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Are Gemini men evasive? 
Ok, So I have this guy that's a gemini that im very much interested in and he's interested in me, but , when we are together he acts like he really wants …

Gemini man Capricorn women equals confusion 
Yes! I'm dating one now or should I say, I'm "trying" to date one. Karl and I met about two months ago (late March) at a small club. I was there attending …

Scorpio and Gemini man 
I have been friends with a Gemini guy for one year almost now. Mostly online but recently we met and he was really happy to be around me, and he shared …

Advice for dating a Gemini 
I have been seeing my guy for two years now. He is the classic Gemini but we have the ability to keep each other in line. If I don't like something he …

Virgos and Geminis are like oil and water  
I dated a Gemini woman. During my time with this Gemini woman ( Not saying that all Gemini women are bad.) I found some to be selfish, some want it their …

Living with a Gemini 
I'm Scorpio woman I've been living with boyfriend for three years. As a friend he is awesome great to have a good long conversation, as a lover he is …

Do Gemini men lose interest after sex? 
Im a Cancer Woman... He's a Gemini Man. Well I walked into work that morning and sure enough we noticed eachother instanly. He would glance at me and Id …

Gemini man the good and bad 
I am a Virgo and he is the first Gemini I have ever dated, and if he is anything to go by, he will be the last! He is not only born under the sign of the …

Gemini men are impossible 
I have been with a Gemini man for 3 years... though very intelligent and planned they are very confused people...i would say they are dissatisfied and …

Gemini man mixed signals 
i'm bestfriends with a gemini but i think i have other feelings for him. he confuses me so much he betrayed my trust but then keeps apologizing loads he …

Gemini men hard to understand! 
I'm a Sag girl and there's this Gemini man who I've been finding myself interested in. But there are some complications. First of all: he's a great friend, …

My Gemini man story 
Gemini men hay. ya cant live with them or without them. my story is long one soz . well for a start ill say im a wounded Sagittarius . me and the Gemini …

Gemini man and lies 
you are right regarding the split personalities. im at the point where im just done with trying. im a Gemini as well both of us are committed but we just …

Gemini man indecisive and unstable 
I dated a Gemini for 7 years (yes SEVEN) This guy couldn't make a plan if his life depended on it. Even if he DID finally make a plan.. he would try to …

How do I talk to my Gemini man? 
I'm a Pisces and i can be really timid and shy around people i admire. But Gemini are so out going and friendly and so when he flirts with me i get super …

Do Gemini men like workaholics? 
Well my Gemini is pretty average in the Gemini aspects sharing almost all its characteristics. I am a Capricorn and I can honestly say our relationship …

On again off again with a Gemini Man 
I`ve known a special Gemini for 2 years. We started of really slow, where I was dating a Libra when I was getting to know the gemini. After that, we just …

Gemini men get bored so quickly 
Gemini men are so irresistible! I just how fickle they are and that they get bored so quickly. Im and Aries and I get bored easily to, but I think they …

Are Gemini men turned on by sexy texts? 
when i talk 2 him about dirty things... he himself starts talking about it also. but when we are talking just casually he gets bored... does this show …

Does he secretly like me? 
I work with a Gemini man and he is soooo hot to me!... he's such a know it all and corrects almost everything I say. Sometimes I feel like his jokes go …

Mindblowing Gemini men 
I am an Aries woman who has met a Gemini man about a year ago. I was instantly attracted. There was something so different about him and I just couldn't …

Two faced gem 
Well, i am a saggi, and though i have not been into a proper "relationship" (well, i was insecure, that's a fact) as such with a Gemini, he definitely …

Dating a Gemini man 
Well I'm dating a Gemini Man & this really describes him he is a person who is not to emotionally attached but he knows the right things to say he is a …

Dating a male gemini 
I'm a Taurus, and this was probably the worst experience of my life. Dating a Gemini man, he broke my heart more than once. Very unemotional and uncaring. …

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How to get a Gemini mans attention 
I am interested in a Gemini man and want to know if I can recover from being a typical Capricorn & wearing my heart on my sleeve. He's a friend I have …

Why Gemini men flirt 
I am a Gemini man who is falling in love with a Taurus woman. She is less insecure than most Taurus women, but I'm worried that she will be insulted by …

Do Gemini men cheat more than others? 
I've read a lot about Gemini men being unfaithful, and studied the different comments about them in relationships on this site and others (this one is …

Gemini man guess the rising sign 
Hi - excellent site. Love Astrology and have studied for years in a lighthearted way. I am a Pisces with Virgo rising - Moon V & M in Aquarius. Studying …

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