How can I show love to a Cancer?

by Matthew

I'm a Taurus man. I've madly fallen in love with this Cancer girl. Some of the descriptions of a Cancer woman say that we should be "straight to the point" people with them regarding our intentions. What I would like to know is the reaction of this Cancer girl if I boldly came up to her and tell her I like her. Is she drawn back by this attitude? How likely is it for a Cancer to reject? Would it be too much if I kissed her on the cheek on the first date?

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What I think
by: Cancer Women

Cancer and Tarus are supost to be the best match. Being a sun and moon cancer seeing a tarus man I can tell u we are shy we may want to run up and wrap our arms around u and just get busy right there but you will never know we love to hide and let the other make the first move. I say go for it but we aware we fall in love mega easy so be upfront and honset with your cancer we can see though crap easly if it's casul don't play it as serious. I say go for it ask her out and make your move! If anything else you will be crazy once you get to the sexualy side of a Cancer best of luck

Lets Elaborate
by: Anonymous

Totally agree with Matthew. It is very hard to "read" a cancer girl when it comes to declaring our love for her. I would like to ask the Cancer Ladies out there for some tips on what to say and even what to do when it comes to how to declare our love for them. Please, try to elaborate as much as possible.

by: Cancer Lady

I agree with Cancer Woman. U must be honest and upfront with us, we definitely see thru lies. If you work at McDonald's be truthful. I don't care were u work as long as you work. If a cancer woman is feeling you, you can do more than kiss on the check on the first date. If u feeling her kiss her passionately on her lips, so she can feel the emotional connections.

cancer girl
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer girl. If its someone i really like and want to be with confesses my love to me i would be the happiest woman on earth. If its someone i dont really like or just a lil bit attracted to i would be stand offish. Cancer women like compliments, presents, surprises, daily messages. I have a boyfriend now that writes me a message at least couple times a day and tells me that he is thinking about me. I love it. This is the best thing you can do to a cancer woman.

All D best
by: Loving cancer

Go on man!We cancerians alwys crave 4 tru luv.So d best way 2 proceed is 2 go forward n let her know your feelings 4 her.We generally don't like 2 reveal our true feelings not only bcoz we r a lil shy but also bcoz we r afraid of being hurt or not cared 4.So we don't like 2 make d 1st move.Dats why I feel u should make d 1st move.B frank n honest as possible as u can.B open hearted as we like such guys.N d most important thing u must do is 2 make her realise dat your luv 4 her is tru n selfless.Blieve it would realy work.ALL D BEST!

The Truth
by: Anonymous

Honestly and truly i would love that. Be up front I'm very impatient i like to get straight to the point and i love to be touch and hold when in the right mood tell her you love her and you think the world of her then kiss her passionately hug don't be afraid to let loose or to be touchy feelingly. just go for it i like to have kisses all over my face and my neck and i like to wrap my arms around my man's neck that's my signature

by: Cancer Chica :)

Cancer women love it when you're honest. So be honest, don't lie about anything, and especially don't lie about your feelings about her. She probably isn't going to make the first move because we're pretty traditional in that sense, and be chivalrous, it makes us feel loved. If we talk to you about something that means a lot to us, if you're not interested, act like you are, or try to change the topic like a ninja. And if it's something that means A LOT A LOT to us, then just listen and let us do the talking. If a cancer woman is upset, hug her, smother her with love. If she's upset with you, try to clear it pretty fast. Cancer women will generally appreciate any sign of love as long as it's not lewd, or unless it's from someone we're not really attracted to. Hope I helped!

Cancer Girl
by: Anonymous

Whew. Summed it up nicely. I like for guys to tell me how they feel, but not too much or not to fast. I like a natural progression to love. I like for guys to show me they care through little things.. Calls, texts, flowers, or an original gift (nothing fancy), just a sign that he is interested in me enough to go out of his way a bit. As a cancer I am shy when it comes to intimacy so men have to initiate.

Cancer girl
by: Anonymous

As a cancer woman I would say go for it but listening just if u think she may feel something, like did u ever get close to her ? R u friends? The point is if I'm some how attracted to a man I would expect that guy to do the first move always. However, if I feel no attraction for this guy you can bring me the moon and nothing will happen , got it? Usually a crab show even if is in the way tha she look to a guy that she is into him,otherwise is a missed target. Other thing don't fall for the to romantic thing, we're romantic but not boring as a lot people think. If she never show any interesting in you I'll say go slow and be attractive to her . Crab girls are looking for a man not boys messing around. We need a man not somebody who's looking for a mom. Be manly but nice,sweet but not boring. If u don't play nice u be played we're not saints.

About cancer girl
by: Taurus guy

Am taurus guy and I meet this girl for two or three day. and we meet. and talk. and she get mad to easily and I text her she dont reply some and I was thinking that is not going to work and she not showing she like me. What will I do

cancer women a crossword puzzle
by: JC

loved what Cancer girl wrote. absolutely true. i have just begun getting to know a cancer woman, long distance..she texts nice and easy but is very skittish about an aries guy and very direct..though im not pushy with my problem is my cancer women does not initiate a conversation only responds to my texts. im not sure whether texting everyday just to tell her im thinking if her is appreciated. ive slowed down my pace so as not to pressure her, but since its early days i dont know where im headed. LOL. sure does need a lot of patience to solve the crossword puzzle that is cancer..

love u megan
by: pisces in love with a crab girl

As a pisces I know we're emotianally attracted to cancerian girls and I really do like this cancer girl she's a bit younger than me but I don't care about age should I tell her or should I wait

Need an advice
by: Anonymous

Was dating a crab lady we both in same class in college i tried to approach her once but amazingly she kept avoiding me pretending she was already dating someone else but we both still text each other and am in the midist of desert, just dont know whether i should keep pushing asking for approval or let it go may be she might get her mind back to me later

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