Cancer woman scared to believe Leo man

by cancer lover

I'm a cancerian woman madly in love with a leo man..! I have never had a more passionate relationship with any other sign ever!
And the love-making is the best part..!
But there are times when I feel that he just might be in it for the sex, although he claims that he loves me immensely...and that I'm the one!
Just want to know if anyone has ever had a relationship with a leo man... and how far has it really worked..?
I love him and don't want to ever lose him... but I'm not 100% sure if he feels the same!
Leo men aren't cheaters right..?

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cancer woman commenting to post scared to believe a Leo man
by: Anonymous

I'm 28 years old cancer woman,married to sag man.I had relationships with the 2Leo men,before I met the hubby.with the 1st Leo we hd 5 year relationxip something special,conection ws strong,luvmaking was very beautiful passionate.I hv neva hd tht kind of luvmaking wth any1.problm ws he liked to party and leave me behind.if i go out he wil cum and hit me,he was a controlling freak.he ws jst luving me for sex.same thing wth the 2nd leo.they are all the same.bossy,attention seekers and selfish,but they know how make us happy sexually

I had the very same with a Leo man
by: Anonymous

I am cancer girl and had the very same as you are describing- it felt like nirvana on earth. He claimed I was the love of his life, that he couldn't see his life without me in it and so on Until it was time to commit. He then came up with petty reasons and broke off our 1.5 year long once in a lifetime love affair. I was devastated for another 1.5 years. He kept on contacting me every several months checking up if I am with someone. Finally after a year and a half he contacted me wanting to get back together, I agreed and to make a long story short it turned out he was living with another woman talking marriage to her right at the same time as professing his love and life with me - boom!
Leos are sensitive hence the bedroom magic but they are narcissistic and LOVE attention. That they will not ever compromise on.

No No No
by: Anonymous

Please... Not all Leo men are like the ones that you describe. I consider myself a proud Leo and I am a loving, loyal,devoted faithful man. I just happen to be an entertainer and far from tough on the eyes so I get hit on alot but I am in love with love and ONE woman is all I need...

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