In love with my Pisces woman

I'm a gemini, I know what you are thinking already. Go on think on it if you like. I'm 27 yrs old divorced single father. The only other person with the other half of my heart is my daughter. That being said, my Pisces love has the other half. I was wild when I was younger. I learned my strengths as a Gemini, talk, charm, life of the party. Now that I am older other things are more important to me that "keep my attention".

She is your text book Pisces, full of deep emotion that she keeps inside, communicating with her body instead of her words. She is mysterious in a way that seems almost child like, I love that about her. Thoughtful and extremely kind and generous. Not focused on material things, more about sentimental gifts. I could go on for pages about her and every thing I love about her. I am completely faithful to her and will marry her one day, cuz when you know you know. We have been together for 10 months now, you'd figure for a Gemini that's 10 yrs for us, but its not. For me it has been the best 10 months of my life.

She can be quite shy sometimes and it takes a long time to draw communication out of her but when its out she is amazing! She has shown me how to be more emotional, we love sitting at home and watching movies just as much as going out and dancing together. We are a great balance :)

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by: Anonymous

As a Pisces female..I am sorry to say, that Gemini men make me sick. The ones that I have known are pathological liars, and talk way too much.
It great that you have a good relationship with your Pisces female...but Gemini's are fickle..and loofy.

by: Anonymous

I am a pisces, and unfortunately, continue to fall for geminis.... It always ends up bad..... and I continue to do it.... One geminis, after the other.....

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