Are all cancer women the same?

by taylor
(ponca city,ok,usa) a cancer, and you say we are very sensitive, though i never dear talk about my feelings and i dont like to be pittyed. soo..yeah i guess what im trying to say or ask is that are all cancers the same or can we be apart of some other zodiac?

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Cancer women
by: David-admin

The short answer is no they're not. They share common traits, however a Cancer woman with say an Aries moon will be very different (in this example emotionally) to a Cancer woman with say a Pisces moon.

Everyone has a whole bunch of other placements, and sun signs are just one factor in your personality. Sun signs are what people tend to talk about the most, but every cancer woman is different once you get past the most common traits.

However if an astrologer wrote an article entitled "cancer sun aries moon virgo mars libra venus" then no one would read it. Partly because there would be 400,000 articles alongside it for every other permutation. So we over simplify in order to share basic information, as that's the logical starting point.

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