Understanding cancer women

by sag

Being able to understand a cancer woman is such a fulfilling achievement for me but its hardwork and they are complicated. Getting through their shell and knowing for themself is so great because I know not many people know my "friend" the way I do. While everyone is trying to suck up to her I always feel the connection between us through this understanding and the feeling to me is indescribable. You need patience to understand them don't force them to open up to you, it isn't some CIA mission. Im still getting to know her more and more everyday.

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by: Cancer Women

very sweet! I am going though a divorce with a SAG he things i crazy i think will my Cancer Ways I am Sun and Moon Cancer. Good for you to be so sweet :)
Now just Colan yourself for the rest of us that need a good guy!

What If Libra and Cancer can be together
by: Anonymous

I recently met a cancer woman and according to the charts we need to stay away from each other I am a Libra. She is a very understanding of my needs as I am hers. I have learned so far to listen and react accordingly because for me as a Libra man I do care about her needs more than mine for some odd reason the stars are against this but I have always cared about the needs of my companions and friends. I do feel that need for her to be in control and I want her to be.
I try not to disappoint and we have not had any confrontations as of yet, is this true for all signs can it work with the stars saying no it can't?

Answer to the Libra man
by: a Cancer girl

It very much depends on the exact time of birth and the positioning of the planets on that moment. So although there can be truths about signs compatibility, the information needs to be taken with reserve and only as a guidance. But it should not be the one to command your choices. So if you feel good with your choice, just go for it and enjoy it full-heartidly!

Libra man with Cancer woman
by: Moon Maiden

Mr. Libra,

I am a Cancer who dated a Libra, at first is was so wonderful. But then I started feeling like I was merely a place holder for what he really wanted and he was always looking for other woman.

Some astro sites give the thumbs up to Libra/Cancer. But with Libra being cerebral and Cancer being emotional it may take some work in certain areas. You should do a natal chart for both you and your Moon lady to see where else you are compatible. You many have your venus in Cancer which means she is your type of woman and she may have Libra in her Mars; meaning you are her type of man. Don't judge by the sun signs alone.

I say take your time and get to know this woman. Good luck.

Capricorn - Cancer
by: Anonymous

OMG I'm trying so hard not to think Cancer women are nuts. (although its a straw pole of one!)

I've been getting friendlier with a Cancer woman at work but she blows so hot and cold. Goes from hysterically crying because I said something she took as a negative through to ignoring me for days at a time. Sadly the only way I get any responce or manage to draw her back to me is by upsetting her. I never do this intentionally I should add, (hurting her is the last thing I'd want to do) but there just seems to be a link between me having upset her (most of the time it's simply her perseption of a wrong) and her then coming around/ me feeling like shes letting me closer. I very occassionally feel really close to her and she lets me in a little, but other times she draws back and holds me at arms length.(We've sat in the park and held hands, the stary eye contact thing she does (which feels intimate like shes accessing my soul!).

It's lonely being a Cancers Friend! I'll admit I question is it really worth all this utter confusion, lack of communication and frankly heartache on my side. Its like a real life game of snakes and ladders.

Any advice (ideally from Cancer Women)on what I need to do to make her realise I genuinely care about her and have no intention of hurting her. Some days I think she likes me, some days it feels like she hates me. She never does this agressively, it's always done very passively.

As a Cap I need a certain level of consistency in any relationship. It really frustrates me that she doesn't talk emotion/share her thoughts (much) yet she is clearly highly emotive.

I also find it really funny that she is so critical yet cant take what she gives out (in terms of harsh comment).

Help! How does a Cap guy reach/connect/communicate with a fabulously frustraiting mystery of a cancer woman!

What are the (Cancer) signs that she likes/values my friendship?

It's driving me absolutely nuts, and I do wonder if I'm being played just a bit, simply for attention.

I find it odd that I feel she expects me just to know her mood. It's a stalemate situation as she never exposes enough of herself ( no not like that ;))for me to really learn about her and what makes her tick. I kind of end up thinking it's going to take 20 years to get to know as much about her as any other women would disclose in... oh ...3 months.

Would a few kindly Cancer women please put me out of my misery!

Resons to Capricorn - Cancer by: anonymous
by: Fellow Cancer Girl

I completely understand what your going through. You see I'm a cancer girl and my best friend is a Capricorn (she's a girl also). We started to become best friends during the last few years of our high school experience. At first our friendship was total chaos. We were always fighting with eachother; something she'd say would hurt me or something I said would hurt her (I know I can be a bit blunt sometimes). It was just this back and forth thing we had. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it now.

She told me that we knew eachother since elementary school; that we use to hangout with the same group but I told her that I didn't remember her and I really didn't. When we where in middle school, that's when I remember becoming friends with her. And it wasn't untill the last years of high school that we became best friends. So you see it took a while to get to where we are today in our friendship but we had to go through much patience and understanding but because of all that had work now we're best friends till the end of time. We've bonded so much that nothing could possibly tear us apart now.

I remember one time she was telling me about some of her life experiences and about a guy that she really liked when out of the blue she asked me why I never told her about things going on in my life or about any guys that I liked.
I was shocked when she told me because I never realized it but she was right. I'm a cancer and I guess I was just always used to listening to other people's problems; no one ever bothered to ask me about mine so I just never commented anything to them. She was the first person to actually want to know and ask about things going on in MY life.

Just give things time and be up front with your cancer friend. If you want her to reveal things about herself to you then ask her about them. A cancer girl will not tell you what she's feeling unless you ASK her what she's feelings.

