Cancer women and the moon


Of course, Im not that old. Subtract about a century though, and you've got my technical, legal age. Since I was a small child, before I started Kindergarten,(memory) I remember comments that I was an old soul, or other-worldly. (I'm pretty sure they meant E.T.) It has continued to this day...and honestly, I do feel that way, and always have.

My message, my contribution to all of our true, eternal souls...Cancers chicks anyway ;)--is to recognize the undeniable influence and cosmic power wielded by our ruling planet...Luna, the Moon. This is especially crucial for us, because we are the only sign (I know) that have the natural, destined capability to not only function, but excel under her "spell." Everyone suspects or believes that the full moon has a profound effect on the Earth and it's inhabitants, in addition to every ocean and much more than anyone can explain. I know each and everyone that reads this, will recall atleast one "full moon" related anomaly, that defied all reason and, left you in awe of how...?.... Everything you could have EVER WANTED to predict on that night, would have been wrong...not gray area....not black/white..... totally berserk, inconceivable events that unfold like A flipbook in time. Still, on your way down the rabbit hole, something unexplainable compels you FURTHER, despite what's become such a level of absurd lunacy...all of you unfortunate non Cancers- :) will have convinced yourself that it has surpassed bizarre, and it's not real. In's a fun bet amongst a crowd. One word to describe one of these $1 that at least 7 of 10 will use synonyms for CRAZY at best. The other three, a loss for words. Place ur bets...

About 10-15 years ago, she finally got thru my shell. If you are able to "tap in" to that supernatural force...we Cancers- during these 'windows' in what I have come to believe is time/space "as we know it." There aren't words that I am aware of to define this kind of metaphysical, supernatural "magic." I'm not trying to sound cliche (really!)...but when that wave comes in the first night of the full moon, I feel a physical change in the world's natural flow or movement..and if you pay attention, you will too.

The key is to recognize how to shift your energy/mind/whatever into the groove layed out for you. People will think you're extra crazy for a while...but you will see a way to use these moments, where the rest of the world is too caught up in feeling as unstable inside as we do everyday....these are the times when you will accomplish things that would be literally IMPOSSIBLE on a regular day..

A lite warning though: If for some reason you can't get it, just as we have more pull with the moon...she has more power over us too. Being prone to pyschic reception and hyper-sensitive to others emotions...and thoughts, these rare off-key full moons for us, can evolve into an abstract, cartoon of insanity that is SO INCREDIBLY against the laws of natural life and civilization, it seems almost sinister. (don't bother telling anyone about it one will believe you.) ;)

Ok..thats the best I can do. Just submit to whatever direction she pulls you in....even if it does change EVERY DAY. ;) hope I helped someone--9now-R-L8r

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lunar changes :-)
by: Anonymous

love how you say " when the rest of the world are caught up feeling as unstable as we usually do" (or something along those lines) so so true. from a cancerian woman. (currently feeling very positive)

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