How can I make a Cancer woman want to marry me?

I'm in love with a cancer woman but I have been unable to get her to eliminate her relationship with another guy and join me in marriage. I left her but I'm going back to give it another try please help!

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Cancer woman
by: Anonymous

Im a cancer woman and i can tell you if you broke up with her and now she with another guy she wont want you back not unless she i really IN love with you. But since you did break it off she is afraid she wont have a secure relationship with you. Or maybe she is in love with whom she is with. If i were you i would just move on just leave her alone she may be happy where is at now.

by: riya

i m a cancerian girl...i would say dat if she was really in love with u then may be she will come back to u but for dat u have to make her trust u again ...this is i guess one of the most difficult tasks but if u really love her she will feel it and will come back to u ....but remember one thing if u again leave her she wont forgive u for the rest of her life...

she won't have you back
by: Anonymous

If you broke up with her, you probably sent the message to her that you didn't want her if she was in-love with you she probably had a hard time getting over you and possibly took her a while to move on. Once she moves on she won't give you the time of day because she won't trust you for as long as she lives. Cancer is a very complicated sign but you can be certain we know for sure when we love and want somebody but if the other person either rejects us or uses us shamelessly and hurts us deeply and we make up our minds to let go of them even if it kills us; we simply do. No more chances for anyone we consider jerks, ***holes or the likes. Sorry dude that is just the way we are. If she gives you another chance it is because she is not over you yet if she doesn't then you know. God luck!

by: Anonymous

a cancer woman strongly believes dat once a cheater iz alwayz a cheater!

You blew it
by: Cancer Woman

Not a chance - you walked away once... now you are dead to her. Too bad.

by: sugarae

So know that you know what your missing you want to go crawling back?? So the grass wasn't greener on the other side?? Just because you didn't realize what you had the first time, you will live the rest of your life with regret. The next dude is getting that emotional love and support. He's eating her good food. Laughing & crying with her. Getting his freak on (Cancer women can turn into freaks with the right man). You have proven yourself unstable and that is a big Cancer no no. We demand complete loyalty no matter what the circumstance because we are women who love and protect to the death. You mess with a Cancer womans family, you will quickly see how sweet and lady like goes out the window and heads start rolling. Hopefully she isn't a vindictive Cancer like me. I love watching my old boyfriends beg and plead to have one more try. NOT!!!

The Truth
by: Anonymous

As for me, my self and i (cancer) i can't stand being rejected i have feelings for a guy who turned the tables on me. he had asked me out but i turned him down but then i started to like him and i asked my friend if she could ask him if would go out with me HE TURNED ME DOWN claimed he had a girlfriend I'm not very sure i haven't seen her and at first i was pretty pissed but now I'm trying to get over it so... basically what I'm trying to say is that she still have feelings for you and you should go up to her face to face and tell her you love her and you regret breaking up with her and beg her to be with you chances are that she won't go to you... right away anyway give her some time to figure some things out.

by: Kelly

Cancer hardly give chances..

Sorry you're out
by: Anonymous

Sorry man but tou're out, we don't forgive ever. Even if we love being rejected is the worst thing that can happen to us. 2 things respecter important to us . U need to respect us and always be faithful . If you sheat you're out , if you dump us you're out . We're so sweet , some people call us boring , the saints of the zodiac , a real lady. However, if you mess with us like that the only sweet thing left for u is revenge babe and we're pretty good on that and quiet too. Like I said we're lady's but not stupid.

I'm in love with a cancer woman
by: Anonymous

I love this woman. I'm an Aquarius sun with cancer moon.
Background info, I've known her for almost 20 years. She was there for me after a crisis, then after that, we dated but she broke up with me, probably because I didn't know how to express my love for her (we were 18). I never forgot her and her gentle affection. We recently reconnected. I asked her out, she was willing and even sounded excited, but then canceled. She feels like she doesn't really know me and wants to stick to just texting, and that even talking on the phone is overwhelming for her right now. She says she's feeling a lot of pressure and she's been having difficulties (no details were given). She said something else (about how she needs to establish healthy boundaries, which leads me to believe that after our one and only phone conversation, she started to feel something for me and then pulled away), and I'm pretty sure somebody broke her heart recently. I feel terrible for her. I want to help her heal. I understand her, and I don't care how long it takes to gain her trust, even if we're never more than friends. We've had a few pretty good text conversations since then. Any cancerian ladies have any advice for me? (Remember I'm an Aquarius Sun with a penetrating intellect, and a cancer moon so I also feel things very deeply).

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