How to get a Gemini mans attention

I am interested in a Gemini man and want to know if I can recover from being a typical Capricorn & wearing my heart on my sleeve. He's a friend I have known since JHS and we attempted to hook up; however we were both in unresolved relationships at the time. We soon lost contact as we both changed cell phone providers and places of employment. We recently reconnected via internet and I expressed how much I want him. I have been thru some things since we last talked & it may have thrown him for a loop. I think I just exposed too much in our 1st convo. Now the thought of a possible commitment (no matter how slight) seems distant if not completely void. Is there any way to recapture his attentive nature completely as I have done in the past?

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It will work but there's a price...
by: Gwen S.

I'm a Capricorn myself (weirdly enough, in love with a gemini) and I have learned how to do it.

You can use your own gift of wearing your heart on your sleeve and your over cautious nature to your advantage!

Gemini like the mystery. They like to figure things out, especially people. If it's too easy they lose interest. Since you've already expressed your feelings toward him he may have decided to head for the hills. BUT WAIT! What you have to know is that part of the mystery is contradiction. If you're overcautious I'm sure you're having your reservations about the relationship no matter how slight.

If you're able to throw it into conversation somehow, let him know how you don't want to take things too fast. Don't admit that you're second guessing yourself though. Confidence is key. Capricorns have a great ability to get the attention of Gemini because Gemini like things that are different. Oh, how foreign and enticing the Capricorn must be? If you contradict yourself about the idea of a relationship he'll be thrown for a loop.

WARNING, may cause backfire: Games are never good. You should know this. AND you should find someone who loves you for who you are, not for the facade you put on at the beginning. The truth will always come out.

I hope I'm helpful!

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