Piscses woman vs. Picses man

by Mia
(Dallas, TX)

I thought as a Picses woman and having dated a Picses man that he would be more sensitive to my feelings. When I opened up to him and told him how I felt about him, he got distant. He avoids direct questions and replies with a question...Why is that?

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swimming around the question
by: Pisces

He sounds like me lol which isn't all that surprising. But I have an Aquarius-Pisces man that I love & adore. When we first met, he opened up, about his feelings and emotions. I kind of stepped back and was in disbelief he had these strong feelings for me. I've never met a person so sincere and honest, it scared me. When he would ask questions, the kind that would put me on the spot, I'd give him a question back because I didn't know how to answer to his questions specifically. Maybe your guy has a sense of insecurity? Try to make him feel comfortable and at eased, ask him how he feels about you if you havent. Let him know you're always there for him. Listen to what he has to say and support him with much love and care.

by: pisces man

As a pisces man I prefer to take my time before commiting as I like to avoid getting hurt and I like to think about the relationship in every aspect before I commit as when I commit I prefer having a relationship worth while. So you might have rushed him though he might have had strong feelings for you.

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