Cancer is a bipolar sign

by destiny

i am a cancer woman and everything is right on this page... if my emotional needs are not correctly met, then i become a bat out of hell....but just give me a few minutes or hours to cool off and I'll become an angel from heaven..... Cancer is more like a bipolar a good way though

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by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer woman and i wouldn't say we are bi-polar anyone would get bent out of shape if you were not getting your needs met especially us cancers tend to give give give and we are hoping our partner gives back. The problem with us is we think of others before ourselves sometimes we have to take time for ourselves once in awhile.

by: Savannah J.

you're absolutely right! we cancer women tend to give and give putting others before ourselves. i think that we are one of the best signs of the zodiac because we are able to be wonderful mates to our spouses, parents, and tend to pick up on the feelings of others finding the best ways to handle situations. i wish you ladies luck in life i know you'll have it because we are very goal oriented! much love

Crazy Cancers
by: Kat

Well, as we all know, the moon is our governing planet, and it just so happens to symbolize (mostly) emotions. Being a cancer myself, I wonder if it's more common for other cancers to suffer from mental disorders having to do with irrationality and brash emotions. I suffer from depression and anxiety, making me a bit bi-polar sometimes. I'm actually really curious to do more research on other Moon Children and see if they are more prone to these types of feelings and/or chemical imbalances due to the fact that their sign is just that.
I have heard that Libra's are more likely to be bi-polar, but I dunno. I am actually just getting started with learning ( like, really studying and learning, not just reading every so often ) about astrological signs and how the planets influence so much of our thoughts or tendencies. So I really have no basis for my hypothesis, however I think it would definitely be interesting to see.
If any other cancers out there happen to read this, I would be extremely grateful to hear about yourself or others you might know- and to hear your opinion.
All else, I think cancers are particularly easy to get along with simply because I've noticed in my other friends that when we feel at home or familiar, we can make everyone around us reach that level of comfort as well. I believe that others benefit from being around us and our nurturing nature. For this reason, I'm actually able to make friends extremely fast due to the fact that people find me easy to talk to. I wonder if that's something to do specifically with my astrological sign as well. Another great thing about Cancers is that we make amazing lovers and partners- but when things tend to not go our way or we don't receive what we 'need' from our mates, we get so passionate about being treated a certain way that we sometimes compromise that common goal for peace in a relationship in order to prove a point and feel completely understood. At least, that's my experience anyway. :P sorry for writing a book!

Cancer/Leo...July 22
by: randomassociate

I am on the last day of Cancer, and am a very strong in both cancer and leo traits. cancers to leo like water to fire. sun to moon. father to mother. leo and cancer are the only 2 signs that are complete polar opposites. I am diagnosed with BIPOLAR 1. Doctors have repeateadly told my parents and myself that I have the most severe case of bipolar they have ever seen. i have read many articles on cancer/leo's saying that maintaining stability is the hardest things for us to do. i take medicine now to stay in the middle the best i can, and my sign is VERY DANGEROUS. beware july 22nd! you may be a bit moody...i think it's because i am a cancer but share just as many leo traits, and it causes me to be SEVERELY manic depressant...polar ends of emotions all the time...very strange if you do the research on the cancer/leo cusp....if you were born after july 16, you may share some of the same things as me.

Oh, we crazy cancers.
by: Anonymous

My best friend and I are both cancers. It's a bond we have that no one else can relate to. She's a loyal beautiful friend, when shes down I can lift her up, when I'm down she lifts me up. It's our job as friends - to support one another in this harsh cruel world. Our sensitive crab hearts just get mortified when others can't give back the way we do. We don't understand how others cannot be as compassionate to nature and life. We cry so easily when someone hurts us, we love so deeply and cling on to our claws to the past. When people mistreat us, its devastation. Some write us off as too emotional, must be some sort of mood disorder, irrational, overly sensitive. I like to choose that we are moody, ruled by the moon, loving, nurturing, caring, creative, spiritual beings that are just going through life trying to make sense of it all. To hell with those other signs, that write us off as irrational. It's not our fault we have big hearts and giving hands.<3

Mood disorders...
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer, and I was just diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I've been doing a lot of research about it AND about Cancerian traits. I'm starting to conclude that I don't have a mood disorder... I'm just a typical Cancer female! Lol! And that's ok!

born july 22nd
by: unpredictable cancer

hello guys i am cancer woman. I admit i am very emotional and naturally very sensitive since then.. Sensitive to the extent that when someone says bad things about me, it'll definitely stay in my head thru out of my life, but dont get me wrong im not into compliments either, it has nothing to do whether how good or bad that particular person said about me.. I dont know why there r people who are truly judgemental bec i myslf, im not into that... I sense that i am also an empath, so i truly feel what its like when smbdy is hurt.. I dont know but im also a massive avoidant, friends call me killjoy but i enjoy my own company.. I can say im not also very lucky in love cause i didnt have a relationship more than a month, i have suitors yes but i dont gv them the courage to not to pull them away but to prove if theyre really into me.. Love is important to me but if u wud ask me to chose between friends and a lover , i wud choose my friends.. But- ineed love too! Right now, im having a dilemma about myself, im just here in my room for almost 3mos having issues with my own insecurities.. I dont talk to my family and theyre so worry about me.. Im moody, aloof and insecure yeah thats me but believe me, i can also be one of the greatest thing cud ever happen into someone else life, indeed.

stop with the bipolar
by: Anonymous

i am truely diagnosed as bipolar and i am a cancer sign. theres really no such thing as being a "bit bipolar" thats called having mood swings. bipolar is serious and affects your entire life and when people say "just a little bit" or "i must be bipolar" cause there moods swing, really have no idea what the disorder entails its serious. it nots one of those disorders to "toss around" in conversation. if you dont have it, you dont want it. theres no "kinda" "or a little" about it. for all you cancer signs with mood swings, if you dont have bipolar, your lucky!!!

