Cancer Woman opinion

by Sarah

I know that everything varies from person to person. I'm a July 8th baby. I will admit to being moody and clingy, but I could care less for romance. It isn't something that interests me, and those chick-flick movies just make me gag.

I prefer the type of movie to where the Hero watches as his Princess dies in his arms and no one 'Lives Happily Ever After'.

I will create something nice once in a while for someone I love, but I won't go all out to an eccentric romantic dinner.

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confused by a cancer lady
by: Anonymous

she was my ex we met recently 6 years later shared a warm hug initiated by her. i made an attempt to contact her she was thrilled. shes so confusing now ignores me for days then contacts me again wanting to meet which i have not managed to do since i do a have girlfriend. she says she has feelings for me but then that's about it she will not give me further details. im a leo just very confused by this girl i feel shes playing mind games or just trying to fun i maybe wrong i really don't know

politely say no to her
by: Anonymous

she is just confused with herself.she is not trying to play games.She just haven't understood what she needs yet.She probably needed some love and had a crush on you. that's all.just try to show that you are not that into her politely.
so that both of you don't waste time.

i'm cancer 24years old.

Agree with the non romantic
by: Anonymous

Ok I'm July 4th, my rising is Capricorn wich I love. I'm not into romantic movies,actually I do like action, drama,horror ones. I hate classic music and hate too romantic guys(they're boring)however , hate the ones who take to much attention like the ones who have to much muscles and less brains. So I a cancer. I like smart guys who know what they want and don't change theirselves just to get some special girl who probably is not going to be that special when he shows hes real side after a while dating. As a cancer I hate to find out that people was faking theirselves to get my attention and then when they got me they think now it's ok to show who I really am . Don't full us we're not stuppid. As the same way we fall we walk away without looking back when we fell disrespected or not appreciate. Is that only me????

Walk Away
by: Anonymous

I agree. I will give you my all but once I realized that I have been used and/or disrepected, I will walk away without notice. I feel whats the reason to explain why I'm walking away when I know for sure I have told you. What happens to me falls this way. I meet a man, show him I'm interested...he on the other hand take this as a way to take advantage of me not know I'm paying attention to his actions. I will give a warning but if he doesn't heed to it...I bounce and will not take him back...doesn't matter what. I feel you should have treated me right when you had me...

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