Gemini man Capricorn women equals confusion

Yes! I'm dating one now or should I say, I'm "trying" to date one. Karl and I met about two months ago (late March) at a small club. I was there attending a birthday celebration and he was just "there". Anyways, I spotted him pretty early in the evening and couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was dancing by himself and had this appeal to me...I had to speek to him first but he pulled me onto the dance floor. That was it for me I was hooked on him! It went south pretty much from day one after that. I'm a singer and that first week I had a gig which meant I was busy with rehearsals etc. He complained that when he called I didn't answer. This has become one of his most common complaints. We became intimate relatively quick which is always a bad idea...while I enjoy touching, kissing and affection he gives it in limited quantities now. He's a great kisser (that is what got me) but now he's very, very stingy with affection. He questions everything, I mean everything and he is very jealous-minded. Although he insists on staying single and that he doesn't want "a relationship" he calls me often and questions what I do. He is very complex and I'm very frustrated...but I like him...I want him. Go figure. Oh I'm Capricorn.

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gemini men must not date capricorn girls
by: true teller

i dated a girl recently i m gemini men she was capricorn.relationship end in a disaster in just 3 months.i have seen a few cases where relationship between gemini men and capricorn ladies is not well

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