Are pisces women good in bed?

Question: Are Pisces women good in bed?

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Apples and...
by: David-admin

That's like asking if oranges are good to eat. It all depends on how much you like oranges. I know personally I've always enjoyed them (and oranges too!)

There's far more to someone than just their sun sign. However, generalizing just on sun signs, if you like feminine, slightly vulnerable and sensitive women who like romantic sex, then YES. If you prefer the dominatrix type who wants to tie you up and beat your ass then you may be out of luck. If you like the occasional quickie against the nearest wall then you'll find them somewhere in the middle.

The whole point of this site however is to try and highlight that how much you enjoy someone comes down to you, as much as them. It's all perspective and personal preference. There is no universal good or bad.

If you're looking for universal truths, then treat a woman like a sex goddess, if you want her to one day become one.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I agree wholeheartedly, i have to be in love or care very deeply for someone before i sleep with them. In my 42 years of life i have only slept with
three people.

by: Anonymous

If in love then yes! passion and fantasy...

hell yeah
by: Anonymous

actually I must be the opposite because ive been told over and over i was the best they ever had...and almost every guy has asked me to marry him and i have even been given a engagement ring in bed.

heck yess piscesare in good in bed
by: Anonymous

im a female 21 Pisces and im dating a Taurus 21 and man he likes when im on top

by: Anonymous

well i am a pisces and i dont personally think that i am that great even though i have been told by almost every guy that i was the best they ever had...
and i must be the exception when it comes to pisces wanting passionate sex... some nights yes, but others i like to have some fun!!! :)

good in bed....
by: Anonymous

I'm in my late 40's and yes I've had my past lovers tell me I'm the best they've had and their fantasy come true. The thing they miss out on with a Pisces woman is that she maybe your best lover, but if you don't treat her as if she is more than a sex goddess you'll lose her. If you don't woo and romance and let her know you desire her mind, body and spirit... she will wither away and find someone else. So, if your not the kind of guy that likes to surprise her with gifts and surprise her with romance and let her know you take the time to show her, she will move on. I'll give and give, but to a point of where if they aren't reciprocative, I don't bother anymore. They are intuitive and will know what your really thinking... :)

Are you serious?
by: Perfectly IMPERFECT Pisces

OMG is that a real question?? Really??!!! We are talking about Pisces!! Of COURSE!!!! WE LOVE SEX! We think about it ALL the time. We fantasize about it! We will do anything to please our partner and to achieve orgasm. So yeah. We are so eager to please and be pleased that we are extremely passionate in bed. We will do almost anything to make a man happy. And we learn early on how to read a man and all his signals and how to turn him on and how to manipulate our bodies in a way to make any position amazing. So you tell me!

Yes they are
by: Mathibane

I know for a fact they are. I'm experienced and i know what i'm doin to turn a man on. With my man i seem to want to do it 24/7. He is a scorpio and we make magic 2 gether. I know i can be confusing at times but he gets me,he never rushes me and when we start boy oh boy do i like being dominant. Pisces are very romantic and they know what they want and how they want it.

We're the BEST!!!
by: Anonymous

Pisces women are dreamers.. We dream about sex...We need sex we love sex.. but more then sex its closeness we feel to our partners.. We feel with all our hearts and we give with all our hearts. We take care of our men to the fullest. We do anything and everything to please them. We are in tune with their wants and needs. We know how to work our bodies to seduce all men... not to mention we use our greatest gift our minds... we are genuine and we love deeply... we mean what we say and we can fall in love very fast.. at the same time we can fall out of love very fast... dont hurt us because we will move on and you wont understand what hit you~ we will always leave a mark on your soul because we did touch it.. there is a mystery to us.. that men love. and cant resist...because we are pleasers sex is unforgetable with us... just lay back and enjoy... promise youll be taken care of... we are intense lovers and love to try whatever always game... for a quickie outside, playing anywhere or a lonngg romantic weekend..but youll NEVER forget us... ask my ex after 15 years.... LOL

sex, sex and more sex
by: Anonymous

We think about sex, dream about sex, daydream about sex....We love to be in control and better yet we will do almost anything to please are men whether in bed or out of bed similar to Virgo. Tell us your fantasy and we will do our best to make your fantasy come to life....What can I say we are most compatible with scorpio the sex sign, so we must be pleasing!

by: Mermaid

I'm a Pisces woman and we can be quite choosy who we sleep with. Feedback from Pisces female friends as well as my own experience tells me when it comes to sex, we met our match with Capricorn men. When a Pisces woman & a Capricorn man make love, we move worlds. It's a union which feels like the whole universe merges with us. It's that kind of intense energy.

Definitely agree with Mermaid!
by: H

I have to say, My gf and I have the best sex ever and I'm a capricorn. She knows me entirely without a doubt as I know her just as much (atleast I like to think that,right?) sex isn't just sex it feels great, it isn't just my Dick feeling good its ALL of me. it feels pretty amazing. I look forward to it every single day, its so good I Constantly think of her. I just gotta say we are a definite good match even with the minor faults.I LOVE YOU, just encase you read this...

Capricorn man
by: Anonymous

Hell yeah they are the best in bed. I am married to a pisces woman and I will never look elsewhere to be satisfied. Sex with my wife is like experiencing another galaxy. No women has ever satisfied me like my pisces woman. It is much more than physical pleasure. These women know how to love you completely inside and out. Pisces and Capricorn is like two worlds merging. Totally mind blowing orgasms. You Capricorn men better catch on. No other women can please you like these women and keep up with our strong sex drives. Pisces women are the best!

we are Siamese if u please lmaooo
by: xRebulera_PRx

ok, so my Title has absolutely nothing 2 do with what we're talking about, bt umm....OMFG.!!!! its like this entire page is dedicated to ME.!!! :) my birthday is the 24th of February..goooooo, PISCES.!! we freak our Men like none other.. :D

Cancer man
by: Anonymous

Pisces are perfect sexual match for Cancer guys. They are both sensual, tactile and read each other's minds givitng a level of intensity and heavenly pleasures not experienced by any other very happy Cancer guy

by: Anonymous

Pisces Cancer sex is like nothing ive ever experianced before(im a pisces woman by the way)We literally create magic in the bedroom.Ive had the most intense orgasms with a cancer man.

Yes we are the best ,We know how to make love ,fuck,suck and please a man physically and mentally better then any other zodiac sign.
by: Anonymous

Yes we are the greatest , We know how to fuck,suck and make love. Ive been told i was great in bed so many times, we please a man physically and mentally better then any zodiac sign.

Pisces women are great!
by: Ibadat

I have spent almost 30 years with my Pisces woman. She has been a very great and trustworthy life partner. If I am given another life I wish to be the life partner of my wife being a Pisces woman. She has made my life colourful and she has been very kind and supportive. She knows how to please her husband and what her husband needs from her. Pisces woman are generally short and beautiful. I wand to enjoy every single moment of my life with my Pisces woman. People should not take their Pisces women for granted. Pisces women are loving and very caring.

We trully love sex
by: Anonymous

Yes, we really love sex. GOOD SEX!!! Not some viagra induced sex and midiocre lovemaking.If
we sleep with the great lover, he is ours for life.

good sex
by: jessica;)


Hell yes we are!
by: Pisces Woman

I can only have sex with a man I'm in love with so I haven't had a lot of partners. When I'm in love I will do anything to please my man short of letting him bring another female into the bed or letting him get in my butt. But, I think most of us like to play out fantasies or dream about what we want to do with our man. So, I love role playing and can even go for dominatrix contrary to what people might believe. Maybe, that's just me because my sun sign is Scorpio.

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