Don't argue with Pisces!

My boyfriend is also a pisces and the best way to get along and seduce him is to not argue with him. My boyfriend always tells me that he loves that I always listen to him. He appreciates my understanding and my care for him. It was really hard to gain trust from him but eventually after a year or two he began to trust me. So Overall, the best way to seduce a pisces is to love him, care for him and tell him how you feel about him. He'll appreciate it :)

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by: Anonymous

How did you make it that long. I am dating a Pisces man and in the beginning it was great but I don't have the patience with the baby mama drama now she knows he is in a committed relationship. I love him very much and will take care of him that is not a problem i enjoy doing things and anything for him. but he still carrying his angry from the past. How do I make him understand to let it go? I love this guy to the core. I hate to see him in pain.

Thank You..
by: Anonymous

I just don't get the part on why he get so easier mad at me for things that don't matter. It is like a waste of time and energy. Ex: dinner I change my order less than a minute passed after she took the order and the girl cancel his order and brought me my cancel order and what I wanted. He was so angry because I was about to tell her to take it back but instead I said I wanted a take-Out order of what he wanted. WHY did I say anything that only made him more upset. Here we're in a room full of people and he was pissed at me for trying to fix the problem. I even offer to pay. but I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of it nor try to embrass the waitress. In a low voice he was like " why do you keep on when I say never mind" his voice carries and you can hear the angry in his voice. I sat quietly because it didn't make sense for me to get upset so I let him vent then he calmed down and apologies. Why do they blow up like that?

by: Anonymous

#2 WE DO BLOW UP OVER SILLY STUFF, JUST LISTEN TO WHY HE DID IT...THEN AFTER HE IS COMPLETLY DONE TALKING EXPLAIN WHY YOU DID IT AND THEN SHOW HIME YOUR LOGIC. WE Respect ppl and respect is #1 with us, so just respect his opinion and he will learn to respect yours im not saying its fair but find common ground and he will turn around...

by: Anonymous

my pisces ex dont talk to me anymore. we was about to start again our relationship but he suddenly cut me off. i cant think of anything i might have done to make him behave this way. he dont answer my phone calls or texts. it s been 3 weeks and im devastated.
he is the love of my life and im really hurt by him not talking to me. it would mean a lot just to tell me what is wrong.
he is a pisces man im a saggitarian woman.

saggitarrian woman
by: Anonymous

well im a female and have dated a saggitatarius(idk if i spelled that rightt) and sometimes they csn be a little annoying. we just need a little space to think things over. if we feel like we have no breathing room we will ignore you. and telling us what to do especially when were mad wont do you any good

saggitarrian woman
by: Anonymous

well im a female and have dated a Sagittarius and sometimes they can be a little annoying. we just need a little space to think things over. if we feel like we have no breathing room we will ignore you. and telling us what to do especially when were mad wont do you any good

by: Anonymous

im an aries girl and in love with a pisces man who i knew 3 years before dating.. he was all into me at the beginning (i met his parents on the first date) his job transfered him to a different state about two months in > i havent seen him in the last 5 months> we text each and everyday all day even though he is unsure of if he wants to be with me> i try not to keep pressuring him but i really love him although my hope for this working is wearing thin

pisces relationship
by: Casey

Im a pisces man and have been with a pisces woman since I was 16. Im going on 25 now and it was the first time we had ever been in love lol I guess 16 is young. She was 14 at the time. We have been seperated so many times and have a child and after our son was born our relationship went downhill and we would fuss and argue so bad all the time and I would say really hurtful stuff I didnt mean and I would feel horrible about it and she just got to the point where she wont talk or sit and listen to me. She would just drink or run off and it made me angry and upset and really sad inside but I didnt wanna feel that sadness so I chose to be angry and it got me into more trouble. She would leave me for someone for awhile and when they got tired of her she came back around wanting to move back in together and be a happy family and then 6 months later she would do it again. We have been together for awhile now not really fighting. I learned to grow up and take the pain like a man but it still hurts. She hasnt left me anymore but I can tell we are not close as we use to be. Shes told me shes not in love with me anymore. She tells her freinds that we hate eachother and we have a mutual respect for one another but I dont hate her. I never have. I have always loved her since day one and I enjoy letting her know that but I cant tell her anymore. If I do she wont say it or she will fake it. I only hurt myself..i dunno what to do anymore.

The Pisces Man of illusion
by: Scorpio scorn? Not so sure

Passion came easy and we were lost in its intensity. As time past it was clear he (Pisces) did not truly know what he wanted from me (Scorpio). All the aspects he found alluring, fulfilling, desirable are the same ones he has a difficult time fully accepting and embracing. Love is now a struggle for peace - draining to say the least. Passion still run rampant but the opportunity too is fleeting. For me it is far too difficult to be open with him about how I feel and relate which he sees as me shutting him out. Which ever path this journey takes us, I will always love him for him and hope he will do the same.

why a pisces man acts exactly the way he does!
by: Anonymous

Here is the answer to all you issues, hot or not it doesnt matter what kind of girl you are on the out side sadly enough we try to get a cute girl but soon enough all pisces men realize that they want a girl with a cute personality!!! What is attractive is a nice girl who respects them, Even if you do not agree respect it, point blank period. They will always forgive you if you mess up, the catch is Are YOU GOING TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN? They will remember what you did like a chart, tho we will not expose this unless you truly dont want to fix your ways. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, Fix us if we have wronged you. tell us what you want, ask us if we are ok with every thing and in the right time we will show you what is in our hearts. We truly want our worth and really are scared to be hurt beyond repair. I my self am a Pisces a warrior in fact in spirit and a soldier today. I have been hurt in ways that almost taken my life, tho i will will fight to my last breath which is one thing on this earth my true love. I hope this helps any more questions just ask. to talk to a pisces when he doesnt want to talk to you ask for forgiveness.

