly macho but still very much a man, which is totally perfect for me because 4 years ago I had a very severely traumatic (nearly life-ending) experience with a brute and in the face of that now I may totally clam up or even run away as fast as I can. Nevertheless I want my man to be All Man and in turn I want to be All Woman for him, thoroughly submissive to what he wants from me, which is almost always exactly what I want to relinquish to him. If he has my heart (which my Pisces man most certainly does) then hell yes he better make me his sex slave too!

"Hey Baby" (lol)
by: Anonymous

Attention Pisces girls ;-) i forgot to clue on something in my first comment... About a day after the first time my Pisces bf and I freaked out in the sheets (yeah it was love but omg!), I sent him a song link from youtube. If you don't know the song in my comment title then DO THIS! Get onto youtube and in the search box enter all of these words "hey baby melleefresh deadmau5" just like that, just copy and paste but without the quotes, then click the search button and then click on one of the search results that is about 7:05+ long. Lol first PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON so ONLY YOU can hear it. Even if you don't like techno music just wait for the lyrics. OOOMG the lyrics! Yes I want to bond heart and soul with my man first, and last. But in the middle of all that....Tie me up, Pin me down, Flip me over upside down...!! ^.^

So true
by: Anonymous

Yes omg I thought I was the only Pisces that was a sex addict. I think about it constantly and am always horny. Im a freak too and I get kinky and like rough domeneering sex, and public and spontanious sex. Sometimes my Capricorn bf likes it when I get dominant, and Im good at it, but I like being his little sex kitten slave. He had a feeling I was a freak before we started dating but had no idea until later! Im turned on so easily, and love to be touched and held, but I can go a long time without if the right person isn't around. I am willing and ready in bed and will do anything asked (or demanded)of me and love it XD

About Pisces women, from a Cancer male
by: Anonymous

Indeed, Pisces women seem to be really skilled in bed, at least two of my Ex-girlfriends I experienced. I noticed it when I made a comparison between my Exes and other star signs I dated. What makes them different from e.g. an Libra, Gemini or Scorpio woman is that their partners satisfaction is really a priority and they know how to play the classic female role. Their non-dominance is not a sign of weakness but of passion and devotion. They were soo devoted. They can go like a train when in heat, but they can't stand when a man doesn't participate actively in loveplay. Insecure and too passive guys are definitely a turn off for them. They need approval and a man has to reward their efforts. The sexual act is not just physical you merge mentally with a Pisces woman. They are intense their tenderness goes under the skin when they are in love. They give everything. And yes they can be kinky. Their romantic side is so different from what people see in them, cause they come across reserved most of the time.

No other!!!
by: RaeRaeRostaBae3

This is so true its not even funny, im a pisces first off and i justt wanna say that no other man and i do mean no other, no other man can put it down like an Aries man, n please listen to me my follow pisceans, if u a super freak like me but your a little shy when it comes to the bedroom, this man will open you up, swallow u, lick you everywhere you can think of, break you then turn you out!!! lol, for the male pisces, yall gotta choose between us or the scorpios we're both great in bed but i think we're better but its up to yall, scorpio males yall do the same.

Thank you anonymous Cancer male!
by: Jenna

You said everything about this Pisces woman perfectly!! and my Pisces boyfriend understands all of that because we are so in tune in almost every way and certainly with sex, he knows who I am so well and sometimes seems to know exactly what I want even before I do, and that seems so amazing to me day after day after day. Reserved or very private yes, kinky YES! and i love to be taken to and beyond my limits with the man that I LOVE with ALL of my heart and soul because he loves me BACK with ALL of his heart and soul and then some. Lol I am so in LOVE and so in LUST with my Baby :-)

The truth
by: Pi$ce$ Bad Gal

It takes a strong person 2 b with a Pisces girl.. I secretly adore leos but they r 2 crazy 4 me.. Cancer boys love me but i get bored easily.. A taurus guy has my attention for 3 months now.. Pisces girls u know thats like 6 months 2 us lol.. I fantasize abt taking his dick all day :) im sure it's gonna be special since one of the 1st things he said 2 me was "he loves pisces girls" I won the war without having 2 battle :) we r also physic, emotional, sexy, drama free freaks.. u always know we r in the mother fuckin building ;) look @ our shoes :) I've never met a bum Pisces or a Pisces girl that is not a go getter.. I think abt sex all day but I have sex once every couple months.. Having sex with someone I really like is worth more than having a fling with "John".

Soo true
by: Anonymous

This is true when my boy kissed me on my neck im thinking too my self "please keep going and just take me too the bed room and work ur magic "lol. Im a virgin but when he was kissin on my neck that day I wanted his ass that night <3

very true..!
by: Sanaya

Yesss... Its very true v get seductive every now and then..my bf is a scorpio..wen he fucks he takes me the heaven..i too drive him crazy..i love to get fucked every time that to hardcore..!؛‎)‎

So freakin' true!
by: Anonymous

Even though I'm a virgin and haven't had a any true relationships, I always have sex on my mind! I also ( from a very younge age) like the idea of a true manly man that dominates you ( in a good way). My friends see me as a goody two shoes, and no one knows this, but I can get pretty kinky around a guy I have strong feelings for( this only happened twice though). All I want it a guy that is good to me and takes care of me, is confident and a lil possesive ( only to show he cares) and also has some sort of romanticness about him but will do the kinky stuff i always think about and won't get insecure.

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