Leo Sun/Cancer Ascendant!!
by: Anonymous

My ex GF has a Leo Sun/Cancer Rising....she is one of the most difficult people to deal with because of her Mood Swings.....she will flip like night and day. Im a very strong Scorpio but this girl is just crazy. i love her but when she go into her Flip Mode, which is monthly sometime weekly, its very Emotionally draining....she will do or say something that will start an argument and somehow she blame me for it and im like WTF!!...then she will shut down and ignore my calls and just about done...but then she will come back like nothing happened....i think i will just keep her around for sex and nothing else...since its hard for me to depend on her to be there when i need her because of her Flip Modes.....

Maybe Bipolar
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am also a Cancer born on July 22nd and I have heard from any people that I may be bipolar. This is why I googled the topic. I feel alot of highs and lows. When I get sad and depressed. I stay in bed all day. My moods change quickly. I get upset easily and when I swallow the pill and hold things in I black out. One of my best friends is a Cancer and we are so close. Our bond is unforgettable and we always can relate.

Cancer Male
by: CrabbyDude

I was googling "Crazy cancers" and came across this blog. should give you some insight to me. Before learning about astrology I defined myself as all or nothing. When all is right with the world I make sure everyone around me is as happy as I am. My giving is infinite. When I'm off, I'm irrational, illogical and pretty much a jerk to everyone. for no reason. My bday is July 5 so I guess they call it pure. I've felt motherly my whole life which made me question whether or not I was gay or something...that's def not the case but is interesting..I feel the feminine if that makes sense. And I corroborate the excellent's not just sex or intimacy, I feel like I take over and feel the other person.I used to be extremely possessive and devestated by break ups and relationships..i've built up a shell now and keep others at an emotional distance and am extremely picky about those I let close...So, here's to building a life in the sand looking for the perfect one..

Cancer sun/Taurus rising female.
by: Anonymous

I have been diagnosed with bipolar, panic/anxiety, adhd, acute agoraphobia, and some more physical chronic illnesses(i.e. fibromyalgia, IBS, Vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances,...)I'm also having my gallbladder removed next week. I like to think I fit my sign pretty well for the most part. I go from being my typical sweet, loving, helpful, and patient self, to being a manipulative, possessive, and sometimes irrationally furious side of myself. I manage to get by alright, Cancers tend to be smart and tenacious too. Despite a lot of the less than positive traits Cancers are notorious for, we do have some really great redeeming qualities to us. I'm kind of a mother hen type to my friends, I have this basic need to take care of someone.

Reflection on cancer
by: Anonymous

In my recently horrific experience with cancer - yes they are giving and caring with big hearts but what they don't seem to see in them selves is that it is ALL done in such a totally selfish, self-serving way. They don't just do things for people to be nice. They do it so that they feel good or get praise or because it makes them feel valued - Example; the cancer i know once made me a cake which i did thank her for and really compliment ( way more so that if any other star sign had made it) but she also told me how long it took her, how much she spent on ingredients etc. Like WTF? Ok, really nice she went to the trouble but Jesus, talk about milking it. they need to get something from their giving that serves them. After my experience with and uncommunicative cancer I will be steering well clear of this awful, 'selfishly unselfish' sign, they're Nuts!

cancer with bipolar
by: Anonymous

Listening to this makes me wonder if my bipolar diagnoses was right. You're all just like me but, I become like a bear protecting her cubs. I love quickly and very passionately. I'm to the point where anticipating needs is second nature. I love it but, it can be overwhelming for someone who's spent and enjoyed a lot of time alone. In the end, loving someone like that is easier than losing them. You will always worry there was more you could do. The idea of loving someone is liking them around you. Sharing their good and bad. . Most of us come from a home we felt we have more attention, love and/or devotion. Fact is everyone loves differently. You have to find the one you can't walk away from. It isn't you it's your subconscious telling you. Tells that bitch to shut up sometimes we just need to vent and not on our man. That was mine. Thanks ladies

Kat - crazy cancers!!!
by: moonpearl

hi kat!!<3 xx ....i duno how old this cancer forum is but i wanted to let u kno i totally believe that its easier 4 cancers to hav anxiety,depression n such. maybe we come off as "bi polar" bcuz we r constantly changing our moods. im a cancer girl w/ moon in cancer, mercury in cancer, midheaven in cancer. i suffer from anxiety and depression as well . . . ever since the age of 12. sometimes i believe i hav minor minor BPD bcuz of my behavior. reading the symptoms i can relate to more than 75% of it. im also constantly paranoid and feel scared about a lot of things ,,,but mainly being abandoned or not feeling secure enough. i feel rly out of control @ times w/ my feelings and i come off as really weak bcuz almost anything can make me cry. i dont hav a lot of friends..never really hav. i believe cancers r more introvert and prefer to hav a extremely small group of friends. anyways i jus wanted to let u sad cancer moon babies. u r not alone.....xoxoxoxoxxo ..plz reply if u can relate 2 me and the feeling of constantly feeling like a Crybaby really appreciate luv(reply) from my fellow moon babies....

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