Pisces woman how to be more selfish?

by Denise
(Snellville, georgia)

We as Pisces are very giving of ourselves to those that hold a place in our lives. We tend to over do it when helping others knowing that we won't get the same in return. our love life can be great for awhile but eventually it will fall off for whatever the reason and we will try to hold on to something that we know isn't good for us. How do you know when to say enough is enough and it's time to be about me?

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spiritual growth
by: Anonymous

It comes with growth and experience.
Its hard to go against the essecne of our own nature.
after the ups and down we tend to stick to the people who really care for us. like the scarpio, cancer,pisces, aquarious, virgo and sometimes leo.
virgo and leo is the only drama we can handle.
because we will appreciate their kindness

We're water, we flow.
by: xMarch16

I don't get along with leo or virgo (men) at all and it's not me, so I have no idea what the first comment is talking about.

but in response to the post, change just happens.

I'm with a scorpio male and for a while we were on the verge of break up because of communication issues I had. As a pisces we're REALLY intuitive, and when the intuition is nurtured we can predict anything and be correct (I promise). For me, I can "be outside looking in((to) my life)." So I could see that I wasn't thinking of myself first in the relationship but I couldn't bring myself to just stop what was happening.

What I'm trying to say is, I just let things flow. Situations drive me crazy sometimes and I can't bring them to stop...so I just let things play out themselves and they do. You'll get so sick of not thinking about yourself that you'll just snap and it'll happen.

Pisces, learn to be a little selfish
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces lady and I've been dating my Capricorn boyfriend for almost 2 years now. It is my nature to be kind and over-giving but I've learnt to always put myself first (until I'm blessed with children). My Capricorn is kind, gentle, nurturing and sensitive but will never show it but he has cried twice infront of me. I've cheated on him once or twice because we fought but I find him extremely attractive but I think he doubts himself alot and has a low self-esteem. We get along very well, even though I wish he would express himself more but I've accepted that is his nature and he tries to show it when I cry (which I do very easily when hurting). He has also cheated on me (something he used to do when he felt worthless or insecure over me) and I also told him about my cheatings and we have forgiven each other. I trully love him and only want him even though the past will always be remembered. He is working on himself and I'm also doing the same because even compatible lovers forget to take care of themselves, especially the sensitive types, which affect their relationships. Pisces, do you first, the relationship last but compromise where you can but be selfish and take care of you and everything will fall into place.

It's ok to be selfish...
by: geniousgen

How to be selfish?

-Write your goals
-Place them where you can see them everyday.
-Do them.
-Don't care what other people think about you.-
-Be movitated and determined about your goals.

I used to be the most caring, understanding, sweetest, compassitionate person until life hit me so hard. I realized, I come first before anything else. Don't ever let anyone tell you, you can't do anything. Being a little selfish is ok. Remember that and you'll thank yourself in the long run. Trust me.

i can relate totally
by: Anonymous

I was very emotional at once too. I got tired of family, friends, and boyfriends taking advantage of me and I finally put my feet down. I've changed a lot since those times. I don't allow people to treat me any kind of way anymore. I have my guards up at all times and most people think im a bitch, but im #1 and i come before anyone else. Remember to always put your self first because No one is putting you first in there life. Btw based on my birth chart I'm not naive at all. Most people think because I'm easygoing and soft spoken that I'm naive. It surprises me to see peoples reaction when they see they can't get over on me. Just be careful because there are lots of people who will take advantage of your kindness and not care how much much theyve hurt you.

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