Does he secretly like me?

I work with a Gemini man and he is soooo hot to me!... he's such a know it all and corrects almost everything I say. Sometimes I feel like his jokes go too far!. But we talk at work quite often..pretty much insulting each other half the time. But for the most part I'm nice to him..if I have extra food I give it to him, I visit his desk, and often give a flirtatious giggle when he makes a joke.. Anyways he has a girlfriend that he lives with..but deep down I have a feeling he really likes me. He sometime looks at me.. and if I catch him he'll do something like flick me off or stick his tongue out and on his breaks he comes to talk to me.

Does he secretly like me? Help me!

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your frendly gemini
by: clay

he might but i highly dought it i do the same things at work with randam girls too it dosent mean anything where just having fun with work and if he know he could have you easily that wouldnt be good either if you want to find out say you meet someone and see how he reacts if he starts trying to be wit you he likes you if not it means your just one of those friends

i am!
by: sassy girl

hello.. i read your comment mr gemini! and i have the same situation like her..
i always cough him looking at me but i wouldn't let
him know about it. I always saw him looking at me in my pheripilar vision. :-) thanks for your comment.
Im going to try what you just said. thanks! thanks! thanks! ;P

Don't mess around
by: Anonymous

If he is bored with her he will bore of you. If he wants you, he will go for it. A gemini man loves me and it is the best ever. I don't know what I did, I think we are soulmates. He is the best lover, friend and playmate. He is a bit irresponsible. That goes with the territory. This is interesting for a gem, he asked me to marry him just months after knowing me. We will marry just six months after we met. So happy and friendly, funny and talented, sexy and sweet.

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