Cancer women and cheating

by priscilla
(cleveland. ohio, us)

I'm a young cancer female and i want to know if there are any cancer women who consider themselves as a cheater. I've had a couple of relationships where i felt that i was with the right person but then got my feelings hurt and ran to someone who i thought would help fill that empty feeling. this has happened time and time again with me. I've looked it up and nothing states the disloyalty or dishonesty of Cancer women.. could i get some help please?

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Cancer women and cheating
by: David-admin

People of every sign can and do cheat. Generally younger people do so more often as the stakes are often lower at that stage of life.

There are many different reasons why people cheat. Some signs (eg Aries) are more likely to do so for the excitement and challenge. Some signs (eg Libra) are more likely to do so for the ego boost. In the case of Cancer men and women the most common reason is emotional neglect, whether it's real or perceived.

With all that said, it doesn't always make it your fault. There are men and women who are very good at identifying such vulnerability in Cancers, and taking advantage of it. Each case is slightly different.

Your sun sign is just one tiny element of your personality. Every Cancer woman is slightly different. As a rule, Cancer women are amongst the most loyal, so no it's not in your nature to cheat, but.. just like everyone else you have certain buttons which can be pushed.

It's a complicated subject and I've written over 100 articles on different signs cheating, which at some point I need to upload here. Meanwhile though the short answer is you're only human. I'm not saying you should make a habit of it, but.. stuff happens.

me too!
by: Anonymous

omg i am the exact same..i feel like im with the perfect guy but as soon as he screws up..i run to someone else..until things get back on trck in my relationship..and obviously i am also a young cancer female.

by: Anonymous

That is so true! i find myself cheating not because i do not love the person i'm with but because at one point or another i am feeling neglected and find that someone else is willing to give me the attention i want. However in the end it turns out bad as any cheating situation would and i end up hurt in more ways then one. It's difficult cause cancers are dreamers and if we dream of something we want then we try to create that with people we love and if it doesn't tur out the way we want we tend to run away.
It's hard being a cancer women.

by: Anonymous

I feel similarly to all of you. I have never cheated, but I find myself flirting with other men or wanting their sexual attention, and it is certainly not for my ego. It is always when I feel like my Aries man is either uncaring or cheating (like you said, Aries tend to cheat because they enjoy the challenge). I am quite sure he has not cheated on me, but emotional neglect and my Cancerian imagination causes me to suspect it. Mostly, I feel like I search for others because I am defending myself. I think it will hurt less if I cheat too, just to even the field. However, I know Cancers are emotional, and cheating will not help either of us. I will just end up even more hurt. I sometimes hate being with an Aries because he does not understand my emotional needs at all, and sometimes I will be really upset for no reason. He doesn't know how to handle it so instead of reassuring me, he just pulls away. I love being a Cancer because of our intuition, but I hate that no one else understands us

Ah Cheaters
by: LadyCancer

I Am A 22 Year Old Cancer Women. And I Have Never Cheated. I Been In Three Serious Relationships And Even When I Was Having Problems With The Men I Were With Cheating Never Was My Way Of "Dealing" With Those Problems Or My Way Of Reciveing Something They Weren't Giving Me. Personally Think That Women/Men Who Cheat Are Disgusting. Why Cheat? Well, All I Know Is That I Will Never Cheat Even If I Was Cheated On. And To The People Who Cheat Is It Really Worth It? Because When Your Husband/Wife Or Girlfriend/Boyfriend Find Out Is It Really Worth All That Negative BullSh*t That's Bond To Happen! Plus You'll Always Be Known As The "Cheater".

it's hard 2 be a Canceranian.. T^T
by: Anonymous

it's really hard to be a Cancer sign woman, as in super, the moody changes is the number 1.. I'm also a certified NBSB(No Boyfriend Since Birth) since i let God choose the right person for me, i'm afraid to be hurt.. but fortunaley, even though i'm an NBSB, the attention and love I dearly crave for is given by my family, friends and God.. hehe.. that's why i'm super happy with my life.. O:D <3

Very True
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above comments, excluding LadyCancer's (which is simply judgemental). By reading these comments, I'm glad to know why I feel the way I do sometimes. Often, I will think to myself, and think so much that I get lost and confused in my own thoughts. Then I wonder if there's just something wrong with me, or if it's the young Cancer woman in me. Although I'm not agreeing that cheating is right and justifiable, we have to be realistic and accept that fact that it can happen, even if it's others who are cheating. Thank you all for posting your comments. And thanks to Dave-admin for posting his reply, initially.

by: Anonymous

I agree with lady cancer, I am a young cancer women also. I've been in three relationships and I didn't cheat or think about cheating, or felt the need to do it. I also believe why is the reason for cheating on someone you claim to love? Even if that person is not loving you or treating you how they should its obvious their still doing something to trigger your love for them. Cheating is just a cheap move to do to someone because their not doing something for you. Plus what kind of person falls for someone whose in a relationship?!! Cancer women are all about being faithful, Yet, some "feel" the need to want to cheat or flirt. Not all cancer women are the same but, I know couple and they would never cheat, their satisfied with being with just one person and that's the beauty of being in a relationship no matter what sign you are.

what happens when a cancers needs are not met?
by: Anonymous

I AM A CANCER WOMEN. I do find my self cheating when I feel my needs aren't being met. Our sign says we are loyal and honest as long as we are happy. what are we like when we are not happy or satisfied is what I would like to know?

