Pisces women with Virgos

by Jody

Ok I am a Pisces and personally I do not think that Pisces women and Virgo men go well together. Yes it is true that opposites do attract but these two are just too far apart.

I am not saying that it is impossible for the pair to coexist. The thing is that Virgos tend to be controlling while Pisces are submissive.

In the onset of the relationship the Pisces woman will allow the Virgo man to take control and to her he will feel like the answer to all her problems and her dream come true. However Pisces tend to have a slight rebellious nature. They do not like to feel like they "MUST" submit to someone, they rather do it willingly. The problem is once you give a Virgo man power over you he relishes it and expects it continuously which over time becomes too much for the gentle Pisces to handle. She then feels trapped in the relationship, she wants out but her nature to please holds her there.

The Virgo man will of course think all is well with the relationship and will have no intention of ending it. Whereas the Pisces woman who would rather not to fuss, waits hopefully for the the Virgo man to either end the relationship or actually try to understand her.

The rare occasions when a fitting relationship is formed between the two occurs with a Virgo man who is willing to step away from logics and conventions and view the world from the Pisces woman's perspective. The Pisces woman will be more than happy to learn from the Virgo but he must be prepared to do the same.

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pisces virgo
by: Anonymous

pisces and virgo can never ever be a good couple. Virgos are too self centred and profit oriented and selfish which is never be welcomed by a pisces

I'm all set with Virgos...
by: xMarch16

they really are self-centered. it amazes me. and they have no emotion at all! Opposites should attract, but compliment each other. Pisces and Virgo as a relationship are just a NO.

Don't You Just Love Horoscopes?
by: Anonymous

This explained exactly what happened in my relationship. It crashed and burned literally because of this reason.

However, not all Virgos are self centered. My best friend is a Virgo and he's the most selfless person I know.

I am so over Virgos
by: Anonymous

I agree! I dated three Virgos in a row hoping it wasn’t their sign. Yes there is the amazing initial attraction to the fit body, the man who steps up and takes control, and someone so different from you. But once you try to develop something deeper, there is not compassion, passion, or emotional expression in them. They keep your at arm’s length to avoid getting too close. It’s like pulling teeth to connect with them deeply. And their bedroom skills…eh. They want what they want and don't what they don't without consideration to others and just tap out of the relationship quickly instead of trying to work it out like a pisces would try to do. It's drama. Don't do it!

No Virgos need apply
by: Anonymous

Just went through a year w/ a Virgo - won't do it again. They are all about Me, Me, Me. Pisces love to give, but enough is enough!!!!

by: Anonymous

It's been eighteen years living with Virgo husband, having three children but at this point and time I realized it's very difficult to understand them. They are too dominating and self centered creature.

My Virgo Man
by: Anonymous

I have to say, as a Piscean woman lucky enough to find a Virgo man...Never have I felt so utterly & completely fulfilled on every imaginable level...He understands & 'gets' me totally...We can share any secret & the sexual chemistry is unbeatable...Together we are beautiful...& if he wants to control me, so what...Im a Pisces girl & I need nothing more than my strong, dependable, passionate Virgo man to submit to...Let him open doors for me & pull out my chair...I am happy to be the female adored & I repay him with my unmatchable feminine skills.

by: March10thBayB

R.. U.. N!! Nothing more to say!

I have best buds that r Virgo women & though we duke it out & disagree often, I love em til death! But I was n a relationship with a virgoan woman for 2.5 yrs & it was a nightmare!! We r great friends NOW lol, but the lies and need to always b right was overwhelming & I had to end that.. I guess woman or man, some traits remain the same..

No virgos allowed
by: Anonymous

Pisces and virgos are horrible together. I had sex with a virgo and it was forgettable. No strings, feelings or phone calls. Never again and they are also boring to me...

by: Anonymous

My daughter's fat is a virgo, i was really young at the time and didnt realize this could have been the worst possible pairing for me- but I have grown alot in who I am over the years because of it.

by: Anonymous

I just met a virgo man and he seems so cool and i am starting to like him. However, you people are right he is really self-centered and each time he makes a comment of that sort I just ignore it. While before I was hoping that it would become a relationship, Im scared to continue with our friendship.

