Cancer women are very emotional.

by Tina

I'm reading everyones comments about cancers and it is so true, but one thing that people don't understand about me is that I'm hard as rock but very loving and caring for those in my circle. Now when it comes to love and relationships I have a very hard time with that, people seem to try and get over and it ends up hurting me or making me very aware of their intentions and that cause me to draw back. But I'm very loyal and committed to being one man only. Don't hurt a cancer because it will never be the same with you and that person because we love hard and hate even harder. :)

Comments for Cancer women are very emotional.

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cancer woman as well
by: Anonymous

I agree what you just said. We do love harder but when we get hurt we hurt even harder to the ones who have hurt us and trust for anyone is gone. If you date a cancer woman and she has been hurt before you have to take your time with her so she can trust you. If your patient trust me you will the lottery because we are very lovable and nuture our mate.

cancers good intentions
by: Anonymous

I have been reading some comments also. I really agree with you. Its very true once in love we are loyal we love hard. Then once we hurt its a wrap u lost us forever an we definitly hurt an hate harder. We the sweetest souls u will ever meet but we can be the ugliest person ever so if u have a cancer take ur time dont rush get to knw them we will thank you for that we are keepers.

stop taking advantage of our love and kindness
by: Anonymous

Very true to all the recent posts. When we love, we give our all. We support, encourage, nurture and do all we can to make you feel and experience a love like no other (no joke). On top of that, we are very kind and compassionate.
With so much love to give, we sometimes end up giving it to the wrong people. Nevertheless, we hang on hoping that our love will conquer all - sadly, this only happens in fairy tales. When hurt, some cancers will cut you off immediately to prevent further hurt, others will hang in there time and again until their vulnerable, fragile hearts can't take it any more, then they leave. Regardless, we never leave just because we're bored like a lot of other people do. There's a reason behind everything - and in love, it's because we've been scarred or hurt...DEEPLY. They may still love you, but once that trust is broken, it's gone for good, and if you're lucky enough to get a second chance, BETTER NOT blow it, otherwise the door will close on you forever, and when that happens they don't look back. So for those fortunate enough to be dating a cancer, please don't let it get to that stage. Do everything you can to keep them. Ask how they are feeling, apologise when you're wrong and never repeat ythe mistake, and prove your loyalty - the trust will grow, TRUST ME. If you want to feel what it's like to be loved unconditionally, win them over (may take some time), and then do what you can to keep them. They are worth it.

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