Pisces woman turn offs

Im a 24 yr old pisces girl, what attracts me to a guy, is a funny guy (but nt too crazy hyperactive who is trying to put on a show) who isn't afraid to be domineering and make the first move alot... especially in the beginning of a relationship. But I also want to be able to tell that they legitimately love me, if I don't feel this then it makes me nervous and want to run away and takes away the sexual attraction for me personally... I can generally sense when all a guy wants is sex and it is an immediate turn off.

I like a guy that is constantly after me, so I don't have to get worried and paranoid all the time,,, and I like a guy that think up exciting travel plans and initiates big trips with me that we can plan out together..... but that's just me

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Not your typical Pisces
by: Anonymous

I'm a Piscean woman with a Scorpio rising and a Mars and a Venus in Aries. i have seldom acted like a Pisces. I am very decisive and very stubborn. I love to lead and when it comes to relationships I love "hunting" most of all. I do not like guys who give in easily or who declare their love and attention openly. I like to be constantly challenged and kept on my toes. I like active men, who are very goal oriented and who know what they want from life. I am attracted to confident people who can live a fast paced life just like mine and do not really like it when guys get too affectionate and cuddly or treat me like some sort of fragile asset.

by: Anonymous

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOMINANT MEN! I have a scorpio mars soooo OUCH! i love to take turns being in control. If u say Uncle BEFORE we get into the bedroom, I will give you ANYTHING you want, as long as you make me feel good about it. And im willing to try anything once :) but my venus is in aquarius so im kinda cocky and have a thing about mental attractions, once you got mind im gone! lol. but if the sex sucks IM GONE FOREVER. in all types of the way one can leave! :) im extreme I know! but hey take it or leave it. Imma good woman who can nuture you and make you feel like you can conquer the UNIVERSE but dont cross me

I love a strong, assertive man!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces girl who outside, appears to be strong and tough. But inside I am really very soft, sensitive and at times, insecure.

I find myself very attracted to a man that is aggressive and has a take-charge type of personality! Not a "bully", just intelligent and classy. A leader/ knight in shining armor! A true Alpha male. A man that I can feel safe, protected and secure around. I can't get enough(sexually) of the man that can make me feel safe and well taken care of!

Nothing is sexier than strength(emotional/ mental) in a man.

A weak *ss man is such a major turn-off!

Emotionally unstable
by: Anonymous

As a pisces woman I think that it is fair to say that I can get very emotionally unstable. The reason that I get that way, however, is because I am unafraid to dive into emotions, even ones that are not originally my own, and when I am afraid I have little choice but to do so anyways. I have a capricorn moon and a taurus ascendant, so believe me when I say that this sometimes drives me crazy, recently medically so. However, perhaps the reason that you have such a hard time around these women is that they are not able to live in an environment where they can be more fearless about what they have to confront. Patience and sensitivity are key. You can't get into a relationship with one of us and expect us to do all the heavy emotional lifting. Another little known fact about us is that we like to have clear boundaries without having to enforce them. We want to be mindread too. It makes us feel understood.

Objective view of pisces women
by: Libra sun Leo moon

A pisces woman is most attractive for her sixth sense, that is for sure. Ability to know her body extended in space, to move, a pisces usually has a strong throat chakra to sing and express feelings... yes their good side is their angel side. The bad thing about pisces women is this... they can completely disarm an individual who is truly serving them financially, spiritually, and emotionally by boosting up their self doubts. Their primary concern is with the Species, not the individual, meaning that they will embrace any fantasy where they gain more energy from the species over an individual who unconditionally supports them. I have seen pisces women cheat on their husbands and maintain two relationships at the same time, going about unphased really as long as they were getting good sex or emotionally getting fulfilled by at least one man. Because they are so concerned with what the species thinks, way too much time is spent on clothes, shoes, make up, and just about anything to look good for all a adaptable situations. Problem is this... most pisces women do not trust their spiritual power and resort to their materialistic side, self-serving side often. They turn into a witch, all that idea of compassion etc is thrown out the window, for they truly do not care about another form beyond their subjectivity since they are always in survival mode seeking to adapt, swim, swim the best, and make their way. They use craft and deception so often that they leave people in a complete fantasy world living in their own head while they reciprocate without any true compassion that they are playing a screwed up game.