I guess it depends on the person
by: Anonymous

I am 28 and I have had several long-term relationships. There was one in particular: he ignored me most of the time, and I knew for a fact he was cheating on me. (I only stayed with him because we had a baby together and I was scared to try to raise her by myself.) At any rate, I wanted to cheat on him in order to have someone to adore me (my unmet emotional needs talking I guess), and also to get even(I was only 19 and still acted like a child sometimes). I met someone online, we talked for a long time, and then we decided to meet. We barely even kissed before the guilt overcame me. I just couldn't do it, no matter how justified I thought it was. And now, almost 10 years later, I still have never cheated on a man. Had an open relationship once (I have Gemini in my Venus, maybe that's why it appealed to me.)

Cancer woman and cheating
by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer woman and I have never been faithful until now. My emotions cause me to stray not sexuality. It's about intimacy. If you fail or bore me with the lack of depth I will seek another immediately, but if you can sustain my irratic moods and desires I will forever be loyal to you.
Cancerian women are extremely intuitive. If she believes that you have crossed her you will never know it. Stealth like Cancerian women are the most calculated and dangerous of the Zodiac. Given the name to the disease CANCER, she will devour at your mind long after she is gone. If you are a man with a Cancer woman do not mistake her kindness for weakness nor possession for she is protective by nature. Cancerian woman are also the most most PSYCHIC of the zodiac and cognitive at that. Most Cancerian women don't understand why they " just know?" It's more like " certainty" and that can be frightening, just get use to it! It will never go away, stop ignoring it.

So, as my response to "Cancer women cheating!" That has forever been. Cancerian women are just smart enough not to leave a trail behind them. You are in no way alone out there, and YOU other Cancerian women KNOW exactly what I am talking about! Clingy? A man must of wrote that! Its too predictable. Good luck, and remember to follow your intuition!

I don't cheat
by: 15-year-old Cancerian girl

hi !! Im a young Cancerian girl and I've never cheated on my boyfriends before . if they make a mistake I give them time to make up for it . I would say I'm a pretty calm and patient person I don't like cheating cuz it takes too much work and I hate the fkn drama . I've had enough relationships that has lasted atleast a year or two . I've always been loyal and always will be . I'm not in a relationship right now and have a crush on a Scorpio guy and yeap I'm working on it . no matter how much attention I get from boys I will always stick with one in the end . don't hate :P

Cancer Female will cheat!
by: Anonymous

I can relate to so many of these comments. I am a cancer female and have been in a relationship for 10 years with an Aries. I have always cheated on him giving any opportunity. I don't know why I never really like the ones I cheat with that much. I think I get paranoid that maybe my partner is cheating or I feel I've been neglected emotionally or being taken for granted. I definitely want to protect myself and get in there first. Like most cancerian females I'm pretty too so I get alot of male attention. I would come across as sweet, shy, funny, talkative when you know me but I am very calculated, I befriend people who I can use someway or another ( they would never guess this because I'm "so nice", I can play people pretty well. I don't think I'm a bad person I think I'm just way too protective of myself, hurt others before they hurt me! I also have Venus in Geminie, Piscies moon, cancer mercury.

Stuff happenes
by: Veronica

I'm 16 and been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year now. I changed my school. There I found so many guys literary throwing themselves at me. I don't get much attention from my boyfriend nor does he make time for me. We don't even meet often, like once a month. He's really a sucky boyfriend sometimes. But since I've made new "guy" friends it doesn't bother me much. I think that's because I'm falling out of love. I told everyone just for fun that I broke up with my boyfriend. Then this guy I kinda had a crush on started giving me signals that he likes me a stuff. And then one day we kissed. I cheated on my boyfriend. And the worst part it dint even feel wrong! I dint feel guilty at all. That's so inhuman.
After that me and that guy called it off.
Then later after 1 month or so I because close to another guy. He's awesome and like is really crazy after me and frankly it feels great. That guy asked me out. I told him I need some time and dint answer him for a long long time. How could I? If I said yes and I would be double dating Whig I don't wanna. And if I say no it'll break his heart and end whatever relationship we have right now. It's been 28 days and I still haven't answered him yet. We've made out a couple of times. I don't "feel" anything will kissing him. Maybe because I don't really love him.
But the thing is I don't know who to choose. My boyfriend or This guy. So upsetting. I was never like this.

by: Anonymous

I had two relationship with cancer girl. The first was cheating on me after i brought the true sense of life to her. The second was the same. They were looking for physical perfection, and at the end, they failed. When I was with each of them, I got to know they were cheating on me, but i gave chance to change themselves, but at the end, they are cheaters.

