Seducing Pisces

Pisces are often very romantic. On some levels seducing Pisces can be that much more challenging, because this isn't a sign which is impressed by money, success, overt sexuality, or vulgarity.

If you're a romantic at heart you'll have a lot of fun seducing your Pisces, however if you aren't then the experience will range between tedious and cruel, and may be best avoided. They're often attracted to domineering people, though there is a high risk of a one sided relationship unless that person is equally sensitive and caring.

Pisces are highly intuitive and often skilled at reading body language. In other words, say what you mean and mean what you say, or they'll pick up on it

Where to go

Romance, romance, romance. Intimate restaurants are a safe bet, but it's better to be creative. Pisces will appreciate a picnic under a tree, as long it's romantic.

It may be tempting to see a romantic movie together, but this can be a bad choice for a first date as your Pisces may be somewhat traumatized and numb for a while afterwards, lost in their own mind, and not very receptive to conversation with a relative stranger. Much better to choose somewhere you can talk to each other.

Getting your Pisces into bed

There's approximately a 0.01% possibility of getting this sign into bed before you're in love with each other. If you're looking for a casual fling then this is the last person you probably want to do it with.

Gift ideas

A hand written love letter or poem will do more for your Pisces than a new Ferrari will. Always choose gifts with meaning and significance, and ignore brand names, coolness or any other factor. A weekend away with quality time together is always a good choice.

Pisces seduction using real astrology

The above is written for the "typical Pisces". In practice however each Pisces is different due to their other planet placements (moon, mars, venus etc) and some extreme examples may not resemble a Pisces much at all. This general information therefore isn't nearly as specific or accurate as a real astrology reading.

I specialize in fast and accurate relationship reports delivered by email. Using the techniques outlined in the astrology and seduction article these enable you to easily become more attractive to a specific partner, by understanding what they are looking for, what turns them on, what turns them off etc.

Do you have experience seducing a Pisces?

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It is absolutely true. We prefer to talk and get to know you than to sit and watch a movie or do something passive like that. It's sexy when you tell us …

Seducing a Pisces Woman 
I am a Pisces woman and find myself very confusing at times. A one night stand is not for me and I have tried with no success. I have to have some deep …

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Pisces hopeless romantics 
Be upfront! Tell a Pisces that you love them. If u do not want to move on any farther, tell them. Do not leave them hanging because they are hopeless romantics …

Im a pisces woman 
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I am a pisces female, and usually on a first date, movies aren't such a bad choice. I tend not to care about expensive restaurants, or anything really …

Treat her like a princess and she will be yours forever 
If she loves you....and you love her and tell her...Talk to her..but more important than that... listen to her a lot..and offer advice but don't …

Falling in Love with a Pisces Woman. 
I am a Pisces woman and I am very romantic, passionate and effectionate and its hard dating a man who's not. I have broke off a lot of relationships because …

making pisces feel special 
we like to feel special, like we are the center of your world. when trying to seduce us, you will need to make us feel like we are the only girl in the …

I am a pisces woman 
i totally agree with this us pisces women arent very materialistic in relationships hand written note and maybe chocolate will do it.

Pisces Girl gift ideas 
The gift ideas in this article are soooo true. I am a pisces girl and if a guy I was dating wrote me a letter my heart would literally melt!!!!

Pisces love letter 
It's interesting that they mention a love letter will mean more than a Ferrari. I spent years begging my Capricorn husband for a love letter. 6 years …

Timing of Pisces seduction 
I'm a Capricorn who cannot stop thinking about a certain Pisces -- have memorized countless love poems, thought of the most romantic and simple things, …

Don't be rough with Pisces women 
I am a Pisces woman, and whenever a guy doesn't make me feel 100% wanted than I won't feel comfortable enough to give him any part of me. Be dominant but …

Don't argue with Pisces! 
My boyfriend is also a pisces and the best way to get along and seduce him is to not argue with him. My boyfriend always tells me that he loves that I …

Chemistry is important to Pisces women 
I don't agree that there is 0.01% of getting pisces in bed.....if there is chemistry...the Pisces woman is the most sensual exciting woman of the zodiac …

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My boyfriend is a pisces...I had to seduce him (because apparently he doesn't get involved with someone unless they initiate the chase)... It took lots …

Pisces - movies a bad idea on first date 
Im a pisces and the last thing i would want to do on a first date is see any kind of movie. I always want to talk and find out what your about. a movie …

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