Cancer women moods and sex

by Paul
(New hampshire)

I was in a relationship with a cancer for 4 months recently, we completely encapsulated each others lives, she was my best friend when we were together.

This is pretty much how it went with sex, if she was in a good mood or happy or drinking, it was 100% of the time when I wanted it to happen. But if she didn't feel well, had a bad day, etc.. than it wasn't even worth trying, shed just get angry with me.

Oh and god.. Cancers become evil, flat out evil in the morning. Give them they're space and don't wake them up if you don't have too.

Once she woke up on her own terms she'd always want sex, but not ever if I woke her up. You've gotta kinda let them lead you a little or it seems like things don't happen as much. I think she had a lot of fire in her though.

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your cancer
by: Anonymous

I think you had a quirky Cancer... Mine was the the opposite of all you wrote. Even if she was in a bad mood, she was always willing to make love.

She had her moods but as a scorpio, I helped her through them.

God I miss her

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