I hope I was able to help anyone out there with cancer related questions. :]

cap to cancer
by: cancer cancer girl

Cancers read really into things someone says choose your words carefully and when a cancers crying and want to be left alone that isn't true a cancer never wants to be left alone they just want to feel like someone cares anyhow she might be having something going on that's made her sensitive outside of whatever you've said she wants to talk if she isn't afraid to cry in front of you she won't be afraid to talk just take a strong approach but don't make her feel less

We're worth the effort :)
by: Anonymous

Hi :) Im a cancerian woman so I can empathise with your situation completely! The thing to bear in mind is this..although we may appear to be very complicated creatures, we're actually very simple. We are moody, however we're not needy, we are very strong as individuals but do have a need to love and be loved, but just as importantly, we need to be understood! Because of this, potential partners HAVE to go through many difficult, frustrating and bewildering processes of evaluation to weed out the losers from the keepers. This sounds all very calculated but it isnt. It's simple...think crab...hard exterior, soft centre. That soft centre needs to be protected at all times because when we hurt..we hurt a lot!! Because of our self protection, we have to expose our inner selves slowly but surely..at least then..if you turn out to be a loser as apposed to a keeper, we haven't shown you ALL of us so we can say "he didn't know me, he didn't see all of me so i didn't leave my ENTIRE self completely vulnerable, and now he's gone like all the rest before him, I will recover, eventually.
If youre serious about this girl, my advice to you would be to stick with it because when she gives herself to you, you won't want or need for anything or anyone else. She will shower you with love and affection (in a non-suffocating kind of way) and you will see that all of the hoops youve had to jump through to get that far have been worth the effort. If you're looking for a quick fling, you've got the wrong girl I'm afraid. She's looking for commitment and understanding, not a quicky in the back of the car. As for the mood swings...just accept them for what they are..afterall, she has no more control over them than you do! :) when she cries, she's showing you way more than most other people will get to see, so mark my words, if she cries infront of you, she's letting you into the sweetness inside her shell...not many get that far! So, If you want her, be consistent, give her a loving, meaningful hug when she cries, treat her with TLC and never ever lie to her, play with her feelings or act without empathy and compassion and I guarantee that what was on the other side of those really high barriers all along, was worth the wait! Hope this helps :)

To the Cappy Guy
by: Anonymous

1)If she ignores you – you have hurt her.
2)No, she is not playing you for attention.
3)She responds to you when you hurt her because after she thinks the situation through she realizes that she has been childish. Besides that, she will always try to see the best in people, and if she truly cares for you, she will forgive you.
4)You talked about sitting in the park and how she was "accessing your soul." Oh yes, the Cancer woman is looking for depth and she is trying to read yours. She is quite capable at this. Take her for a long walk under a starlit sky with the moon shining brightly and she will open up. If there is a waterfall nearby, all the better.
5)I am a Cancer woman...I can be moody - happy, sad, angry, peaceful all in a matter of 20 minutes! Confusing, I know! But that is what makes your girl so interesting. You will never completely figure her out, but when she reveals parts of herself to you, she is doing so with utmost trust – Don’t break that trust.
6)I think the best way to get her to open up to you, is to be open with her. Tell her things about yourself - no not your favorite sports team or favorite food, something deeper. She will appreciate someone who can share their life experiences and she is looking for your take on it - emotional take, not logical. I know this isn't easy for most men, but if you can share your values, e.g. how you feel about certain things such as honesty, integrity, commitment, and most importantly – Love, she will highly appreciate it. Do this on your starlit walk.
7)She wants a man who will be there always, no fly by night relationships for this girl, she may be testing your sincerity.
8)As a Cancer woman, I fall in love very slowly. If a guy is too pushy, I will quickly scurry away!
If she feels that you are coming on too strong she’s gonna pull away. Make her guess about you a little… DO NOT make her jealous, but leave her alone for a couple days. Show her that you care, but also that you can live quite well without her. Trust me this works.

9)Yes we hate criticism. Be gentle in your interactions as Cancerian women are extremely sensitive and get hurt very easily.
10)You said she expects you to know her mood. Trust me she knows all of yours. If you can just be a bit more observant and show her that you understand her, you will gain a lot of ground. Sometimes she just needs reassurance that you value her, scratch that, she ALWAYS needs reassurance that you value her. She has a lot of insecurities, make her feel safe and she will let you into her world. I hope this helps!

Response to Capricorn - Cancer by: Anonymous
by: Anonymous


I am a Cancerian Woman. To understand her better, first make sure she really loves you, and seeks a friend in you. First thing we Cancerians need is to have a security that you guys are going to be with us for an entire life.

Judging by what you said, I believe your feelings are sincere. Well, things that work for me are, remembering my birthday, anniversaries, and Women's day etc and give us little token of love, like flowers.

An occasional picnic, a bit motivation for us to cook for you guys, ditching work one day just to go for a rendezvous, it proves we are the first priority for you.

Let us take care of you when you are unwell, share your thoughts with us, that will make us feel that we are an integral part of your life. Love us when we are ethereal, love us when we are a nasty piece of work with crazy hair and no make up..

Include us when you decide what carpet you want to buy for your home or what tie you want to purchase for your new shirt. We love to know that you value our opinions.

You can avoid ignoring us telling you have important work and most important, do NOT reschedule our birthdays, our anniversaries, Valentine's days etc..

We want ONLY you and your presence and your respect and the comfort thought that we are your first and foremost priority.

We can slay any dragon and cross any Ocean to make sure you are being taken care of. Just respect us and value us....

This is what I want as a Cancerian Woman. May be I am asking a bit too much, but I know there are men out there, Capricorns, Scorpios, Virgos etc who are willing to accept us for what we are..

All the best for you...

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