Pisces woman and Leo man

by scott

i find Pisces ladies very feminine and seductive, they always look and smell great, think it kicks into leo's "protective" being the big man thing somewhere, as they make u feel so manly. I fell madly in love with one a long time ago, wow the feeling of being in love was insane, like a movie or something!!!!!! but, when it went bad, god the pain, i was on anti-depressants, as i was so hurt i could barely speak, let alone function. don't ever want to feel like that again.

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Pisces woman
by: Anonymous

I am a pisces woman and I have had an on and off relationship with a leo. We had an instant attraction from the moment we laid eyes on each other. It was so perfect. But then he left me for another girl. This happened thrice. Everytime he left, I was so hurt and angry and a year later when he would come back, I would always forgive him. Till I had enough and moved on. We still are friends and I still think of him fondly though if it was any other guy I would have cut ties long ago. There is something about him that makes it hard for me to be angry with him. Many years have passed but even now when we meet, there is a strong attraction for both of us,though now I stay away from leo men

pisces vs leo
by: Anonymous

Yea It is easy for Pisces women and leo man to get hooked.
The Lion needs to be adored and pampered and thats the core essence of a pisces woman.
They will take Leo into their magical world of mistery and fantasy. Pisceans have the ability to sence what people need and the need to endulge them in their own greed.
Leo wants to be adored and appreciated and Pisces knows this.

This relationship can work as long as Leo does not betray or hurt Pisces feelings.Pisces wants to know they are needed and leo has the tendency to take others for granted.

@ Pisces Vs. Leo
by: Mia

You couldn't have put it in a better way. Leo's attract to me like a fly, I know how to make a Leo feel superior. However when Leo takes my sensitive and loving nature for granted, it will be the leo who misses me not the pisces who misses him. Watch out leo's you may break our heart at the moment but our love will forever haunt you. Like an addiction, you just can't seem to shake when you see us.

pisces woman and leo male
by: TINK

You ladies are right on the money. I'm a female pisces and dating a leo. Leos and pisces share a special connection. Very hard to put in words. There really is not one. From the moment we met, there was an instant connection. We did not even know each other's names. Leo's love to feel special. Like you only have eyes for them. Pisces does this with ease. It's natural. Nothing is superficial with these two signs. Whether we live as man and wife one day or not, we will always share a special bond. That makes me smile :)

Strong will//
by: Anonymous

Im thinking about this leo, and its an instant attraction..hes all ive thought about since i met him..I am a pieces..I am a strong female pisces.hes a strong leo..wow..let the fun begin..

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