Cancer woman dating a Capricorn

by Jessica Rose

I'm dating a Capricorn and i couldn't be any happier, This Person is the Love of my Life! We talk about everything, and we are soo Perfect together he gives me the most attention i can ask for.! It is true we are an Emotional roller coaster, but if you can handle it then you will get the best out of us!

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Cancer woman fall in love with capricorn men!
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and a cancer, It may seem that I am too young to be "in love" with someone, but considering the fact that cancers are very mature with a lot of things says a lot. I know for a fact that I want to be with my boyfriend(capricorn) for the rest of my life. Its very easy to communicate with him, about the future and present. We can be so serious but joke around at the same time.We love each other so much and the thing that helps us achieve more is knowing we're different together.

Be careful
by: Anonymous

I just broke up with my last relationship who is a Capricorn. And yes i was is love with him. He was the only one that i have ever loved. I could talk to him about anything, thats how much i loved him. But all i have to say is be careful. There's always something wrong with a guy. I broke up with him because we argued about a lot of things and we disagree with different things. which made me start lossing interest in him physically and mentally.He also would say things to me dat were very hurtful and as a CANCER i'm sensitive and i cant'let go of the past. SO thats it. I'm now interested in a Aquarius man. I have read the compatibility and its says it won't work...but hey i'm gonna try. cuz this boy got me heads over heel ALREADY!

cappie madly in love with cancer lady
by: Anonymous

I adore this cancer lady I am dating. She is my every dream come true in bed and out of it. After dating other women who were so sexually cold and demanding I completely found my equal with this one. Mood swings? Of course she has them sometimes but for the most part she is so sweet and calm that I give her my understanding. That's all she needs to know that I try to understand her and make her feel loved. The pay off? The most perfect lover and partner. These ladies know how to love. They were made for loving. No other astrological sign will compare to them. I am convinced of that after dating some aqua, virgo, sag and taurus.

by: Anonymous

Aaaww, that's so sweet. Please, keep loving her and she'll love you back a hundred times over. I'm a 28 year old cancerian female and all I want to do is have the opportunity to love someone who truly loves me. Good luck with your relationship. God bless.

Love of my LIFE
by: Anonymous

I have a capricorn he is the love of my life and my bestfriend. Of course we have our differences at times, but he definitely bring out the best of me.

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