Gemini man and lies

by marsha white
(daytona , fl usa)

you are right regarding the split personalities. im at the point where im just done with trying. im a Gemini as well both of us are committed but we just do not get along. then when were feuding he takes it to a whole nother level. most of it just comes from me trying to communicate with him. for instance it could be a simple question as did he pay a bill. instead of him saying yes or no he talks to me in circles or lies until i find out it wasnt paid. very confusing because hes very generous with his money he gives me anything so im truly not understanding. this has been going on for four years and im getting tired

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by: Anonymous

The Gemini man I dated lied about everything all the time with a straight face right in my eye,,no conscious whatsoever. He professed his undying love for me, but could care less about my feelings. The more I would catch him lying the more I would get, there was never any resolve! Then he would become totally indignant as if he was the victim! Back him in the corner with his lies and he would scratch your eyes bloody to get out.

Straight faced lies
by: Anonymous

I don't like to consider myself s victim at all and I consider being an adult as making smart choices that benefit your well-being. With that being said, I dealt with a Gemini for 3 years and every time he lied I felt in my gut. Call it woman's intuition or whatever but I knew it. His energy would change. He would deny it with s straight-face and no conscious. He would turn it around on me a lot and yell and get irate. He was completely illogical. Before anything romantic, I thought this was my friend first. Clearly, our friends should have more respect and integrity than to be blatantly lying and ok with giving you self-doubt. That's the cruelty of a lie. Thus I had to remove myself from the situation because he would have been very happy with carrying on like this for 3 more years. And the only thing worse than 3 years, is 4. Lol good luck. Trust your gut...ALWAYS even when u don't have proof or cannot pinpoint it.

Yep liar
by: Anonymous

OMG...previous statement is so true. lied about everything to every body and never apologized or had remorse. He acted like the victim at all times. He loved me soooo much but was never worth the truth... because he is not capable.

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