Pisces woman falling in and out of love

by Vanity
(Orange County)

I'm a Pisces woman, and I adore my sign. I'm sensitive and at times confusing. But I always know where I'm headed. I like planning things out which is kind of different than what websites usually say about Pisces. I'm also somewhat independent. i do, however, like depending on someone.

I fall in and out of love all the time, why? Because once I find something that bothers me about a man, I'll get bored and will lose interests and look elsewhere. Sad but true. Pisces are picky. I do like the idea of needing a "knight in shining Armour", funny that all the men I've ever dated where either strong Italian men or baseball studs.

I'm not a whore though, it takes a lot for a Pisces woman to become intimate with a man, at least for me it is. I know that I'm hard working and do love taking care of people. I love being a Pisces.

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