Not always fair as they seem!!!
by: Anonymous

Im dating a pisces man and I think i did wrong overlooking and letting go every hurtfull thing hes ever said....but in the end I make one slip and he treats me soo badly and ignores he said "nobodys perfect" but its a sad reality when he uses the saying on himself!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

First and for-most, the most important thing, to a Pisces, is trust! Focus on building a foundation of trust, with your Pisces, and keeping the line of communication open, as much as possible. What's important to a Pisces, is love (number one), trust and respect. We need to feel a sense of security, safety and above all, comfort, before we will complete open up and confide in you. But even then, it does take a Pisces quite some time to learn to trust you. Show us these things, and we will go out of our way to make you as happy as humanly possible! We are highly emotional, also. So if we wish to talk or vent to you, let us do that and honor/listen to what we have to say, even if it's silly, at times. Like every zodiac sign, there is good and not so good. One of the not so good things, about a Pisces, is that we do have firey tempers! Yes we are gentle, loving, soft and sweet but get on the wrong side of us, and you wont know what hit you! Pisces do tend to have hot tempers. Pretty much it's either we like you or we don't, there's no inbetween. You always know where you stand with us. (Or, atleast, some of us) LOL!

Aries with Pieces
by: Anonymous

I got into it with my son father came together one my son was born I went into his phone cause i felt he was lying to me about being gone the hours when was suppose tho just go play the insurance on the car I found a message of a girl telling him thanks for coffee and he said he loved her and I'm like wtf cause he saying he mad I went in good phone but phony its he said thier just Friends than why lie about the situation All
I want is the truth we live together my son 7 months and I been distance with him every since my son has been with me I love him but I m not down for lies.what should I do??

my Pisces man
by: Scorpio woman

I am in love with a Pisces man. He is wonderful. We only have one issue and that is I am a woman Who requires alot ofattention and he tends to ignorignore me iI have explained to him this makes me depressed and lLonley he will not budge

why do the same Pisces come back
by: Anonymous

long story short I'm a Scorpio he is a Pisces and we have history it started out really good but it ended really bad and we stopped talking and we were on and off on and off for about 2 or 3 years but I don't want him and sometimes he still come around and annoys the heck out of me like he wants to be together but I don't believe in that because he is in a committed relationship I don't want him I just want to let bygones be bygones what can I do because when I want to talk and smooth things over he don't want to then when he wants to talk and talk things over I'm not thinking about it anymore I don't want him I'm not sure if he think he like me if he think he love me I don't know I just want peace between us thanks for your help and answers

the truth about pisces men
by: Anonymous

Ugh pisces men lol. My baby daddy is a pisces. He tries to make women feel sorry for him & all of his exes are "crazy." When a man says that, it's a red flag. They are usually the types who cheat and then call a woman crazy because she found him out or is upset about it. Anyway...they are wishy washy, and get bored with only one woman. They act over emotional & are the most irrational if you get into an argument with them. Too bitchy for me. I do better with strong, logical capricorns (steady eddies). Sorry pisces men, but I see right through your Neptunian (bullshizz) facade.

im a pisces man
by: Anonymous

If i get into an argument with my woman i have to talk about it right then and there to get over it or its like it never leaves my mind... Im a very understanding guy and i don't change the way i am with a woman if i truly love her.. They just have to show me the same in return or i start to pull back away from them.. the only time i really need space from anyone is if i get broke up with are if the one i love hurts me.. then they would be the only person that i would want to talk to.. I feel if you get into an argument with us let us tell you how we feel.. then let us know if were wrong or right to be that upset.. We will listen to what you have to say if we really care for you.. i know i cant stand to say what is on my mind then have someone not say a word... It just makes me feel like i was right about the whole argument so its best that you speak up and say something if you think that he wrong.. he will see your point if you can see his and yes he should say when he is wrong as well... see most of this stuff they say about the pisces sing i dont feel is right.. I think that a lot of men or just men and they act how ever they are brought up to act.. yes we do have a lot in common with the stuff that they say about us i will have to say.. I guess i just dont agree with what it says about us just falling in love with anyone -that will love us cause that is not true.. another one is when they say that we cant get over an ex lol i have done that more times than im going to say on here so that is not true.. we can drop you out of are life's for ever if you give us a good reason to..

Don't argue with pisces
by: satanreleased

Oh you can argue with a pisces, they will listen and listen and listen .... but there is only 2 answers from him/her....its a yes or a no

Same for when you push him/her too far ...they will flea phisically or attack verbally. Beware for that last , cause when they come back , they come with all your problems back in your face like 2 times bigger than what they first were. Experience it like the storm of the century or an ocean taking you deep to the darkness. You will cry when she/he reaches that part, and he will only be happy when that has been reached. Lucky for us all,they tend to be more on the run from annoying people and tend to see life through the shiniest glasses possible.... you shouldnt break those glasses ever. They hate reality and naggers and above all problems which aren't a problem but that you consider being one.... which he/she will call futile. So think twice before attacking that creature. Be sure of what you are gonna approach him/her with.

pisces man is so confusing
by: Anonymous

My experience with pisces man is confusing, he can be realllyyyy nice and also can be a very rude person.. like one day he was thanking me for bringing him food, and next day he told me to stop doing this.. his bday last week, I ordered a cake, but I didnt bring it right away, he was asking where is his bday cake, so I gave him..and yesterday he said he feels bad by having bday cake from me.. he asked if my helper can work for him, and he said he feels bad asking help from confusing.. he thinks I did it because I want something in return.. so sad...

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