Good financial provide Liars and Cheats
by: Anonymous

I was with a virgo man for seven years. He was the biggest liar he could lie and cry at the same time. The biggest cheater would screw around on you in a minute convinced in his head that he is taking care of business but dont have enough passion to share
He was a good provider. Every virgo man i know are go-getters, but honey, money is not all. They take your love for granted they are cold and when they get a dose of their own medicine they are beside themselves with anger. They are coldly analytical they love pisces women because of our passion. I told the last one that was hitting on me you dont know how to take care of me I would die (emotionally)under your watch.

Agree – Pisces woman and Virgo man – RUN!!!
by: Anonymous

I’m a Pisces woman, been married to a Virgo man for many years. It’s finally over. I fell for him early in the relationship. The initial attraction was there. But, that’s as far as they go. As soon as you reveal your imperfections, they’ll just use you until something better comes along. They are great people, they’ll do anything for anybody, but they can’t handle true love and compassion. The world of love, compassion, and forgiveness is out of their comfort zone, way out. When it comes to love, they’re too frigid and analytical, and they can’t relax. It’s too risky for them. They can’t control love, no one can. But, Virgos are not going to allow themselves to be compelled by love. It’s a real shame, too. It they could just relax and allow themselves to truly love and be truly loved, they would be the perfect men, perfect. This is so ironic because they are the ones always striving for perfection. If you’re a Pisces woman dating a Virgo man, you’ll have lots of fun in the beginning, and you’ll probably fall in love with him. But, once he starts treating you badly, stops calling you as frequently, starts complaining about things you can’t go back and change, as soon as you start feeling like you “have to make it up to him” or “earn his forgiveness”…it’s time to get out. He’ll never forgive you. Forget about him, believe me, it will be easy for him to forget about you. Another thing, if you don’t get out, your health - mental & physical - will deteriorate…you’ll start drinking too much or doing drugs to escape the pain.

pisces women with virgos r really difiicult..
by: Anonymous

as i am a living example of this, i would like to say,continueing a relation with virgo is really killing me...he z so dominating on me that i hav to do whatever he thinks is my duty towards his family and to him.. am fed up now..become like a servent more than a life partner.. and he never wants to talk about this.. he likes me to keep quiet always..and whatever he says i hav to do without any resistance..

the exception to your "rule"
by: Anonymous

I have been with a lovely pisces woman for
almost 9 months now. I don't understand her
sometimes and she doesn't understand me at
others but I know that at the end of the day
when we're happy it's euphoria. We have so
many havens together, so many crazy unprecedented
things we've done. In my heart I believe that
a pisces woman and a virgo man are a mismatch
in all your cases: fine. But when the match
is made by God to create a pisces queen
with her virgo king, those two lovers
that have different extremely unique traits,
these traits will form an explosive and
mind-blowing fusion and mount up to turn the
tables and make it a match made in heaven.

I love my pisces woman
I'm in love with my pisces woman
I feel sorry for all you other pisces-virgo disasters
I hope our love will conquer all

by: Anonymous

pisces women are crazy

Pisces should RUN away from Virgo screaming
by: Fed up

WORST COMBINATION EVER! Total disaster. Been married to a Virgo for 7 years, every day is like torture. We will never understand each other and don't even want to. No emotion for Virgo and angers Pisces just to get a rise. Cheap, selfish, controlling. This man is BAD for Pisces woman's health. Run away screaming!

i agree
by: Anonymous

I agree am a pisces I had to run away from my ex virgo man he was to controlling no passion and a lousey lover in the bedroom.selfcenter had to make all the decions before consulting me.and til this day he really think I ruined the relationship. Virgos are crazy coldhearted people!!!!!!!!!! Run pisces cause I did.

Virgo man ..uuughhh
by: Agreed

I am a cancer woman and I agree with each and every comment over here, my pisces friend recently dumped his virgo bf of 2 years he was devoid of emotions, empathy, affection and was cold like ice. I was involved with one 1 year ago and he was the same- self centered, self absorbed, sexually frigid , emotionally unavailable , liar, manipulative, money hungry, player and was a Narcissist. It was a slow draining process of my emotions, health and happiness. I felt awfully trapped which affected my mental as well as physical health.My soul was dying and starving with out Love.Never again I am done with this sign. No matter whatever sign you are just RUNNN the opposite direction when you meet a VIRGO MAN.They are not what they show you in the beginning, its just a beautiful , charming front.Their ugly nature comes out when you actually start knowing them.

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