Chemistry is important to Pisces women

I don't agree that there is 0.01% of getting pisces in bed.....if there is chemistry...the Pisces woman is the most sensual exciting woman of the zodiac and does not need to be in love or attached or reassured to enjoy long as the male whatever the sign can keep her interested...but the Pisces woman...if he is sleeze...or is telling her nonsense...the Pisces woman will be turned off anyway and move on.....with very little scarring...but disappointed that the pleasure is over...and what was awesome for a no longer stimulating......if you want to keep a Pisces woman interested.....then be sensual...or don't bother....cause she will get bored....Pisces woman love to be with partners who appreciate exploring all aspects of sexuality and sensuality.....if the male is shy...or too conservative...then he has no you are male..and interested in a Pisces honest, grateful and open to her watery world...she is very tolerant if the chemistry is alive and very forgiving...

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no problems here
by: Anonymous

I've had no problems getting pieces men into bed. I am a Virgo woman, and all of the flings i've had had been with pieces men

by: Anonymous

candle wax, laughter, and alcohol

by: Anonymous

I will give it up if the person and timing is right and i can sleep with a friend and be the exact same the next day. but dont BS ME! just be up front, we do look for the occassional fling and we are soooo intuitive that we can see through ppl ASAP! and if not asap in a few weeks. a guy i realllllllllly like and would marry. started out being too possessive, which is fine but then he wanted control on silly things i dont mind control but puhleaaaaaaase dude. and im hurt a bit but ill move on!

"duty" sex
by: Apocrypha

Also, pisces women might feel "obligated" to sleep with someone they care for, but don't necessarily love, simply because they don't want to hurt the other person's feelings. Pisces hate conflict and are completely awful at saying "no", usually...

by: Anonymous

Im a pisces woman and i can totally say that what you wrote is soo true you exactly described me ;-)
especially the sexual part lol<3 im very sexual and opened about it and especially when in love.

by: Anonymous

I am currently VERY interested in a pisces woman, and I can say that you are pretty right about her possibly getting bored, problem is, though we are dating, I fear that because I am capricorn thus a bit distant, and sometimes wanting security or calm to feel secure a bit, she may get bored with me...

Duty Sex?
by: Anonymous

"obligated" to sleep with someone ???

That's the most awful thing to do to someone really!

sooo true
by: Anonymous

im a pisces woman and you hit it on the nail with this one

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