Expected Cancer Woman Reaction?

by Jim

Hi, I am young Pisces Male, my spouse is young cancer girl. I am very sincere to my cancer mate, i mean extremely sincere with her, but in my earlier years i had a sexual association with another person. Now, i am sincere with my present Cancer girl. i want to raise a family with her, but i cannot keep this fact from her, as i believe in spiritual connection, we are married now, i wanna know any possible reaction or expected response of my Cancer Girl when i tell her this. But now i am with her and i am sincere to her forever. What is a expected response or reaction from her?

Any advice on how should i tell her the situation, i am afraid as cancers are sensitive, she may leave me forever in which my whole life will be ruined? ? Any Advice ? Suggestions ? Zodiac Behavior Response?

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Forget it happen!
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer women and have been cheated on when I was really in love ..... It hurt so bad it's been 10 years and I'm still not over it. We forgive but we don't forget!!! I suggest don't tell her!!!!!! It ruined everything .. I stayed with that person but never treated them as good as I could because I felt like they didn't deserve it after cheating and never ever trusted them again with anything!

Cancer female reaction
by: Anonymous

I, too, am a cancer female. I suggest you ask yourself whether there is any possibility that she may find out, should you choose not to tell her, and whether you feel you can carry that weight upon your shoulders for the rest of your life.

I agree with the comment above, it will scar your partner deeply but if she loves you enough, she will forgive you. Just be aware of the fact that this will inevitably take a toll on her self-esteem.

Good luck!

ur choices are..
by: Anonymous

she will respect you for telling her, but she wont be able to trust you. take it to the grave, or have her dig you one up. its your choice.

by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer woman in my early 30's. My advice, don't tell her unless you truly believe she will find out. It's best not to bring it up otherwise, or dig your own grave. I agree with the person above. It will scar her the rest of her life and she will never be able to trust you again. Even if she says she forgives you, she won't trust you..and it will never go away.
If you don't think she will find out, then I'd say keep your mouth shut. I dated a man and had a "hunch" he was cheating on me..I didn't even want to know the truth from him and instead I just broke up with him..that is how us Cancer woman deal with cheating. It's an unforgiven sin.

The Earlier Sexual association was before this marriage with the Cancer Woman.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comments so far.

The Earlier Sexual association was before this marriage with the Cancer Woman.

Does this changes anything in above QUESTION?

tell her!
by: Anonymous

i would hate if a guy kept a secret like that from me, it would make wonder what else he was hiding~
unless you want a huge rift based on mistrust, tell her.
reassure her that she's the one you love, getting it out in the open is so much better than having her find out in a horrible way.

and btw i'm saying this as a cancerian!

by: Anonymous

I'm so disagreeing with the comment above.I'm a cancer girl and if I found out my man was cheating...I would be hurt for life and really insecure.In the back of my mind I would always wonder what that woman had to offer that I couldn't give you.Btw with us Cancers when we start dating you and the moment we decide to love you in our heads were already married.lol.so it still burns.To me that makes it even worse.I actually married you and now you been lying to and yet you took vows and tricked me into thinking you love me(at least thats how i would react.im very dramatic.lol)

Hope things go well with you and your wife

Coming Clean
by: Anonymous

The time to "come clean" was before your marriage, don't you think? You have not cheated on her, given that your experience was BEFORE getting married. Don't ease your own guilt now at her expense. You will feel better, but she will be scarred. Be careful that you are not simply trying to create emotional drama/intensity. There is no undoing it once it's done.

My only disclaimer is that if you are feeling that it is taking a toll on your intimacy, then do tell her. If you do tell her, bring it up ONCE, ONLY ONCE and be willing to discuss as many or as few details as she needs. Give her the room to bring it up as many times as necessary...but YOU - BRING IT UP ONCE! Then let her process it however she needs.

