Aquarius things that attract me

by Stephanie
(Saint Louis, MO, US)

I am a young Aquarius woman, and men attract me when they do not give up on their pursuit in me. I guess it all comes back to showing me that they are thoughtful enough. For example, when a man uses humor, he puts a lot of time and effort into the jokes he says and the timing, even if they aren't funny. Another example is when they take interest enough to notice the small things about me.

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by: Aquarious

i agree. it does grab my attention when men put forth effort and notice the little things^-^ like i may mention something in an earlier conversation. you know "small talk" and he'll go get it two weeks later. saying he remembered idk i've always thought that was pretty AWSOME! LOL

by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarius male and I also see things often. What attracts me is when people take care of themselves, well planned humor even though it's not even funny, people who put effort into something, or people who talk to me. I do like to be different, going for different goals and following different paths. My stuttering may sound annoying but, look past that and my words will explain knowledge.

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