Cancer woman and Leo man

This is my best match. Leo Male 40 years old. I am a Cancer woman 29 years old. He is at his peak and I am at mine. He is caring and understanding, treating me with respect. He concerns himself with every mood I may be feeling. He wants to understand. I love him. We fell in love over the phone. There was an instant connection first day we talked. I'm not usually up for meeting strangers and getting personal with anyone. But this guy made me feel safe and secure. I'm constantly told how beautiful I am and how lovely I am. He is wonderful. Cancer women, get your own Leo man that has lived out his youth. Younger Leos such as my brother and another Leo male I know are still trying to find that perfect love mate/wife. They need a superwoman. Majority of Cancer women possess the qualities they look for in a mate. So ladies, put them bum bums up. Get your body back and go get your soul mate. They like you sexy, sweet and romantic with a bit of fierceness. They like a challenge.

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