Guy Above..so wrong
by: March5

At the comment above, a lot of what you said is false information. No two pisces are the exact same. I figure you met one with a cusp in another sign, or just not a true pisces. Most pisces aren't materialistic, and it often takes a lot of time for us to think of ourselves first. Most pisces are not selfish or self serving. We care too much about others and how we are viewed in the world to ever be so cold. We frequently give our last to others, and again we don't take care of ourselves enough. Pisces are fish and we swim and live in our emotions. It's often stated that we are too emotional, but once we gain control of our emotions we are great people. Pisces are known for being generous and loving, and beautiful people inside. My advice get to know another pisces..try again.

so, so WRONG!!
by: Anonymous

Well said!!!! we are ALWAYS ....MISUNDERSTOOD!!? but like it was sed earlier, no two pisces are the same it all depends on upbringing and surroundings... derr! but then also if ur on the cusp like just said... then ur not a true pisces!!! we are the complete opposite of wot uv said.

patheticly incorrect
by: pisces/aries cusp scorpio moon aries rising

We pisces are very sensitive caring loving giving and forgiving to a fault to where we get taken advantage of many times. One thing about us is we forgive but never forget so if you keep treating us wrongfully we will leave your sorry self with-out warning. We are only human after all and we do have inner self worth. We are here in this journey called "life' to learn and grow from our mistakes just like any other human being out there. My suggestion to you two bitter men is to look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers and disrespect all the psices out there. That would be the smart thing to do since chances are you will find yourself being attracted to another pisces again. so get to know yourself then get to know us. Be a man. Wait let me rephrase that. Be a rael man if one day you hope to be with a real lady of any zodiac sign out there. good luck to ya.

Confused about pisces
by: Anonymous

Ok, I'm a Gemini guy....and I was wondering how do you know that a pisces is showing interest in you or your 'turning her on', obviously it seems every girl would be different but from what I can tell the turns-off are pretty self-explanatory. The only thing is i've read that Pisces just aren't going to tell you first, they're subtle in their approach how would I know if im not turning her off, what should someone look out for?

Reply for the gemini guy...
by: Anonymous

First off do you mean turn on sexually? If you mean how do you show her your interested I can help. Don't be pushy or rude to her. Id suggest you approach her because WE Pisces females are very shy and old fashioned when it comes to men. Just be yourself and show her your interested. When you said how do you know if your turning her off? You need to give more detail as to what your saying to her. I can't tell you if she likes you or not..but when I like a guy I get super shy around him and I always blush. I always make myself visible to him. Eye contact is a good sign too. Because we fear rejection we might seem as if we don't like a guy but deep down we're waiting for him to show us some kind of sign hes interested. If she's showing any of the signs above I'm positive she likes you... Good luck: )

Real Pisces
by: Pisces /2-26

To whom ever thinks negative about Pisces, we are great people til u cross us and yes we can be faithful in relationships but not if you're unfaithful to us and we know it. And no we are not full of ourselves. Maybe we need to be, then we wouldn't get hurt all the time.

Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising
by: Anonymous, @tk

My sunin pisces paired with my moon in cancer makes me one of the "most emotionally sensitive of the 144 sun/moon pairings" in the entire zodiac. That being said, with my mind melding abilities of the crab and my intuitive sensitivities of the fish, the result is my ability to absorb ans sense all the emotions undercurrents around me--whether i want to or not. That being said, I need to be with someone--in order to feel comfortable that is--who is sincere in their feelings towards me and who truly cares about me.
As for my libra ascending, that really ampilifes my insecuritities in regards to my appearance and my self image. Aka these three become a real emotional tag team.Because I am needy, hypersensative, and on my bad days sometimes suffocatingly clingy--i need someone who will consistently display that they care. That works to ease my nerves and provides me with the reassurance I crave.
I need someone who understands all of this about me; but mor importantly someone that understands that as dependant as i may intitially seem the whole package i provide is worth it in the end.

I also live to take care of others. So whoever I am with, I am able to sense whether 1. they are good and need my help, or 2. if they are close to falling off the bandwagon and feeling lost; and therefore really need my help. -- either way they have to have a space in their heart that is pure. And i feel it is my job to help them bring that space to light, regardless of the darkness that surrounds it. This tends to draw me to bad boys sometimes, which hurts my sensitive nature. But usually when it comes to others i am unyielding in my efforts to put them first, which helps to toughen up my own skin.
I also need a guy who can make me laugh. Who can complement me. and who can make the first move when i am too shy and scared to do so.

I just want to be loved in the same selfless way that I can love someone else.
Sorry if I've rambled. But thanks for listening

by: Anonymous

Pisces women have somewhat low selfesteam. We need to feel wanted but not used. We always can see thru fake people and can't stand liers. We're very laid bakck if e le you you

by: Anonymous

Most pisces women don't. Like event or things that take a long time very impatient people.if we don't know well ask or find the answer.most of the time you think you know what we think but it will never happen that just one of our walls of protection. We think many ways at the same time.we wnnt ever tell you how we really feel or think cause you really don't care to know so well go along with whatever.untill you cross theline.

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