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i love reading the message boards and reading about other cancers who go through the same things i do. the down days the high days and the days where i just wanna be alone i have a group of people who understand me and i think thats the most important thing w/o them i would prob be worst lol but over all i think we posses traits from each zodiac cause we have common sense and when know when and how to handle out of hand situations that some ppl just will crumble i have problems excepting my faults but im learning im defeating those negative thoughts and living in the moment .. bu believe me i cant help but to think about the future with him with my career and how my life will change from now until then

keep your head up and believe in yourself

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So True
by: Cancer Women

I don't have a good support system, i find that when i am feeling down i write about it and use jogging or running to release my bad feelings. Helps me clear my head and be ready for the next step.

luv cancers
by: Cancer Lady

@ Sabrina. Omg i feel the same exaCT way. just got my bachelor's degree and cant stop thinking about my life with my boo and my career, Good luck fellow female cancer. Don't hurt nobody, lol!

Crazy cancer girl
by: Anonymous

I was feeling so alone in my mess...thinking about what I lost..obsessing as usual..these articles made me feel so much better ..I feel normal in a crazy way..thanks

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