Cancer women like to be pampered.

by Nancy

We might come off as a little b*tchy if you catch us at certain times. But if you get to know us, we're the best you'd ever find. You have to always watch what you say to a cancer girl. If you hurt her feelings she'll be so crushed inside it'll be hard to get her out of her shell. You have to watch how you say things too, it's what you say and how you say it that gets to her. But the wonderful thing about us is that we do our best to make our loved ones feel good. Me on the other hand, when I'm in a relationship with a guy I always try to feed his heart, mind, body, and stomach! lol We give and expect the same, I on the other hand don't like asking, I'd prefer for the guy to automatically know. Yes I admit it I love to be pampered like a baby, because if I love and care for someone, I do the same back. and I don't know about other cancers but I don't like to be told to do something. You should always talk nicely to me. :) Because we do the same thing back.

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by: Anonymous

Cancer women are the hardest to understand. Be careful what you say to her because she is likely to never forget. Their feelings are easily hurt by words & with each hurtful word, their interest in you will decrease. They don't love asking for what they want. They expect you to know their needs & meet them. They are spoilt & love to be pampered. They love public affections, quiet places & food. They are the most loving, loyal & caring you will meet, willing to do anything for a partner they love & in return they expect the same from you. You may never find another person with their unique charming personality unless of course it's another cancerian. But bare in mind they are also one of the most volatile people so don't ever cross them.

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