Pisces women attractive and mysterious - i guess!

i think a lot of Pisces girls get most attention from guys. they are feminine yet they have a childish air about themselves which makes them original and not superficial at all. i am a pisces women myself and i notice this in me and my other pisces friends. another thing is because they are sensitive, everyone is so nice to them and avoid trying to hurt them.

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by: Anonymous

I don't even know where to go with that. That is all very true information. But they are so reserved on expressing their feelings for one they're dating. That is what's most bothersome to me. Why is that? How do you know what they're really feeling?

by: xMarch16

Hey, I'm a Pisces female and I've been with a Scorpio man for over a year. A while after we started dating I did get more reserved and bottled my feelings because I was afraid to lose him. I didn't want to tell him I was mad about something and then he would get mad too and break up with me. I would rather be mad and get over it than to talk it out and risk an argument. That was my mind set.

We almost broke up because of it, but I learned to open my mouth and talk it out. So for me as a Pisces, it was fear of losing him and not wanting to start a potential argument. Took me a while to come around though...we pisces stay in our head a lot.

the real she is reserved
by: Anonymous

you can chalk it up to we dont want to hurt your feelings ,when we're not feeling you! Just hoping you will get the picture and leave us alone.

games in moi lounge
by: chain drew

in reality..you don't even exist.never did and never will.

Oh yes
by: March 17 Antonia

Pisces woman seem to have this quietness to them ad gentle beauty that allures people towards their magical vibes. Some Pisces woman , give off sexual vibes, which is weird because although Pisces woman feel emotion deeply, it seems like other signs are always sending desire signals and building sexual tension with Pisces. Pisces will take the foreplay and flirtation as an initiation, and will start to dream up her own world. When reality falls apart, due to restrictions or circumstance, Pisces feels her partners hurtful emotions, plus hers double. When her love life is out of tune, so is her inspiration about 50% . Her strong emotions is felt positively, may enable passion and confidence. Zodiac or not, commonly known as highly attractive traits. Her ability to remain somewhat innocent, is attractive too because it adds some kind of mystical essence.

We don't express our feelings easily
by: Anonymous

I know as a Pisces woman; I would not express my feeling out of fear that the other person doesn't feel the same, fear of judgement, fear of no one understanding me, fear at feeling more vulnerable than I already was, but with time I do open up. Of course if that person is patient enough to wait around. I think a lot of times as well we forget that not everyone is as intuitive as we are and feel like everyone knows what we are thinking just because we are good and figuring out people and knowing what they are thinking. This is something that I have worked on and I think I'm pretty good at expressing my feelings now without feeling that I'm going to be judged or getting overly vulnerable.

by: Anonymous

That's my problem! I have liked guys in the past and felt a mutual attraction but I let them slip through my fingers because I feared rejection. I just become the quiet girl in the back who studies a lot and is awkward! I don't know what to do! Will I ever be able to open up?

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