Very accurate description of Cancer women!

I am a cancer woman and I have to say that this is very accurate! In fact so accurate that I'm going to ask my Aquarius boyfriend to read it to understand me better.

Thank you!

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very accurate
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer and this is very accurate. I am super sensitive and need to be nurtured, and you got to remind me that you love me a million times or I'll forget and become insecure.

Words of advice if you're looking for a good partner and you're a Cancer, try a Scorpio. It will be a dream come true in bed and like going to
Disneyland in the relationship.

by: Anonymous

I am part of an interracial couple, which has been together almost six and half years. I am a male 39 years old who is black and a Scorpio and my wife is 52 and a white female (Cancer). Our relationship is like the one stated before. Everyday is like Disneyland for us. We are like the Yin and Yang symbol when it comes to our relationship. We complete each other and are very explosive in the bedroom. OMG!!! Seriously thinking of seducing her into some afternoon delight right now. Anyways, I just wanted confirm what was said about Cancers and Scorpios ... ;) Going to Disneyland for a afternoon of fun!!!! Yea Mickey!!

Cancer Women Rock
by: Pisces

I'm a Pisces woman looking for a Cancer woman! I just got out of a relationship with a Gemini woman and it was horrible! She couldn't stand it when I would tell her I miss her 1000 times. She couldn't satisfy my emotional needs at all. I need a woman that is romantic and makes me feel loved and protected. I'm a giver!

looking for me!!!!!!!!!
by: curious cancer

hello im a cancer girl. and have decided men are not for me, had my heart broke by a man that i couldnt ever trust a man again.

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