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Cancer women moody but worth it 
I am currently dating a cancer woman. We have been together for almost two years. She can be moody at times and leave me wondering where i went wrong. …

Cancer women are very emotional. 
I'm reading everyones comments about cancers and it is so true, but one thing that people don't understand about me is that I'm hard as rock but very loving …

Cancer women moods and sex 
I was in a relationship with a cancer for 4 months recently, we completely encapsulated each others lives, she was my best friend when we were together. …

Cancer woman and Leo man  
This is my best match. Leo Male 40 years old. I am a Cancer woman 29 years old. He is at his peak and I am at mine. He is caring and understanding, …

Are Cancer women bipolar? 
All of the above, I was married for 15 years and went through a divorce 7 months ago. Everytime I think I have forgiven him and try to move on, I am reminded …

Cancer women like to be pampered. 
We might come off as a little b*tchy if you catch us at certain times. But if you get to know us, we're the best you'd ever find. You have to always watch …

Cancer woman virgin help! 
I am a 22 year old virgin.. I really don't understand why I am so hard on the men in my life. Every time a man gets close enough to get the best of me …

Am I Cancer or Leo or both? (Cancer Leo cusp) 
If I'm born on July 22nd am I Cancer or Leo? Or both?

Cancer woman scared to believe Leo man 
I'm a cancerian woman madly in love with a leo man..! I have never had a more passionate relationship with any other sign ever! And the love-making is …

How can I show love to a Cancer? 
I'm a Taurus man. I've madly fallen in love with this Cancer girl. Some of the descriptions of a Cancer woman say that we should be "straight to the point" …

Cancer woman profile  
Wow! you are right on target! I am a cancer woman and very well aware of the traits that you listed and described. Amazing how well we are read..... keep …

Crazy, caring, comforting, cancer women 
i love reading the message boards and reading about other cancers who go through the same things i do. the down days the high days and the days where i …

Understanding cancer women 
Being able to understand a cancer woman is such a fulfilling achievement for me but its hardwork and they are complicated. Getting through their shell …

How can I make a Cancer woman want to marry me? 
I'm in love with a cancer woman but I have been unable to get her to eliminate her relationship with another guy and join me in marriage. I left her but …

Cancer women are complicated and hard work  
I am a cancerian and this is true. I am my moods, I go fleeting from happy to sad the fact is many cancerian women and men wear their hearts on their sleaves …

Cancer is a bipolar sign 
i am a cancer woman and everything is right on this page... if my emotional needs are not correctly met, then i become a bat out of hell....but just give …

Cancer women and the moon 
Of course, Im not that old. Subtract about a century though, and you've got my technical, legal age. Since I was a small child, before I started Kindergarten,(memory) …

Cancer women and cheating 
I'm a young cancer female and i want to know if there are any cancer women who consider themselves as a cheater. I've had a couple of relationships where …

Are all cancer women the same? a cancer, and you say we are very sensitive, though i never dear talk about my feelings and i dont like to be pittyed. soo..yeah i guess what im …

Cancer woman article is scarily accurate 
Hi, I'm a 20yr old cancer woman and this description is so scarily accurate. i'm referring a few people to read this to understand me more.

Im a 22 year old cancer woman! 
This is very true about feels funny reading about my sign because it feels like im looking directly in the mirror. Everything about every …

Expected Cancer Woman Reaction?  
Hi, I am young Pisces Male, my spouse is young cancer girl. I am very sincere to my cancer mate, i mean extremely sincere with her, but in my earlier years …

Cancer Woman opinion 
I know that everything varies from person to person. I'm a July 8th baby. I will admit to being moody and clingy, but I could care less for romance. It …

Cancer woman dating a Capricorn 
I'm dating a Capricorn and i couldn't be any happier, This Person is the Love of my Life! We talk about everything, and we are soo Perfect together he …

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Cancer women are sexy and kinky! 
Yes, we're very kinky. Explosive when we take the lead. When alone we don't need a partner and we can keep it going over and over. I get so turned on just …

Very accurate description of Cancer women! 
I am a cancer woman and I have to say that this is very accurate! In fact so accurate that I'm going to ask my Aquarius boyfriend to read it to understand …

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