Pisces don't make the first move?

My boyfriend is a pisces...I had to seduce him (because apparently he doesn't get involved with someone unless they initiate the chase)... It took lots of communication (mainly 'what makes you, you' kinda stuff) and hint of romance/sexual innuendo. I was myself and he gave in pretty easy after he figured out im a genuine honest girl. (an Aquarius might i add). We have A LOT in common (im assuming because were born in the same month and our signs are close).

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Sad but true
by: Anonymous

We hate initiating with strangers and try to avoid confrontations cause we're very sensitive (especially to rejection), but once we know the "coast is clear" and that you're willing to let us in, we give you our all.

Need help
by: Anonymous

How do you get a Pisces man to let go of his past especially if the baby mama was and still is abusive to him. I love this guy so much. but he is hurting that I can't stand seeing him in pain. how can I help him. I don't want to hear "I want you to be happy" but if said do you want me to walk away. he say no. so what is going on with him? he is march born

by: Anonymous

leave him he will have to get things together with her first then he will come back

Thanks but No...
by: Smiley

" ^^^NEED HELP by: Anonymous;leave him he will have to get things together with her first then he will come back"

I don't think what you advise me to do is helping nor would it. My feeling for him goes deeper than it should be easy said and easier to do.. I will stay by his side thru the bad and good and whatever she throw at our relationship. I fail to say that he is good to me and the guilt the ex's baby mama drama. We will together overcome as partners do when then care about one another.. So it has been noted of your oomment. Tks

They sure don't
by: Anonymous

That's exactly what's happening to me right now, I'm an Aquarius too and we both are born on February... I had to make the first move, at first he didn't know who I was but continued to talk to me... He seemed very intrigued by me and when he discovered it was me, he started texting me more often, he seems interested but I can not tell for sure. He's always sending me those misleading signals which can be pretty frustrating. He never told me how he finds me, I'm always the one to make compliments ( he has btw very low self-confidence)... I know he likes me, but sometimes I'm just not sure about it, sometimes I feel like it's more a question of ego to him, but why? He surely knows I like him :ss And oh! When I'm with my friends and he's around they all tell me he looks very intimidated by me I mean like very shy, and his friends, that I don't know, can stop looking at me and smiling at him...

1 in a million?
by: Young aquarius woman (14th feb)

I'm currently dating a Pisces (born the 3rd March) and oddly enough he made the first move! We met in a bar (Initially his friend came up to me and invited my friend and I back to their table). There I met Mr. Pisces and we went from dancing in a group to dancing alone (nothing sexual, just having fun). When we went for some fresh air he asked me what I'd like to do for fun, what I was studying etc. then he leaned in and kissed me and then asked me if he could get my number (isn't it very unlike a Pisces?) I found him sweet and charming and so far we've been on two dates. He has been affectionate, I've also experienced that he tends not to say much. He doesn't text much either but it doesn't bother me to be honest and I give him the space he needs (as advised by most people in these forums). He has told me straight up that he is very interested in me (again isn't this unlike his nature?) I told him I was interested in something long-term (hope it doesn't scare him away) but I don't really know how to "handle" him or if his intentions are sincere, any advise? I don't want to come across as reserved or cold either, so how should I be affectionate without being too clingy ?
Thanks a lot :)

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