I am a cancer woman and have overlooked many of my pisces man's mistakes for the sake of a physical and spiritual love like no other. Do what you need to do to keep it alive. Follow your heart.

no no no
by: Cancer Lady

If you tell her, she will forgive but will never forget. We are very sensitive and loyal,and hate liars. She will become very insecure and may never trust u again, which could harm the relationship ultimately. I would keep that 2 urself unless ur heart cant take it. You love ur wife and chick is a distant memory.


see if she were a true cancer woman... she would have picked up that something was wrong/ or bothering you. we are sooooo intuned with the people around us & our environemnt. travel on vacation to another state, no better yet to another continent and tell her via telephone. Then listen to her curse you and talk all the trash she wants because you deserve it!!! that way, although there would still be a chance for her wanting to leave you. she may also consider staying when you allow her to vent & carry on. if you tell her to her face, there might be a chance of physical violence. where she may attempt to disemble your body parts. cancerian do not accept deception very lightly, GOD help you. start praying NOW!

To the grave or not it scars a Cancer woman
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer female and even before I came upon evidence that my Scorpio boyfriend had cheated, I had already known. It was that Cancer intuition.

I did however forgive him but after 15 years, I have not forgotten. We have been married for 8 years and although I love him still I really do not trust him 100% and this has left our relationship below where it could be.

To prove how this will impact on your Cancer woman forever. One minute we would be connecting on a really great level and the next I am thinking whether I should have walked away so many years ago. This will create insecurities in your cancer woman for the rest of her life... She may love you still... but she will never forget and this will impact severely on where your relationship could go.

Tell her
by: magala

I am a cancer girl (26 years old , beautiful, caring, loyal. sensitive, moody forgiving etc) and I had my leo boyfriend cheat on me with his ex gf and was texting her also for 2 months (just texting after the 1 night) and one day she text me the messages i was shocked!! i thought he was so loyal... Long story short i do forgive him,, i dont forget it tho. I am easy going and dont want to ruin us over 1 night so i always throw it in his face in a joking kind of way..like the other day he said he is low on $ and i replied "ya thats what happens when u spend money on 2 girls) even tho he prob didnt buy her nothing lol. I would tell her cause as of now me and him are hanging out happy everyday, yes i dont forget but also im intuitive and if i dont see any red flags and he keeps up the loyalty and making me secure (spending alot of time with me, not making a big deal out of me seeinghis phone etc) then we are going to be just fine )..im glad i found out it kinda made us very strong an want to save what we had

I don't care...
by: Anonymous

A liar caught is a liar who hides everything else afterward so all this "We've been happy ever since" stuff, save it. He'll do something again, and it's "I fucking hate him." As a cancer woman we do pick up on things another sign might not. We might hint at it (pure intuitive) or save until validity backs it (phone numbers, attention shifts, odd facebook activity, etc.). I admit, we can be a little naive and gullibly lost in the fantasy realm of love... but when reality kicks in when there's suspected foul play, or when someone; even us, isn't being themselves.

cancerian woman
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm a cancer I'm born at the end of june so my nurturing senses and everything you just read is heitened every cancer born closer to the end of the month can feel more than other cancers it becuz of the moon besides tuarus piseces is also one of the best choices for a cancer generally speaking if you believe yur cancer woman is in love with you just as much as u r with her I guarnatee you she will be destroyed but she has grown so in love with you that in this case she won't leave you trust me on this one I. Am currently in love with someone and he has hurt me emotionally the most and the biggest. flirt. ever! And despite all the things he could possibly do I never love him any less but this man is a libra

it hurts so bad :'(
by: puja

Dont tell her...it may destroy her life. Im a cancer women who has been cheated by a Pisces man. He says he loves me dont want to break up with me. But I personly it hurted.so bad. I cant get over it. I dont want to lose him n on the.other side I dont find that wonderful colours in my life anymore. My heart is broken now but I am sill with him. I know if I break up, he may ovr come this but I wont. He may find other gal but that will spoil my life more. I appreciate him for the truth but I never expected this kind of thing from him. 5 years have passed but still m nt able ro ovrcome it. I thought of ending my life but never wanted ro leave him alone. In my opinion plz dont tell her this. M saying this as I am experienced n I dont wamt sum othr gal to suffer. It hurts a lot. We cant even express our pain :'(. U may find her in depression as I was for a year when he told me. She may continue with u but deep inside she'll b dyeing. She may find u as a.cheater bt will never want to end the relation no matter jow worse it goes. N even aftr breastup,we r the onez who get deeply hurt:'( please if u really care for her, thm DONT TELL HER.

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