Are Gemini men turned on by sexy texts?

by tristy

when i talk 2 him about dirty things... he himself starts talking about it also. but when we are talking just casually he gets bored... does this show that he is just interested only for sex talk and all.... he likes me he said it 2 me himself... but doesn't wanna get committed early.... should i hold on 2 him... or not...i like him a looot!!! i dont wanna loose him....

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most guys i know are
by: dragonwolf

i would suggest that you look at his other signs, his moon, venus, mars are also good indicators on what they like. My Gemini boyfriend loves to talk and text dirty but he also has moon sign in Leo.

Yes they are.
by: GeminiMale

I'm a gemini male and my partner is a gemini female we never converse in texts, only as foreplay to get each other worked up during the day. So if you want to talk to him call him. But give him his space. Don't call just to say hey whatcha doin? during the day. Try texting him something filthy and never return any of his texts about it. Let him stew in his own imagination. When he gets home you better be ready for the ravage.

Sexting with the Gem men
by: Anonymous

My Gemini guy loves to talk dirty! He lives in the mid west, and i live in the west. So this is how we communicate is through text. We have slept together a few times because of the distance, but in between we stimulate each other mentally through our text. For the most part to keep his attention, you can be as nasty as you wan't! They love it, so do I. If you can mentally screw a Gemini man, you will get his attention for sure! When you do get together he will fullfill your every fantasy! There actually very romantic when your dealing with the positive twin. You "must" have your own life! This is why for us it works even though we are over 2000 miles from each other. Be patient, trust him, and check your emotions at the door, or he'll do it for you. Gemini men are manly, so you better be a strong woman! They don't like wimps. Love these men, took me a few years to really get to know how they work & still learning. I'm a Sag and we are very strong women and alway's up for the challenge. Oh, if you earn a Gemini mans trust, he will take you every where he goes, not nec. in the physical, but he will include you in his life some way on the daily. Also do you, and keep your feelings to yourself, he will tell you how he feels about you, you just have to listen. Good luck these men are fun, but they will break your heart.

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