When a cancer woman loses that intimacy they find it
by: Anonymous

Im a cancer woman and I cheated once in a past relationship due to the lack of attention, passion, and intimacy my partner provided.I was upset at the choice I made afterwards and told him but I didn't regret it because I felt wanted and loved during it. Without passion and excessive doubts of disloyalty from your partner you are more than likely to stray away.I was also very drunk so it played it's role as far as bringing out the one thing I dreaded ever doing.but I am a loyal woman.I didn't receive the affection needed to keep me from looking for it elsewhere.

by: Sincere

I must admit I cheated when I was younger but now that I'm an adult I cheated once and it hurt me so bad mainly because I saw how bad it hurt my partner. From that day forward I vowed to never do it again but to become vocal in my dislikes in hopes of fixing them and moving forward. I think I cheated because I have a fear of being alone and wanted a back up plan if my partner couldn't iron out the problem....that maybe selfish but I'm being honest! As for now I'm working everyday to keep my 7yr relationship afloat because I am no longer a cheater!

Cancers aren't so sweet
by: Anonymous

I have know two Cancer women and one man closely and I can attest that they certainly do cheat. They are also quite cunning and manipulative although they hide these qualities behind what looks like kindness and caring. Never forget that a Cancer has an agenda and it's usually about protecting themeselves by using you. You see, they are quire dependent and cannot survive without someone protecting them physically, emotionally and/or financially. It took me a while to figure out how they operate, but once you see their manipulation it's very hard to trust their motives and actions. The male and female Cancer both had affairs with their partners' best friend (!) and had cozy, little emotional affairs with others in their immediate circles. Very, very painful for all concerned and the Cancers justified their behavior without any real capacity to look beyond their own needs. This sign isn't really capable of analyzing itself. All in all, although Cancers have a good astrological rep, I can't say I agree that they are as sweet, loyal and vulnerable as suggested.

Married young cancer woman
by: Anonymous

I agree when my emotional needs aren't met, I feel like I want other men's attention. I made the mistake of talking to this guy at my job, but I did not have sex with him or even got physical with him thank god. I found out he was just trying to have sex with me and I am now I am cutting all conversations and ties to him. But as far as my husband goes, our relationship is too toxic. I think I am better left by myself than with a man, I always end up having issues with them.

totally agree!!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a young cancer woman who wants what any other woman wants, love, warmth, affection and undivided attention. It's not like I don't love my bf, i love him tremendously.....but when he seems to be neglecting me....I find myself fighting urges to run someone else's arms for immediate comfort. I'm sick of feeling this way :(

My thoughts
by: Anonymous

I am a 23 year old cancer female and it's so funny I came across this I feel I'm with my soul mate but when my feelings are hurt I run to the first person whose willing to comfort me knowing it's temp. and that as soon as my relationship is back normal I cut things off. Makes me feel bad but I need the emotional connection it's mandatory for me.

cancet women
by: msmoscato

I'm a cancer woman and I've been with a aries man we have problems he don't care what I think he don't care what I do but he say he love me I love him but it's so hard to understand what aries man want because I'm always sad I'm always mad I just never know my mind is racing thinking about this I'm thinking about stayingI agree with everything on here no I haven't seen it but I do to get some emotional feeling that my Aries partner was not given me

It's a character defect, not a Cancerian trait.
by: Bonnie

No. When I love I love. Even if my feelings get hurt over something the person did, I get so hurt all I can think of is fixing the problem after getting very hammered. If I'm dating, I can't even tell the presence of other attractive men in the room - they go by as blurs. I only date men who first gained my trust being my friends, so when I date we are both in love, which is why I don't date frequently. I'm a self-contained loner with romantic aspirations. I do one night stands, but I don't particularly like those people to be my friends or acquaintances, because I have no feelings for them, and in the back of my mind it's pretty clear to me we are using one another for self-gratification and it also doesn't happen very often. I don't see why anyone would cheat on a person they are dating. It's a defect of character, not a Cancerian trait.

by: Anonymous

I am a Cancer woman, and i did cheat in my last relationship. But it was only because i felt and thought my ex was cheating on me. You know, karma is a b*ch haha. But normally if we REALLY love someone we dont cheat. But dont try to cheat on us, because you get your karma back around.
If we are in love we are the most loyal and trusty woman you can get. You may find us confusing about our feelings but that is just the way we are. We have a very very hard shell and to come trough you have to make a lot of effort. If you dont try it, we will disapear without a care.

by: Anonymous

Omg I'm a cancer woman and I do cheat because I get neglected from the other person, like I get in a relationship the guy seems perfect but later I would get hurt and look for someone else, might be from the mood swings i don't know.

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